Brand new Samsung dryer not heating [causes and fixes]

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Samsung dryers are generally pretty good and will dependably save you laundry time.

Despite this, they are not faultless and you may experience problems on the odd occasion.

For instance, we have noted a couple of users complain about their brand new Samsung dryer not heating and we felt it would be good to shed some light on the cause of this issue and what to do.

Read on if you’ve just joined this unlucky club and struggling to troubleshoot your newly acquired Samsung dryer.

Brand new Samsung dryer not heating – what trigger this issue plus potential solutions

One of my engineering professors used to say that the most practical way to solve any machine issues is to first narrow down on its root cause.

I have practiced this principle for many years with great success and would like to apply it here too.

So here are the many possibilities making your Samsung dryer to behave this way and how to troubleshoot each case.

1. Faulty Samsung dryer heating element

The heating element is the first thing to check up if your Samsung dryer is not getting hot on day one.

The part heats up all the air being pulled by the dryer from the environment and into the dryer’s drum and is another vital component to the dryer’s heating process.

Subsequently, your machine won’t heat as required if the heating element got burnt or faulty somewhere along the way.

I should add that this has been one of the commonest triggers of heating problems in newer dryers.

How to correct this

You need to be certain and testing the element is easy if you know how to use a multimeter.

Next, you buy a new compatible heating element and install it in place of the bad one.

Again, removing and replacing the heating element is not that complicated though you will have to disassemble the dryer.

Refer to any of the countless helpful videos online for guidance.

Note that gas dryers have ignition coils instead of heating elements and what you should look at is the gas valve coils (more on this below).


2. Gas valve issues (Gas Samsung dryers)

For Gas models, defective gas valve solenoids can potentially make it not to dry clothes.

For starters, dryer’s gas valve solenoids usually open the machine’s gas valve ports letting gas flow seamlessly into the burner system.

Subsequently, forget about your dryer heating if for any reason your new Samsung dryer’s gas valve solenoids have failed.

Quick fix to this problem

The easiest way to tell if any gas valve coil is out of order is by checking the igniter.

Be worried if it glows without igniting the gas for it simply means your gas valve coils need to be replaced (its best to change the entire set).

Search for Samsung dryer gas valve replacement videos for the precise steps.

Tip: In some cases, it is the igniter itself that is broken and not the gas valve. Your multimeter will be handy in testing it for continuity. Replace it if necessary.

3. The flame sensor is malfunctioning (Gas Samsung dryers)

The real culprit behind your woes could be the flame sensor, again for gas models.

It senses the heat coming from the flame and its failure obviously means no heat in the dryer.

Solution to the troublesome flame sensor

Use a multimeter as well to test the flame sensor for continuity. Do this at room temperature.

As has been the trend so far, get a new flame sensor and replace the part if no continuity is found during the test.


4. The thermal fuse could be blown

As you guessed, this is crucial to the whole operation.

To be specific, it detects excessive temperatures and helps prevent fires by cutting off the unit.

It being damaged or faulty in any way will mean the unit won’t heat as required.

Some units even refuse to run at all.

How to fix this issue

For testing, use a multimeter and go ahead and buy a correct replacement if you see an infinite continuity reading.

Replacement is pretty straightforward if you’ve confirmed this is the reason behind your brand new Samsung dryer not heating.

All you have to do is simply replace the malfunctioning thermal fuse. And there are plenty of videos on YouTube to help you do this.

The component is itself not costly.

5. Bad Samsung dryer thermostat

Another possibility that people often overlook especially when the machine is new is the thermostat yet it’s quite commonly responsible.

The function of this component is to regulate the heat so that the temperatures don’t get too high.

Like with the heat sensor, once it has blown, it might mess your unit’s heating system.

How to get around this issue

Needless to say, you need to verify if the thermostat is really having issues.

Luckily, some model display error codes to this effect (while in Samsung dryer diagnostic mode).

Others require that you remove the accessory and physically test it for damage, still with a multimeter.

The thermostat is bad if you notice an infinite level of resistance.

The best solution is once more to replace the part.

Brand new Samsung dryer not heating : Other possibilities

The following are not that common but we don’t want to take chances so consider them:

  1. Could a bad high-limit thermostat be the primary reason behind your brand new Samsung dryer not heating?
  2. Can you confirm if the cord or the outlet is receiving and transmitting the correct voltage?
  3. Could it be having clogged vent lines or perhaps lint filter?  Do some investigations and be sure to do a clean up as this can mean no heat or inadequate heating. Samsung recommends that the entire vent be routinely cleaned/replaced about once or twice annually for peace of mind.
  4. Or is the problem caused by overloading it? This could be worth thinking about if nothing else works.


Might it be something to do with the control board?

Well, we don’t think so as this has not been often seen in new Samsung dryers.

Wrapping it up

So, those are our tips to help you troubleshoot the problem of Brand new Samsung dryer not heating.

Of course, these are just some of the many potential situations behind your Samsung dryer not drying.

Many more remain out there because of the significant differences in the way various Samsung dryers are engineered.

Try them and see how it pans out for you.

Obviously, we recommend that you call in a professional or your Samsung dealer (assuming you’re still under warranty) if nothing works.


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