Daikin air conditioner not turning on [Fixed!]

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So, what would make your Daikin air conditioner not turn on when you press the ON button yet it has been working great for a long time?

Well, below are the troubleshooting steps you should try for the problem of a previously working Daikin air conditioner not turning on suddenly (and you’re sure it is not due to power failure).

Daikin air conditioner not turning on [How to fix the issue]

If your Daikin air con won’t turn on (No light, nothing) and it’s, as a result, really hot, try these potentials solutions before calling a service technician:

If your Daikin Air Con won’t turn on, please check these issues before calling a repairman:

  1. Is the circuit breaker thrown or fuse blown?
  2. Is the AC’s power plug properly connected to the power outlet?
  3. Has a power outage occurred?
  4. Do the remote control batteries need to be replaced?
  5. Is the timer correctly set?


Daikin AC not turning on – Where the air conditioner does not operate (operation light/lamp is off)..

Check the breaker – it could be off

Your Daikin air con will not start if the breaker is off (for whatever reason) as power is cut out.

Check and turn the breaker back on.

Also, check if the fuse could be blown- it again won’t come on if the fuse has blown.

If so, replace the fuse (or have a professional help you do it) and be sure not to go for a higher capacity fuse.


Try resetting electrical power to your unit both out and inside

A lot of really weird things typically occur when there are abnormal voltages and there’s always a chance it could a voltage issue in your house’s power supply that is affecting it.

So you can try to switch off the breaker then turn it on immediately and see if your unit will start after that.

Resetting power occasionally helps so do not ignore this step.


Check the batteries in the unit’s remote controller

Also, verify that the batteries are properly set in your unit’s remote controller (set them again correctly, if they don’t appear to be seated correctly).

Do not forget that improperly set batteries is often the reason why a Daikin AC won’t respond to remote


Check the timer setting

Next, double check that the timer’s setting is correct- try to adjust as necessary.


Daikin air con not turning on (Daikin not turning on) – further troubleshooting

Swap the power cord

It could be the power wire that is broken/fried.


Check power connections at all the ends

The other likely culprit is a loose connection somewhere (see if the cord is connecting tightly into the wall outlet and also check that the wall outlet is itself operational).

On the same note, be sure to test if there’s power across all the terminals..

Now, if there’s power and all the cables seem okay, then….


Check the internal fuses

Most Daikin indoor units have a fuse at the center of the PCB(it’s usually there) and it could be blown.

Likewise, there are 2 fuses (for the most part) on the outdoor units and again they could be dead.

So you need to find your way to the PCB, get it out, and find these fuses and see if any might be gone.

Also, consider changing out any cables in there you might see burned as you can never be sure that it’s not them causing the fault.

Of course, you have to be careful here because you may end up incurring a huge replacement bill if you mess up with the main board.


Replace the PCB

Your last throw of the dice if your Daikin air conditioner will not turn on even after all the above is replacing the board.

Search YouTube for a good tutorial to help you do that – it is not that tough but be sure to buy the right replacement part(depending on your model).

Important tip: Just to remind you, your Daikin air con is programmed not to run for about 3 minutes when you depress the ON switch if you have just shut down or changed the setting (operation mode) using the remote.  

Daikin air conditioner won’t turn on – Troubleshooting flow chart

daikin air conditioner won't turn on

daikin air conditioner not working

Daikin air conditioner won’t start (but the operation lamp blinks)

Here you can try to reset the whole system as follows:

  • Un-plug the power cable or simply turn off circuit breaker.
  • Now wait for about one minute.
  • Turn the power back on.


Daikin minisplit not turning on, displays fault code 00 

Here I want you to first ensure that they’re both (indoor and outdoor unit) on the same cool/heat setting -that’s because the issue tend to be caused by one being on auto (generally when they are on opposite settings)

For example, if you have set one to heat (for instance  your downstairs unit)  and the other to cool (for instance, the unit upstairs), your AC can ‘refuse’ to turn on.
So be sure to put them both in the same settings!
If that doesn’t work, try resetting power to your AC, both inside and outside – it could resume working properly if the problem was caused by weird voltages in your house (perhaps there has been a brief power outage)


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