How to reset Daikin Air Conditioner [Steps]

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Is your Daikin air conditioner showing random errors or acting weird?

If this is the case, you can try to reset it before you think of complicated repairs.

You see, it is the simplest thing to do but it oftentimes resolve many issues.

So below is how to reset Daikin Air Conditioner (step by step)…..


How to reset Daikin Air Conditioner 

Below are ways to reset your Daikin Air Conditioner if you are seeing problems like the green light flashing constantly, random error codes, after a power outage, etc….

Resetting Daikin air conditioners- how to hard reset Daikin air conditioner

Here is how to reset a Daikin air conditioner

  1. First, unplug it from power or simply turn off the circuit breaker
  2. Wait for at least a minute and then turn the power back on
  3. Now try to restart it and see if the error is gone

Now, if the issue did not go away, you might need to perform further troubleshooting on your unit (but you can probably try to reset it once more- and now you can wait a little longer- before you think of advanced repairs)…

How to reset Daikin Air Conditioner where the operation lamp/light is flashing green on your Daikin Air Conditioner

Before we go to resetting it, it is important you understand some of the reasons why your Daikin Air Conditioner operation lamp /light is flashing green- you may want to check on these causes before resetting it.

Common reasons why your Daikin Air Conditioner operation lamp/light is flashing green

  1. There might be something wrong with the outside unit like an object stuck in the fan that might be stopping it from spinning so check the fan and remove any obstructions.
  2. It is an indication that the dust box needs cleaning and resetting- here you want to clean away accumulated dust on the dust box before trying to reset the light. Remember you have to unplug it from power (you can just flip the circuit breaker off) before you clean the dust box

Here is how to reset Daikin Air Conditioner –and the cleaning lamp- if the operation light is continually blinking green…

  1. After cleaning the dust box, connect the power cable to your AC outlet or turn on your unit’s circuit breaker.
  2. Next, with your air con in non-operation, proceed to press and then hold the filter cleaning indicator (LED) reset button for approximately 2 seconds.

That resets the unit and the green cleaning warning light


How to reset Daikin error codes

If you are seeing random error codes on your Daikin air conditioner, then it is also advisable you try to reset them before you attempt any complex fixes.

Here is how to quickly reset Daikin error codes in most Daikin air con models:

  1. Locate on your Daikin remote control the on/Off button.
  2. After locating the on/off button go ahead and hold it for about 2 seconds then release it.
  3. Next, press the on/off switch (just once)-this will stop the operation.
  4. Finally, press the on/off switch a second time-this will restart the unit.

These steps should reset all error codes on your Daikin AC and it may start running properly once more after you restart it.

Otherwise, you may want to explore further repairs to get rid of the error code.

If so, take a look at our Daikin air conditioner fault codes, meaning, and recommended repairs guide-It is super detailed and could help you resolve that stubborn error code.


How to reset the Daikin air conditioner after a power outage

If you had experienced a power outage and your Daikin air conditioner won’t start after power is restored, follow these steps to reset the entire system and see if it will stop acting up afterward

Switch off your AC system

The first thing you need to do is shut down your air conditioner via your thermostat.

Just look for a system switch on your device(your thermostat) and push it to the off position.

Turn off the air conditioner

You should do this at the circuit breaker – and that is after turning the entire system off (using the thermostat) as explained above.

Just locate the switch controlling your Daikin air conditioning system(at the circuit breaker) and then flip it off.

Turn the AC back on (via the circuit breaker)

Next flip the circuit breaker to the ON position….there’s no need to wait for a few minutes here like it is the norm when resetting these kinds of systems so turn the breaker back on right after the previous shutoff

Allow thirty minutes

These systems take about 30 minutes for their circuitry (internal) to successfully reset so set your time and countdown some thirty minutes- you can be doing other chores

Restart your Air Conditioning System(via the thermostat)

After the 30 minutes have lapsed, turn your AC system back on –push the system switch on the thermostat back on.

You Air Con should start up without a hitch once you do that.

If it does not- and you have followed every step above correctly- then it may have developed some other fault due to the power outage.


Wrap up

If you have tried resetting your air conditioner and still it is not working, you can it take it back to the company for service if it is still under warranty.

Otherwise, you can call in an authorized repair person to check it(your friends, neighbors, or family members could have some referrals)

You can also reach out to Daikin Company directly here if you have some questions.




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