Best portable dryer for apartment: Our recommended options (reviews)

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If you’re an apartment dweller or you will soon move into an apartment, you may want to invest in the best portable dryer for apartment (you know, one that dries clothes very well).

Of course, hang drying clothes in a drying rack can take forever – and your time is definitely worth money.

Also, air-drying clothing can make some clothes become a bit stiff.

And so below we review our top 3 portable clothes dryer for apartments to point you in the right direction as you shop for the best portable dryer for apartment.


Best portable dryer for apartment:  Check these apartment clothes dryers out

Here are the apartment clothes dryer we love most:

COSTWAY apartment size dryer 110 volt

portable dryer for apartments without hookups

For small apartments, COSTWAY110V Electric Portable Dryer is one of the best- You can dry nearly all your clothes!

You just plug it in and voila! wait for it to work its magic- it’s really amazing and works pretty much like a full-sized dryer despite it being way smaller in size.

And yes, it fits a good amount- you can even throw a small to medium size blanket in there (obviously, you can’t dry thicker blankets in these little things).

Sheets, also yes (and even large towels) though full size comforters are simply too bulky.

And it’s silent (you could even sleep).

And it’s lightweight too- which makes it easy peasy to move around every time.

You will be perfectly happy with it and you can pair it with the popular Comfee 1.6 CU. Ft portable washer for small apartments (the combo works like a dream).

The manufacturer says it doesn’t have to be vented outside but you can buy this indoor vent to go with it (just for your peace of mind).


Weight: 37.3lbs

Size: 19” (wide) x 15” (deep) x 22.5” (high)

Power rating: 850W

Capacity: 10 lbs

Material Type: Stainless steel

Customizable: Set different time length or drying modes depending on what you’re drying.


  • Works perfectly for tiny apartments.
  • Easy to move around and connect.
  • Quiet!


  • Not big enough to dry big comforters/blankets




Panda 110V small dryer for apartments (best portable clothes dryer / tumble dryer mini clothes dryer)

portable dryer for apartment

This is another good apartment dryer -It fits nicely in a small apartment /studio and works just fine

It is a durable dryer and efficient (it dries really good).

Items like adult male jeans (it fits 3 perfectly) and king size sheets will fit and be dried superbly (no damp spots are left).

In a nutshell, Panda portable dryer dries like a champ as long as you put small loads of clothing such as shirts, socks, underwear, hand towels, etc.

In addition, you can dry out even some heavy-weight clothing like heavy sweatshirts, towels (but not so thick), a bathrobe, and a few other heavy garments/clothes.

But beware that it gets super hot if you set it on 180 – note that you typically have to begin the cycle twice (at 180) and this is where you need to have it if you’re trying heavier items.

Also, don’t forget to thoroughly clean the filter (after every use) because this mini portable dryer gets quite dirty fast..


Optimal Capacity:  5.5 pounds

Voltage: 110V/60Hz

Rated Input: 850W Tumble 

Drying Programs: Hot(120-200mins), Cool(0-20mins), Air Dry(0-80mins), Warm(20-120mins) 

Material: Stainless Steel 

Heat: High, Low (High always recommended)

Automatic shut-off: Yes

Product Weight: About 40lbs

Product Dimensions(WxDxH): 21x17x26 Inches (when assembled)

Includes: Wall mounting kit, exhausted venting pipe(to vent it to outside). You can again purchase the indoor venting kit for the dryer.


  • Pretty fast drying!
  • Very energy efficient (You will barely notice a difference in your energy bill).
  • It’s fairly quiet. 


  • Like any other portable electric clothes dryer, it performs best with small loads (2 to 3 T-shirts, a few pairs of underwear, 1 – 2 pairs of pants)




BLACK+DECKER Portable Dryer 120v

apartment size dryer 110 volt

BLACK+DECKER has built this cool portable dryer for apartments and other small spaces and it’s our final recommendation.

It dries almost as quickly as a standard full-sized dryer though it won’t handle as many items at once.

It is also fantastically quiet (for a smaller dryer) and you can easily clean the filter (you should do it after every load). 

It is super easy to setup (no technical expertise needed) and works beautifully once it is up and running.

It doesn’t put out too much lint (beyond the filter) to cause temperature or humidity issues when vented inside.

That said, it tends to work a lot better when vented outside – use the exhaust connector to vent it appropriately.

Bottom-line? If you are still on the fence about the best portable dryer for apartment, just buy it (you can’t go wrong with such a brilliant unit)

Oh, and if you’re living in a studio, this combined with black and decker’s compact portable washer can be a godsend (and they won’t take up a lot of space)


Size: 23.6”x17.1”x27.5”(WxDxH)

Item Weight: 48.40 lbs (once assembled)

Recommended load volume/capacity: 8-4/5 lbs.

Inside capacity: 2.65 cu. ft.

Drying modes: 4 different modes including Cool, Warm, Air Dry, and Hot (with 1,400 Watts of drying power)

Overheat protection: Yes

Leveling legs: Yes (adjustable)

Sensor Dry function: Yes (automatically measures moisture of loaded clothes and adjusts the heat accordingly for more efficient drying).

Eco-mode: Yes (perfect for any eco-aware homeowner or anyone who’s looking to save on their power bills).

Includes: Front-loading transparent lid, stainless steel drum, 4 in. vent hose (and exhaust connector), lint plus exhaust filters


  • Runs very quiet.
  • Dries well with optimal loads (dries really fast).
  • Option to set it on different modes.


  • The cord is not super long so you need to have it close to an outlet.




Final words about portable dryer for apartments without hookups

Overall, the above portable dryers take much longer than full sized dryers to dry clothes properly but they’re way faster than hanging your stuff to dry so keep that in mind.

Another thing we need to emphasize is venting it properly…..

Now, if you have serious concerns about humidity, always buy an indoor venting kit to go with it- it helps collect the moisture and can be very useful especially if you have purchased a cheap portable dryer on Craiglist (or another used items marketplace).

Reminder: Here is the venting kit we always recommend.


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