Shark robot vacuum troubleshooting max light flashing

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If your Shark robot vacuum Max light is flashing, it might be a signal that your vacuum cleaner has developed some problems that you might have to fix for it to work again.

Now, if you are unsure of how to go about it, read this shark robot vacuum troubleshooting guide to the end- we shall take you through all what could be causing the light to flash and what to do to fix your Shark Vacuum Robot

Shark robot vacuum troubleshooting max light flashing steps

Now, if the Max light is flashing on its own, it might be because your robot vac has hit an obstacle.

So the first thing you can try is to remove any obstacles that may be in the way of your vac.

Alternatively, move the vac to a new location- and while at it, be sure to confirm that the robot is on a level surface – unlevel surfaces tend to impede the robot’s movement.

Moving on…

If you note that there is no obstacle hindering your vac’s movement, chances are that the front bumper is jammed so inspect and fix the bumper.

Shark robot vacuum troubleshooting max light flashing – What about when the Max light is flashing in combination with other indicator lights?

If the Max light is flashing in combination with other indicator lights, then you have to try different fixes for your vac because each unique combination points to a different issue  

Below is what we recommend depending on what lights are flashing simultaneously…

Shark robot vacuum ! + Max light flashing together

When this happens, it typically says that one of the side brushes is stuck.

The good thing is that it has an easy fir-  just remove any debris that may be stuck on the side brushes and see if the flashing stops.


Shark robot vacuum clean (red) + max flashing together

This is another pretty common fault when it comes to the Shark robot vac model.

Again you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to resolve it….In fact, your vac is simply signaling that its dustbin has been removed.

That being so, all you need to do is reinsert it.

Now, if the red and max lights continue to flash together, check if you have properly inserted the dust bin.


Shark robot vacuum dock + ! + max lights flashing together

This occurs when there’s a blockage in your vac’s brush roll.

The solution is to check and remove any blockages in the brush roll.


Shark robot vacuum clean (blue) + ! + max flashing together

Begin by checking if your robot is caught in a tight space or on an obstacle.

If it is, you have to remove your robot vac from the tight enclosure.

Now, if the robot is not stuck, it probably means that something is stuck in the front bumper of your robot- we already saw that you need to clean any debris that may be in the bumper.

Remember to gently push the bumper up & down and back & forth while making sure that it is moving smoothly.


Shark robot vacuum clean + dock + ! + max flashing together

This is (for the most part) the vac’s way of telling you that its wheels might be obstructed or something is caught in them.

So check the wheels for any obstruction – be sure to eject anything that may be stuck or wrapped around the wheels.

Now, if nothing is stuck in your wheels, you can fix this error by pressing down on the wheels and then letting them spring back into place- don’t forget to rotate your wheels back and forth.


Shark robot vacuum clean (red) + ! + max lights flashing together

This oftentimes says a wheel (one or more) is stuck so again clear any debris from the wheels.


Shark robot vacuum clean + dock + max flashing together

This combination very often means that your robot vac is in Find My Robot mode ().

To fix this error, open your app and deactivate this mode.


More shark IQ Robot troubleshooting

Shark robot vacuum keeps stopping (shark robot vacuum keeps turning off)

The most common reason for this is an uneven floor.

Now, you should move your robot vac to a new location – preferably on a level floor.

However, there are other potential causes including a stuck front bumper, clogged brush roller, and clogged wheels.

Which takes us back to what we have seen above- remove the debris from the clogged parts and see if the problem goes away

Shark robot vacuum randomly starts

When it comes to the issue of your shark robot vacuum randomly starting, try the following:


Change the time zone settings – it could be due to bad time settings

If your robot’s time zone is incorrect, it can start a few hours before or after your selected time.

So can you confirm that you are using the correct time zone?-You can always check and change this from the app.

Your robot didn’t complete its previous cycles- get a new battery

Your robot vac might have run low on power before it completed its previous cleaning cycle.

Now, once it’s fully charged, it will start and continue with its cleaning cycle and there is nothing to worry about.

However, if this happens repetitively, chances are that its battery is nearing its death so consider getting a replacement battery.

Your pet could be to blame…

Robot vacuums have advanced from bumping around to intelligently cleaning the house.

Nonetheless, they are still robots programmed to do what they are instructed.

To put it another way, if your adorable pet decides it’s time to clean, nothing will stop him.

I know that it may sound silly but it is possible that your dog or cat accidentally pressed the clean button on your vac.

Consequently, check and confirm that your pet is not the reason why your Shark robot vacuum is starting randomly.

Factory reset it…

Just like other electrical devices, your robot vac may be acting up due to a random electrical glitch.

With that in mind, try to factory reset your Shark robot vac.

You can do so by pressing the power switch button and waiting for one minute before turning it on.

Alternatively, you can reset it via the app.


Shark robot vacuum troubleshooting max light flashing – final words

We hope that the above steps will help you fix your Shark robot vac flashing light problem.

Good luck!


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