Kobalt Vs Husky air compressor: Which way should you go?

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A lot of people find it hard to decide between Kobalt Vs Husky air compressor because if you check online, both have very good ratings.

Also, both are rated as quiet units (and they are really quiet!).

But perhaps what makes the decision even tougher is that when it comes to the price, the two models are within a few dollars (of each other).

With that in mind, we have gone ahead and compared the two in a super detailed way to help you make the best decision.

Below is our comprehensive Kobalt Vs Husky air compressor analysis to point you in the right direction.

Read through it and choose the model that best suits your needs depending on the exact model (from either of these brands) that you’re looking at in your situation..


Kobalt Vs Husky Air Compressor- Detailed comparison guide

Overall, Kobalt and Husky air compressors have no noticeable difference in quality.

That said, there are a couple of small disparities that can make a world of difference depending on your use cases.

We shall talk about these in the following paragraphs including the pros/cons of each model –based on feedback from real owners- to help you pick the machine that will offer you better value for your hard-earned money.

Just to be clear, for this Kobalt Vs Husky Air Compressor matchup, we will compare these two models:

Husky: Husky Electric-Powered 4.5 Gal. Portable Silent Air Compressor

Kobalt: Kobalt  4.3-Gallon Single Stage Quiet Tech Portable Electric Twin-Stack Air Compressor

Let’s get started:



Both have a 3 year warranty

Verdict: Tie


Tank capacity (Gallons)

The above Kobalt model has a 4.3 gallon tank while its rival has a 4.5 gal tank

Verdict: Another tie (technically)



Kobalt is smaller than its challenger.

Verdict: Here Kobalt wins hands down because it is way more compact than its competitor.



As regards the DBa level rating, Kobalt is rated 60DBa while Husky is rated 65 DBa

Verdict: Kobalt scores another win



Kobalt full weight is about 61lbs.

On the other hand, its competing Husky model weighs about 71lbs

Verdict: Yet another Kobalt win



The Kobalt unit we are comparing comes with a 1HP motor.

In contrast, the Husky model we selected for this comparison has a 1.3 HP motor.

Verdict:  Husky wins (but, for the most part, this may not matter much when it comes to performance)



Kobalt air compressor fittings: 1

Husky air compressor fittings: 2

Verdict:  Husky walks away with another win



Kobalt air compressor: 150 PSI

Husky air compressor: 175 PSI

Verdict:  Husky wins



Kobalt air compressor: 2.4

Husky air compressor: 3.0

Verdict:  Husky wins



Both are widely available- You can check from Lowe’s and Home Depot- go to the store that’s close to you- or from online (Amazon, Ebay, etc.).

Verdict:  Tie


Husky vs Kobalt quiet air compressor: Summary of Key specs

Husky 4.5 Gal. Electric-Powered Silent Compressor

Power Source: Electric

Power -Type: Corded Electric

Compressor/Air Tool Features: Oil-Free Compressor

Compressor Type: Framing and Roofing

Selected application/ Uses: Brad Nailing /Stapling /Finish Nailing /Framing Nailing /Tire Inflation

Compressor Tank Capacity (Gal):4.5 gal

Decibel Rating (Outdoors): 65 dBA

Tank Style: Double-Stack

Maximum Pressure(PSI): 175 PSI2

Tank Material:Steel

Running Horsepower (HP):1.3 HP

Lubrication Type: Oil-Free

Voltage (v): 120V

Battery/Charger: Tool Only

Air Delivery SCFM@ 90PSI: 3

Stage-Count: Single Stage

Portable: Yes

Amperage (amps):85 A

Certifications / Listings: ETL Listed

Product Weight (lbs):71,43 lbs


Kobalt 4.3-Gallon Quiet Air Compressor specs

Tank Capacity (Gallons): 4.3

Decibel Rating(Decibels): 60 decibels

Sub-Brand: Quiet Tech

Portable: Yes

Tank-Style: Twin stack

For Brad Nailing/Stapling/ Finish Nailing/ Air Brushing / Framing Nailing / Bolting use: Yes

Air Delivery: SCFM @90PSI(CFM): 2.4

Safety Listing: ETL listed

Stage: Single stage

Voltage: 120v

Running Horsepower (HP): 1

Roof Nailing / Drilling use: No


Fitting Size: 1/4-in

Maximum Pressure:150 PSI

Weight (lbs.): 61.73 lbs.

Start Type: Electric start

Motor Type: Induction

Type: Electric

Amperage: 7.5 amps

Pump Type: Oil-free


Overall Verdict

On the whole, the above Kobalt compressor is smaller, lighter, and also quieter.

In contrast, the Husky model has better CFM along with two fittings (having two outlets would obviously come in handy in some situations).

Also, the tank on Husky is slightly larger which can be a bonus but again not a deal breaker.

Of course, the size of the tank can influence your decision if you are comparing the 26 gallon Kobalt vs. Husky 20 gallon air compressor so it’s a question of the precise models you are looking at.

In short, the best unit will come down to your specific use cases (everything boils down to your projects) so it’s up to you to pick what you feel best matches your needs from the specs.

Having said that, don’t forget other key considerations: warranty support, availability, and durability.

But bear in mind that these compressors are, in no way, intended to serve you forever.. They actually have lots of Teflon and plastic moving parts (That explains why they’re so quiet)

Choose wisely.



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