Best Seed spreader for Polaris Ranger in 2022

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Shop for the best Seed spreader for Polaris Ranger from our top 4 picks………

We, farmers, have always known that a Polaris Ranger can be an invaluable tool.

In fact, with a Polaris Ranger, you have one hell of a beast – There’s little you cannot do when your RANGER is roaring at its peak powers from transporting supplies to plowing fields and to catching calves for vaccinating, tagging, and more.

And now, you can plant your new food plot with a seed spreader for Polaris Ranger..

Simply mount a good Polaris Ranger spreader on the rear and make short work of distributing your seeds across your fields when the perfect time for seeds to germinate comes.

In addition, a spreader attachment for a Polaris Ranger handles materials such as sand or fertilizer quite well.

Here are our top picks for the best seed spreader for Polaris Ranger to help you spread grass seed, weed killer, fertilizer, salt, sand, etc. on your yard in record time:

Seed spreader for Polaris Ranger – our tops picks

Whether you own a Ranger 900, a Ranger 500, a Ranger 570, a Ranger 1000, or any other model, these spreaders will get more work done and help you get more from your vehicle.

Keep in mind that we looked at the greatest brands out there before narrowing down on these dependable spreaders..

Buyers Products ATV All-Purpose 100 lbs. Capacity Broadcast Spreader with Rain Cover ATVS100

This is the best of the best in our opinion.

The highlights

The 100 lbs. capacity is reasonable and it offers you a 25-30 feet range spread width.

More importantly, it spreads really well.

Plus, there is a manually-adjustable feed gate regulator to help you control the flow of seeds, feed, and fertilizer out the bottom.

The hopper is heavy duty and there’s a decent motor (12V) to get you going.

What Polaris Ranger models can this work with?

From our research, this works perfectly with Polaris Ranger 500 and most of the older Ranger versions.


  • Comes with a rain cover that fits over its hopper to protect your material from damaging elements.
  • Lightweight (perfect for many mid-sized Polaris Ranger Vehicles).
  • Amazing price.


  • Needs to be altered to fit some models.

Guide Gear ATV/UTV Heavy-Duty Receiver Mount Spreader, 125 lbs

You’re likely to get the best bang for your buck with this heavy-duty receiver mount spreader.

The highlights

The spreader is sturdily built, its way easier to control, and sends the seed out much better than most.

You can actually adjust the amount of materials being thrown out with a lever that’s designed to control the slide plate.

This spreads seeds to a 12-foot width and the larger 125 lbs. capacity hopper means fewer refills compared to the 100 lbs. capacity Buyers Products broadcast spreader.

The 12V motor (sealed for protection) is reliable and powerful while the handle you use to operate the material gate is within your arms reach while still seated in your vehicle.

Another nice addition is the deflector shield- it keeps the seeds, fertilizer, small grains, rock salt, and other materials from hitting your vehicle.

What Polaris Ranger models can this work with?

The straightforward quick-connect mount system means that this mounts easily to most Polaris Ranger models.


  • Rust-proof polyethylene hopper.
  • Easy opening flow adjustment.
  • Comes with a handy rain cover.


  • The assembly instructions leave a great deal to be desired.


Buyers Products UTV All-Purpose Spreader with Mount

This is the second high-quality multipurpose spreader that we recommend from Buyers Products, one of the leading USA-based fully integrated manufacturers of Polaris Ranger aftermarket accessories.

Its 30 ft. spread width makes it the best choice for larger jobs.

The highlights

This distributes salt, seed, feed, fertilizer, and other free-flowing materials uniformly and with consistent flow, thanks to the tried and tested 12V motor that spins the disc at an impressive 570 RPMs effectively covering the aforementioned 30 ft width.

The 15-gallon capacity (125 lbs) and an easy-to-adjust shut off gate (to help you perfectly regulate the amount it disperses) also make it stand out from the competition.

We are happy too that you can access the flow control arm and power switch without leaving your seat.

Remember that the hopper comes with a poly lid to keep the elements away from the materials.

What Polaris Ranger models can this work with?

The spreader fits wonderfully on Polaris Ranger 1000 (Vertical mount) and many other Polaris Ranger side-by-side UTVs.


  • Easy installation.
  • Works like a charm.
  • Excellent build.


  • The wire is not that long to go around and into the cab.

Field Tuff ATV12 AS-80 Receiver Mount Spreader, 80 lbs.

This has a built-in agitator so you’re sure of a trouble-free spreading of seeds all the time.

The highlights

Like the rest, this feature a tough 12V DC motor you can count on, with a rated speed of up to 570RPM for an efficient and smooth spreading job.

Its broadcast width is 12’ and you also reach the controls conveniently from your operator’s seat.

In addition, this is built heavy-duty and durable for a prolonged lifespan too.

Installation is pretty easy and it includes a wiring harness (with power switch).

A handy rain cover is included here as well.

The only downside is the small-ish 80 lbs. hopper capacity (it holds just 8 gallons of materials).

What Polaris Ranger models can this work with?

The spreader mounts easily on Polaris ranger Crew and a host of other UTVs.


  • Mounts quickly.
  • Spreads nicely.
  • Handy agitator.


  • Only suited for light jobs.

Seed spreader for Polaris Ranger- buyers guide

Here are a few considerations to make when shopping for the best Polaris Ranger UTV seed spreader:

  • Check the hitch- not all spreaders for Polaris Rangers are universal fits so it’s important to look at the hitch on your vehicle before ordering.
  • Check overall design- You don’t want your Ranger to feel top-heavy when full to the brim so it’s important to compare the designs. That said, you can always invent ways to make it level – for example, you attach a ratchet strap to the rear rack to keep it balanced- if necessary.
  • Determine the capacity you need prior to purchasing– Hopper sizes vary widely so pick a model offering your desired hopper size.
  • Durability- The combination of a tough poly hopper and a metal frame lasts longest.
  • Also useful- A built-in agitator helps guarantee an even spread and could be a bonus. The same can be said of a smooth operating flow control mechanism especially if you can access it while still seated.


Putting seeds in the ground in your yard is quick and easy with a seed spreader for Polaris Ranger when it’s seeding time.

We have brought you the most dependable models to pick from and save your time and energy.

To make the best decision, take your time and study each option keenly (and please read other buyer reviews).

See you in the yard.



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