How to clean the inside of a dryer drum [instructions and what to use]

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You probably know that cleaning your dryer can be very beneficial- from keeping your dryer performing optimally to keeping your family safe (cleaning it reduces the risk of fire hazard).

Now, an important part to clean is the drum – different manufacturers recommend you clean the drum at varying intervals because it gets dirty/stained after a period of use.

With that in mind, we shall look at how to clean the inside of a dryer drum (and how to clean the whole drum, in general) in this article (Read: How to clean lint from front load dryer).

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How to clean the inside of a dryer drum [instructions and what to use]

Overall, the best way of cleaning the inside of a dryer drum is by using either a moderately damp cloth(you can apply any cleaner first) to wipe off inside your drum area.

That said, you can clean most dryer drums by first heating up your dryer and then cleaning with a wet rag and probably a very mild detergent (and a brush, if there’s baked-on substance).

As regard the exact procedure, it depends on your model.

So below I will describe the process of cleaning dryer drums in a couple of the most popular dryer models to point you in the right direction.

Of course, you’ll need to unplug your dryer/shut off gas supply(for gas models) before you start…


How to clean the inside of a dryer drum- Whirlpool Dryer Drum

  1. Make a paste -with very warm water and powdered laundry detergent.
  2. Get a soft cloth and use it to apply the paste(to the entire stained area).
  3. Rub the area (with the cloth) until you remove all excess dye/stains.
  4. Thoroughly wipe the drum with a slightly wet cloth.
  5. Tumble a new load of clean towels/clothes to dry the drum. 


Cleaning Maytag dryer drum

  1. Get your favorite hand dish detergent(mild) then mix it with warm water(you want a low concentration)
  2. Now wet a soft cloth in the solution and rub the sections.
  3. Get a wet sponge/towel and proceed to rinse the area well.
  4. Tumble a fresh load of clean towels/clothes to dry the drum

Alternative method

Pour hot water -in a spray bottle- then get a microfiber cloth.

Once you get these, spray hot water on the dirty spots and with the cloth, wipe clean the drum. Keep wiping until all the stains go.

You’ll need a second towel(microfiber) to dry.


How to clean the inside of a dryer drum for GE dryer

Get a damp rag then pour some white vinegar(a little) on it.

You’ll use the damp rag to clean the inside –all you need is to wipe the area with the rag as many times as it takes.


How to clean LG dryer drum

Make a mix of white vinegar and water (1/2: 1/2) then spray inside the drum.

Next, wipe it down (a microfiber cloth will suffice) then leave the door open to allow it air dry.

How to clean the inside of a dryer drum

How to clean Samsung dryer drum

Always run the Self-Tub Dry cycle to keep your drum fresh (refer to the owners manual for instructions).

However, if your model does not have this cycle, you can manually tumble clean the drum using a damp cloth (apply a mild, non-abrasive cleaner product to it first).

You should then wipe away all residual using a clean,dry cloth.


How to clean the inside of a dryer drum – Useful Tips

What to use to clean dryer drum

Instead of making paste, you can try the following products:

  • White vinegar(distilled)- Pour a bit (on the stained section) then with a plastic scraper, scrape the spots off . It can be quite easy to clean.
  • Baking soda– You can as well try sprinkling baking soda (then use a wire sponge to scrub off stains). You again pour a little then scrape stains off.
  • Rubbing alcohol (or hand sanitizer or even or 70+ ethanol)- Be sure to allow it to air out afterwards.
  • Acetone– Apply acetone (or acetone-based nail polish remover) then follow up with paper towels to get it clean.


For ink stains…

If there are ink stains, you can use nail polish remover then a damp rag.

Okay, it may not get the stains out completely but chances are it will get rid of the ink so it won’t mess your next load.


For ballpoint ink cleaning

Rubbing alcohol is often quite handy when it comes to ballpoint ink removal.

Allow the surface to dry completely. Also, let odors dissipate.

Also, throw in a few old towels – it ensures no ink will come off on laundry.

Once you do that, any ink stain remaining on dryer drum won’t affect your future laundry loads and may actually disappear over time

Alternative pen ink removal method (step by step)

  1. Wear rubber gloves.
  2. Put 2C bleach (in a bucket then add some water until it is about 1/2 full).
  3. Soak an old towel (preferably a large one) in the water. You can just use two regular size towels, if you don’t have a large towel.
  4. Now place the towel in the dryer then turn the dryer on (have it on low heat)
  5. Check after about thirty(30) minutes later and you are likely to find most ink gone.

If there are some heavy ink spots left, wear rubber gloves once more and take the still wet towel(s) out.

Now apply fingernail polish remover (a bit) on Mr.Clean Magic Cleaning Pad and rinse/wipe the residual spots.

You can still put the wet towel(s) back in your dryer for about another 15 minutes if some ink is still left.

Final method (for ink removal)…..

If you got ink in your dryer, try using Dawn Power Dissolver!


  • Just unplug dryer and spray on.
  • Now leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wipe it off!
  • Be sure to wipe again down with a damp cloth before letting it dry.

This works quite well even on the toughest spots.


If gum is stuck inside dryer drum..

You can use liquid fabric softener to clean out stuck gum.

Here is how:

  1. Get a rag then apply some liquid fabric softener first (a small amount).
  2. Next, rub the softener onto the gum – rub with the rag for a couple of minutes.
  3. Get a plastic spatula then pry the now softened gum away and of the drum.
  4. Again use your wet rag (you will wet it with some more fabric softener) to now wipe away all gum that could be left behind.
  5. Get a clean cloth, apply some white vinegar, then use it to wipe clean the area thoroughly.


How to disinfect dryer drum off bacteria and germs

To be honest, for the dryer, it is not easy to have bacteria and germs – the only concern is, of course, lint (and your manual has instructions on how clean the lint trap).

That’s because the insanely high temps typically kill all kinds of bacteria, germs, bed bugs, and other creatures.


How to clean stained dryer drum -Recap

Although the drum in most dryers does not need frequent cleaning, leaving wet/damp clothes inside there can cause odor or mold to build in. 

Follow the above steps to get it clean, when necessary.

Oh, and look in the dryer and pick out any threads/hairs wedged either in crevices/beneath the fins (use a crevice attachment/tweezers).


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