Machine to boil water: Your best bet

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So, what is the best machine to boil water for a cup of hot tea/coffee/cocoa or for ramen/oatmeal, macaroni & cheese, rice, etc.?

Well, below we look at your best options – you know, equipment for boiling water that is fast enough to heat water just the way you like it in the office, car, at home, etc.

Machine to boil water: Your best options (Reviews )

What are your coffee options?

There are a couple of water heating options for coffee addicts but perhaps an electric kettle would be enormously convenient- it’s the most practical in countless situations.

If you’d like to go that route, take a look at these wonderful electric kettles at Amazon (there are some super nice kettles at different price points and the more temperatures it features, the better).

If you have extra money, you can go for the BonaVita variable temp electric gooseneck– it’s really, really quick and easy to use (It comes in electric and stovetop versions).

On the whole, the combination of an electric kettle and Aeropress would be a very solid bet (we love the easy cleanup process not to mention that a hand grinder like Aergrind can fit inside Aeropress).


Machine to boil water for coffee: Can I use a Microwave?

Well, a microwave can be another option – you can microwave water until it’s hot then proceed to do a pourover.

There is one major downside though: microwaved water is often not as good as water you heat on an electric kettle because microwaves barely heat evenly.

Also, microwaves are much slower than an electric kettle.


Hot water machine for tea

Forget about boiling tea water in that Pyrex bowl in the microwave- there are much better and quicker options.

First off, a good electric kettle like the Cuisinart PerfecTemp model should serve your needs well if you’re searching for an electric water boiler for tea.

The best thing is that it’s way cheaper than the massively popular Breville One Touch hot water boiler.

The Hamilton Beach Electric Programmable Kettle (1.0-Liter) is the other little hot water machine for home we love (we appreciate how fast it typically heats up plus the thermostat!) 

But if you don’t mind paying for a high-end tea water boiler, go for the Zojirushi premium programmable hot water boiler.

Zojirushi also makes this electric kettle but it’s not variable temperature- like the aforementioned boiler- which we find rather odd.

On the whole, any of the above will be indispensable if you’re a tea aficionado who likes drinking zesty teas multiple times every day.


Machine to boil water in a car

So, what is the best way for making water that is hot enough for a delicious cup of coffee/tea, soup mixes, and more when on the road?

Well, once again there are several practical and efficient choices depending on your car setup including a mini portable hot water kettle such as this super tiny electric kettle.

It plugs into the regular cigarette lighter DC12V and boils water fast enough and the water remains hot (for a while) once it hits your desired temperature.

Also, take a look at the Sunsbell 650ml Car Kettle Boiler and the Spardar 12V Car Boiler Electric Kettle too.

A standard kettle is, of course, not an option when you want to travel light so these are your most viable bets.

The next device that we feel is worth exploring if you want a non-messy way of heating water during your road trips is the RoadPro 12-volt immersion heater (it heats with the car engine running).

It is pretty quick and you can save the hot water in a good thermos for later uses (be sure to use it only with glass/ceramic containers).

Lastly, you might want to try out the RoadPro Smart 12V 20oz. Car Pot– it plugs directly into the cig lighter outlet and boils water in about 1 hour)


Equipment for boiling: Other picks

There are other practical devices/equipment including a water boiler and warmer and a hot water machine.

Here is a short preview of all these:

Electric water boiler for home / water boiler for house

If what you’re looking for is the best water boiler and warmer to mainly boil water for tea, soup, or dispensing boiled water (for instant foods or even to fill your hot water bottles), we again recommend the amazing Zojirushi CD-WCC30 Water Boiler and Warmer (101 oz./3.0 liters).

The electric water boiler and warmer has multiple temp settings (4 temp choices) and two dispensing speeds.

Most importantly, it keeps water hot all day.

Also, it doesn’t use a lot of power so your energy bill won’t shoot up the roof.

Now, while Zojirushi heaters are by far the Cadillac of water boilers, you could be on a budget which means they might be out of your reach for now.

The good thing is several companies have made decent water boilers with a reasonable price tag (you know, models that are fully-featured, nicely-engineered, and fairly durable).

With that in mind, if you want an electric water boiler with a less hefty price tag, you can go the Chefman Hot Water Pot Urn(w/ Auto and Manual Dispense Buttons) way.

We also suggest that you take a look at the SPT 5-Liter unit as well as the Fujitronic  brand water boiler- They both do not have elaborate temperature controls so you cannot adjust them to precise temperature as you can Zojirushi models but they do heat water quickly and also constantly keep it at the proper temperature.


Final thoughts

So these are the devices/machines/appliances that we recommend if you want something to give you perfectly hot water all day.

If you have any other ideas on the best machine to boil water for hot chocolate, tea, coffee, cocoa, instant noodle bowls, soup, etc. you can share them in the comments below.


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