How to get rid of weeds between interlocking bricks quickly and easily

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This is our last article about weed control- we have so far written about the best tool to remove weeds between pavers, burning weeds vs roundup, and how to kill weeds with heat gun.

So, to conclude the series, here is how to get rid of weeds between interlocking bricks effortlessly:

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How to get rid of weeds between interlocking bricks

The last thing you want as a homeowner is weeds thriving in your brick paver patio particularly the hard-to-remove species that grow in between the interlocked bricks.

Fortunately, you can easily remove the unsightly and unwanted plants without breaking the bank.

Here are the various methods you can use to get weeds, moss, and even tiny trees out of your DIY brick driveway by yourself:


A. Mechanical weeders and related tools

· Scrap them off with a crack scraper for weeds

This wonderful little tool is sturdier than it appears and does a fantastic job in removing stubborn grass or weeds growing in cracks between bricks on walkways.

The key is the blade- it’s tough on weeds but slim enough to get down into the smallest crevice in the driveway or between bricks.

If you’d like to try this, we recommend that you go for the GREBSTK dream weeder for patio– it super sharp edge gets weeds out from between bricks faster and effortlessly.

Keep in mind that the weeds may be back after 3-4 weeks so you may need to re-weed your break patio.

· Dig them out with a serrated Hori Hori knife

A Hori Hori knife (pick one with a serrated edge such as this) is multipurpose and one of gardener’s best friend.

The tool is equally at home when it comes to weeding between brick borders and can be a practical alternative to the crack scraper.

It’s built extremely strong, feels comfy on your hands (very nicely weighted), and retains its sharpness for a long time.


B. Burn the weeds

Another smart way to fight this war is to blowtorch the weeds between brick pavers.

Any good hand-held gas blowtorch burns away the greenery between the bricks and is definitely less work than when using a knife (remember brick is non-flammable).

All you have to do is simply direct the flame into the gaps and watch gleefully as the weeds burn out.

The biggest downside for this highly-effective weed control method is that you may end up burning yourself or others.

We recommend the Flame King Propane Torch Weed Burner (with integrated lighter), if you prefer going the blowtorch route.

Bonus tip: If you’ll be using a blowtorch, be careful because bricks can “pop” and shatter if you expose them to strong heat for too long.


C. Kills the weeds by treating them with chemicals

Chemicals have one major weakness: they can be toxic to us, pets, and our environment.

But if you overlook their negative effects, chemicals are arguably the most permanent solution to weeds growing between landscaping bricks.

How to get rid of weeds between interlocking bricks using chemical methods

There are two primary options here:

1. Spray a commercial herbicide on weeds

Buy a non-selective spray herbicide like Roundup weed killer (it keeps the weeds away for a year!) from your local store and spray it on the weeds.

Be sure to follow the instructions- some may need you to repeat – for maximum efficiency.

2.  Spray an organic solution

If you’d rather not mess the environment or risk your health, you can still kill the weeds – even from the very narrow cracks between bricks- by spraying a DIY cocktail of liquid dish, vinegar, and salt on the weeds.

Vinegar has acetic acid and will quickly draw moisture from the weeds making them wilt and die when combined with salt.

Bonus tip: Google how to make this home remedy if you want to follow this method.

Of course, there is an easier way out if you don’t fancy making a weed spray – buying a ready made solution such as the ECO Garden Organic Vinegar based Weed Killer.


How to get rid of weeds between interlocking bricks – other methods

Here is how to get rid of weeds between bricks using other practical ways.

Select an ideal method depending on what is available to you (or that you can, at least, access easily) if you want to think beyond the herbicides and mechanical weeders.

  • Spray WD-40: WD-40 can also kill pesky weeds that threaten to overrun your brick driveway. Applying this is simple- spray generously and repeat if the weeds re-emerge.
  • Wash them off: Grab a pressure washer and power wash the stubborn weeds from the space between bricks. This can uproot even the roots of some invasive species if you do it thoroughly.
  • Kill them with salt- Boil a solution (a hot stove will suffice for this) containing one part salt mixed with two parts water. You sprinkle the solution (while it’s still warm) on the gaps that have been invaded by the weeds until they’re fully drenched and wait for them to die.
  • Pour boiling water – Some find this method a bit unconventional but it can effectively save your patio from weeds that have infiltrated hard-to-reach areas such as between the bricks. In addition, this course of action is dirt cheap.
  • Bleach the weeds– Douse your weeds with undiluted bleach then pull them out after 1-2 days. It’s a bit tiring plus there’s a risk of splashing the bleach on yourself, irritating the skin, eyes, etc.
  • Pull them out- Safe but absolutely a very last resort because of the backbreaking work.



Well, that’s how to get rid of weeds between interlocking bricks by yourself though the best approach is to think of ways to prevent the sprouting of the weeds in between the bricks.

Simple measures like regularly sweeping your brick patio – it disrupts the seeds before they root- inhibits weed growth.

Also, consider spraying a pre-emergent herbicide (search for an organic brand) in the spots between the bricks just before the weeds germinate such as early spring/summer.


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