12 useful Polaris ranger farm attachments to add to your tool shed

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We bring you 12 Polaris ranger farm attachments that could useful for your farmwork

From tackling big spraying jobs quickly to spreading or mixing compost and to  planting a large garden with minimal effort, there’s nothing a Polaris ranger won’t do on your farm.

All you need to do is pair this wonderful off-road vehicle with the correct attachment.

Here is a brief introduction to the various Polaris ranger farm attachments (most from the Polaris ranger accessories aftermarket) to help you choose the right tool for the job.

Polaris ranger farm attachments – 12 useful implements for your farmwork

Save time and effort while getting extra value for your bucks with these 12 Polaris ranger farm attachments..

1.   Boom sprayer for Polaris ranger

Use this amazing sprayer to apply herbicides, insecticides, or fertilizers to your crops.

The 40-gallon polyethylene tank holds sufficient material (you can use it to apply other liquids as well) to cover an expansive lawn, garden, or field.

It easily mounts in your vehicle’s rear cargo box.


2.   Polaris ranger spreader attachment

Try Polaris Ranger mountable spreaders such as the Buyers Product broadcast spreader when it comes to distributing free flowing materials like seeds, feed, and fertilizers.

Most mounts quickly (thanks to the straightforward quick-connect system), works smoothly, and have a deflector shield to prevent the seeds, small grains, salt, and other products from hitting the vehicle.

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3.   Polaris Ranger Landscape rake attachment

Landscape rakes are one of the ways to go for jobs such as mixing compost/mulch to upgrade the soil quality before planting and evening out surfaces.

You can also use it to rake fallen leaves (and other unwanted debris) off your garden.

In addition, this versatile equipment can be deployed for tasks such as grading or leveling the soil in preparation for planting or laying of new turf.

The good news is that you don’t have to do the backbreaking work- a heavy duty landscape attachment for a Polaris ranger such as this will do the work.


4.   Dethatcher attachment for Polaris ranger

Consider a Dethatcher attachment for Polaris ranger if you’re looking at an implement to loosen and lift dead grass and yard debris such as leaves to promote healthier grass growth.

You can again find a variety of great models out there with most featuring a convenient transport lever to help you easily raise the attachment when crossing driveways or sidewalks.


5.   Polaris ranger Sweeper Attachment

This is definitely not one of the popular Polaris ranger farm attachments but it can nevertheless be handy around your farm.

You use the angle broom attachment to sweep a path clean easily and efficiently year-round.

To be specific, it will clear most of the light snowfalls in the cold months while cleaning sweep fallen leaves and other waste off the lawn during the summer and spring.

Tip: Another related tool that you can try out is the Power Broom for side by side such as this for quick removal of snow, dirt, twigs, and more.


6.   Polaris Ranger cultivator attachment

Cultivating breaks up crusty soil surfaces allowing for easier penetration of essentials such as air, water, and nutrients deeper where the plant roots can access them effortlessly.

That is where a Polaris Ranger cultivator attachment comes in- it loosens up compacted soil providing excellent penetration and improved aeration creating the best environment for your seeds to germinate.

Here is a great UTV cultivator attachment for your Polaris ranger.


7.   Polaris Ranger tiller attachment

Tillers are much more powerful than conventional cultivators and tend to have larger, heavier-duty tines that thoroughly work the soil.

Consider deploying a tiller attachment on your garden instead of hiring a tractor-pulled tiller next season, at least for a change.


8.   Polaris ranger mower attachment

Along with raking leaves, mowing lawns is perhaps one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to yard maintenance.

Still, we have to do it- you’ll be on course to save over $1000 per year (on average) by mowing the turf yourself rather than hiring someone.

Now, whether you have acres of grass to mow or just a tiny yard to keep pristine, a Polaris ranger mower attachment will get it all done.

And oh, the tight turning radius means fast and nimble turn-backs so you’ll take less time to mow those large acreage lawns.


9. Polaris Ranger Planter attachment

There are specialized Polaris ranger compatible planters too if you’re almost getting overwhelmed by the workload.

The most popular is the Corn/Bean Planter attachment for a Polaris ranger from Field Tuff


10. Polaris Ranger disc harrow attachment

Back to soil preparation, you may want to use a disc harrow to break up clods (and surface crusts) after plowing to improve surface uniformity and of course, soil granulation.

A faster way of doing this if you don’t have a tractor would be by using your Polaris Ranger – simply fix a disc harrow attachment to the rear and get the job done.


11. Polaris Ranger baler attachment

Also an option is a Polaris Ranger baler attachment, this time for baling hay and you’re not ready to invest in an expensive tractor or baler.

Depending on how big is your hayfield, this could be a practical solution.

Plus, it can be a fantastic outdoor activity.


12. Polaris Ranger bucket attachment

Another attachment you can use to scoop and move modest weights- snow, dirt, gravel, etc. around the farm- is the Polaris Ranger bucket attachment.

Like many of the Polaris ranger farm attachments we have explained here, the bucket can be attached and detached in seconds and without tools.

We recommend the Swisher Universal Dump Bucket if you’re searching for a dependable bucket attachment.

Wrap up

The Polaris ranger was engineered with immense capabilities- from planting, tilling, raking, weeding, and even mowing, this is truly a farmer’s best friend.

Choose the right attachment from the above Polaris Ranger UTV farm implements and save yourself from backbreaking farm work.

PS: You can purchase many of these Polaris ranger farm attachments from a dealer near you or online from Amazon and other leading internet marketplaces.



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