How to change trimmer line on Ryobi Expand it [with pictures]

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Learn how to change trimmer line on Ryobi expand it in this instructional guide

Well, if you have been struggling to change your trimmer line on your Ryobi expand it, either because the line is constantly breaking or the line has gotten old and worn out, this article will guide you step by step on how to go about it.

How to change trimmer line on Ryobi expand it –Ryobi expand it trimmer line replacement step by step instructions

Step 1: Open the Head and line up the arrows as described below

First look at the head- you’ll see some arrows

ryobi expand-it change string

These arrows tell you where exactly you should point the knot.

Now, and this is important, the knot should point at the little notches right above the arrows (see below)

Ryobi expand it trimmer line replacement

You can even look over the notches and you will notice that the notches is indeed where the line comes in and out(check below).

ryobi expand it replace line

So, in short, essentially what you will need to do is push in the head then line up the arrows with that line.

Basically what you want is to have each arrow pointing at that line -again see below

ryobi expand it trimmer line size


Step 2: Cut the line

Cut yourself about 10 feet of the line- it is what the instruction for my Ryobi expand it says- so this is what you want to do now that the arrows have lined up properly

Below is how I do it:

Take the line that you had purchased – you know it is you get a spool of line (something like in the image below) – then put the line in one hand and you stretch it all the way to the other hand.

That gives me 5 feet but since I want 10 feet, I will take that section then put it in my other hand and stretch once again which makes it 10 feet so I cut it off at that point.

Of course, we have many creative folks out there and I’m certain they have invented better ways of getting the 10 feet but I find the above method easy.

So do that.

How to Reload a Ryobi Expand-it Trimmer

Once done, you will want to start putting the 10 feet of line into the head.

But just before you do that:

Double check that the arrows are still pointing  to the little notch line as i had mentioned above- you want to be sure they are corresponding with the small holes in the head.

how do you change the trimmer line on a ryobi expand it

Step 3: Putting the Line through the head

All you do is take the line and push your line in through it- just push your line in through the hole as you can see below.

How do you replace Ryobi expand it Trimmer line?

Important tip: If it is perfectly lined up, the line will go through to the other side effortlessly.

Otherwise, it might take some extra effort to push the line through but it should eventually go through.

Just remember there’s a hole that goes all the way through that spool there in the middle and allows the line to go through so you push it in – you might actually have to wiggle it a little to get everything line up nicely.

Overall, you should be able to get it to push through at some point

how to restring a ryobi expand it

Step 4: Roll the Line up

Now take the line (see below) and pull it around halfway and leave the other half of the line sticking out the other side(so you’ll have almost 5 feet hanging out on either side- it cannot be 5 feet complete since a bit of it is through the head).

So go ahead and even that line out (make sure the two edges –from either side- are equal)

ryobi expand it weed eater restring

Then begin to roll it up- to do that,  pull them tight (see below) and ensure they are actually equal.

how to change the string in a ryobi expand it weed eater

Just to emphasize, both should be pulled tight and perfectly even to avoid rolling problems.

Once you have done that, look for the text “ROTATE” and it has an arrow showing you the direction to roll/rotate the line

reload ryobi expand-it trimmer

So grab the head and just keep rotating the line little by little (do not use force) until you get all the line wound up into the spool.

how to replace string on ryobi expand-it trimmer

So that’s how to change trimmer line on Ryobi expand it – now you can put back the head into your Ryobi expand it or gas trimmer and get trimming once more.

SeidelRanch has an awesome YouTube tutorial on how to replace string on Ryobi expand-it trimmer…watch it below for the exact steps


Best trimmer line for Ryobi expand it

In our opinion, Arnold Maxi Edge Trimmer Line is probably the best trimmer line for most Ryobi  trimmers.

And the best thing is that it is super easy to wind- it feeds really well

Above all, it shows no mercy to the weeds – it cuts like an ultra-sharp razor blade.

Oh, and it lasts a long time- longer than original lines that came with Ryobi trimmers. 

Read its raving reviews on Amazon


How to change trimmer line on Ryobi expand it-FAQs

How do you determine trimmer line size?

First, it is important you understand that trimmer lines come in a range of thicknesses and sizes.

In fact, the best trimmer line size will depend on the type of work you want to do.

For instance, for light work like trimming grass, a 0.065″-0.085″ thick line should be enough while for trimming thicker grass + weeds, a line in the 0.085″-0.110″ range will get the job done perfectly.


Why does my trimmer line keep breaking?

If your trimmer line is breaking now and then, you’re probably using poor quality trimmer lines, trimmer line with incorrect thickness, or you’re hitting around hard surfaces like rocks.


What happens if you use thicker trimmer line?

Using a thicker trimmer line has great advantages including increasing the power and durability of the line-which will obviously lead to less breakage and wearing-out.

Indeed, if you are typically tackling tough weeds and thicker grass, it is best to use a thicker trimmer line as it will always last longer.


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