Best small stackable washer dryer [3 top choices]

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In this article, I will share with you our best small stackable washer dryer combos recommendations (3 units that swept us off our feet during research).

Remember that here at, we typically recommend only the top 3 products (after doing an in-depth comparison) for each category (we don’t want to waste your time or confuse you further by reviewing tens of products)

Let us dive in.

Best small stackable washer dryer [3 top choices including one commercial quality pick]

Whirlpool 1.6 cu. ft. Electric Stacked Laundry Center 6 Wash cycles and AutoDry

compact washer dryer stackable

Don’t let the washer’s capacity deceive you- since it doesn’t use an agitator, you can put in more clothes into the tub.

Indeed, it will fit a pair of queen-sized sheets and 2 pillowcases and still have quite some space left.

If you own a bar or salon, then could be your perfect laundry center – it can comfortably wash 100 rags at once without a hassle.

Being a top-loading unit, we are pleased with how this unit has a gentle close lid – it prevents the latch from breaking when the lid falls on it.

Also, for a unit of its size, it is very rich in features- This washer-dryer combo comes with many features of a full-size washer and dryer so it will clean nearly any clothes that you have.

Speaking of cleaning, this unit will leave even your most greasy and overly soiled clothes being extra clean.

Overall, one of the very best there’s out there when it comes to small stackable washer dryer combos

Key features

  • Capacity: 1.6 cu. ft. washer / 3.4 cu. ft. dryer.
  • Top load washer.
  • AutoDry
  • 240v AC electrical dryer.
  • 6 wash cycles and 4 dryer cycles.
  • Dimensions: 74.25(Height)x 23.88(width)x26.63 inches(depth)
  • Controls: Electronic
  • See-through grass
  • Drum Material:Stainless Steel
  • Wash Basket material: Stainless Steel


  • Exceptionally quiet.
  • Dries fast.
  • Easy-peasy controls.
  • Cleans great.


  • Not big enough to wash comforters.

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LG Stacked Laundry Pair (Front Load Washer, Electric Dryer Stacking set)

best stackable washer dryer

One of this unit’s big selling points is that it fits in many more places primarily thanks to its 30″ depth(you can therefore fit it into way smaller or even 2nd floor closets).

Plus, it comes with a lot of nice features including the innovative 6Motion cleaning technology (with it, each wash cycle actually combines up to 6 different motions so clothes come out sparkling clean).

What about customizing your dryer/washer cycles depending on what you’re washing/drying and how you want it done?

Well, with this, you can download more extra cycles(from your smartphone) depending on what you’re washing.

We are also happy that it holds a ton of your clothes (even sheets and comforters) without sacrificing its impressive washing power(despite large loads)…all you have to do is pick the correct cycle and voila!  

Plus, the dryer typically automatically senses when your clothes have dried to prevent over-drying(and possible wrinkling)

Remember this is energy star rated, which translates to reduced energy bills.

It’s also extremely water economical

Key features

  • Impeller washer (front-load)
  • Wrinkle Shield option-anti-wrinkling feature.
  • Top-load washer with impeller.
  • Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft. for washer/7.4 cu. ft. for dryer.
  • 8 wash cycles/8 dryer cycles.
  • Dryer Venting- vented
  • Dryer Drum Material: Aluminized Alloy
  • Washer Drum Material: Stainless Steel
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dryer Height-38.69″
  • Washer Height-39″
  • Weight-365.00 lbs


  • Easy to use(awesome control panel that’s intuitive)
  • Feature-packed 
  • Works like a charm(tough enough to even handle crazy materials like soaked, heavy denim).


  • Not the quietest unit out there.

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Speed queen Stacked Washer-Electric Dryer with Sanitize

apartment size stackable washer and dryer

The first thing we love about this commercial-grade unit is its sizeable washer compared to other washer-dryer combos –This makes it better suited for washing larger loads.

We also like the fact that the controls are located midway between the washing machine and the dryer. This not only makes them easy to see but also easy to use no matter your height.

Something else: Amongst all the stackable washer-dryer combos we looked at, this has one of the best collections of cleaning cycles.

You will, in particular, see a real difference with the whites – they will come out all bright white!

Also, the washer is front-loading washer and consumes little water as a result – and still leaves those clothes much cleaner than other washers.

Oh, we like the design and make of this unit too…

From robust hinges to strong latches and a solid feel to the control panel, there’s unmatched quality all around.

No wonder the Speed Queen SF7 is one of the best-selling small stackable washer dryer units in the market.

Key features

  • Sanitize with Oxi dedicated cycle–kills germs and bacteria.
  • Capacity: 3.420 cu. ft. for washer/7 cu.. ft.. for dryer.
  • End-of-cycle signal.
  • Maximum Spin Speed: 1200 RPMs
  • 220v AC power outlet needed.
  • Fuel Type-Electric 
  • Venting Type-Vented 
  • 9 preset washer cycles, 4 dryer cycles.
  • Time remaining display.
  • Dimensions:26.86(width) x 27.75(depth) x 78.13(height) inches.
  • 5 year warranty


  • Cleans well and completes cycle fairly quickly.
  • Control panel is pretty friendly to operate.
  • Reasonably quiet.


  • Tall for people below 5’3” – you might have to tiptoe when removing clothes from the back of the dryer.

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Other options

Electrolux stackable washer and dryer-  This has good enough cycle options.

GE electric stacked laundry center (3.8-cu ft washer & 5.9-cu ft dryer) This is a really affordable option and works superbly.

Best small stackable washer dryer – buyer’s guide

Size – space you have to work with

Before you purchase your unit, you first need to identify where you want to hook it up and measure the dimensions of that region.

At the end of the day, you do not want to purchase a unit only for it not to fit where you intended it to.



Before purchasing a unit, be sure to identify the number of people who will be using it plus the kind of clothes you intend to wash and dry – regular clothes, towels, comforters and so on.

From here, purchase a unit that has the capacity to easily fit these clothes.


Power requirements and available hookups

Before making that purchase, be sure to first check the available hookups in your house.

This is because some washer-dryer combos require gas hookups while others require 240v of AC and yet others just require the regular 120v of AC.

Did I mention that some require venting while others don’t?


Available features and settings

Most washer-dryer combos tend to have fewer cycles and features compared to standalone washers and dryers so be sure to check if it has all the features you desire before purchasing it.

Also, see if the unit allows you to customize your cycles because that can make a huge difference.



Considering that these units do not come cheap, you should consider getting one that comes with a good warranty – preferably at least 12 months.

That way, you will have peace of mind just in case the unit gets issues within a few months of buying it.


Best small stackable washer dryer – final words

The above three units are a cut above the other washer-dryer combos available in the market.

So check them out and order the model that best fits your various needs.

Happy shopping!


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