GE top load washer not spinning clothes dry [Fixed]

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Your GE top load washer not spinning clothes dry? Here is how to troubleshoot the issue

We have previously looked at how to fix a washing machine that won’t spin causing you to wind up with soaking wet clothes after the cycle completes

As a follow-up, we shall be looking at how to fix a GE top load washer that is not spinning clothes dry in this guide.

Read it to the end if your GE top load washer is not spinning clothes dry and it has been alright all along.

GE top load washer not spinning clothes dry (How to fix your washer)

Below are some of the most probable reasons why your GE washer is not spinning your clothes dry and how to fix each one of them.

Minor reasons your GE top load washer not spinning clothes dry

The filter could be clogged

This is the first thing to check when your washer stops spinning.

You see, the filter can become clogged with particles and other really nasty debris over time(think of lint, coins, jewelry, keys, and other stuff in the filter).

Consequently, it prevents water from draining properly, potentially making your GE washer stop spinning.

Recommended fix

You have to clean the washer filter deeply.


How to clean the filter on GE top load washer



Also check the drain hose

Please also take a look at your drain hose to ensure it is properly installed and not kinked or crimped.

In addition, make sure the drain in the household plumbing is not clogged as all these could cause draining/spinning issues.

Remember that you could get spinning problems if these above are preventing water from draining smoothly from the machine

Make sure the load is balanced

Another reason that can lead to your GE washer not spinning clothes dry is load balance issues- it is important for you to load it properly to avoid problems.

Recommended fixes

Redistribute your garments evenly in the washer(do not put a huge load of towels, jeans, blankets, etc. all in at once)


If that does not solve your problem- and the clothes in the washer are just few- add a few more items to the load to create better balance.



GE top load washer not spinning clothes dry- Other possible reasons why your washer is having spin issues

Bad water level control switch

Now, for your washer to spin perfectly, there must be a certain amount of water in the tub.

That’s where the switch(water level control switch) comes in- it tells the washer how much water to add.

Consequently, if it is broken, it could either be adding too little on no water in your GE washer, which in turn can be the reason why it will not spin.

Recommended fix

Here you will have to replace the water level control switch.


Faulty lid switch

This is the most likely issue if your GE top load washer won’t spin.

For starters, what the lid does is monitor if your washer door is properly closed as a safety precaution(you don’t want the washer’s lid to open during a wash/spin cycle).

For that reason, if it has snapped, there could be spinning trouble.

Keep in mind that the switch is typically on the right hand side of the lid.

Recommended fix

Just swap it out..

Quick Tip: To be sure it is faulty, use a multimeter to test it for continuity(replace, if it has no continuity).


Broken/loose drive/spin belt

Also worth a shot is replacing the drive/spin belt because the appliance begins bringing out damp clothes if the belt is worn out / loose.

Of course, you should inspect the drive belt first by opening the top side panel off your washer- your manual should point out the exact location of the belt.

As mentioned, the best remedy is changing out the belt(Here is an original replacement).


Faulty motor control board

When the motor control board stops functioning, it interferes with nearly all communication in your GE washer – this ends up making these washers not operate as needed.

Recommended fix

This can be an expensive repair because a replacement main board doesn’t come cheap (check price) but it’s worth trying if everything else above fails to work.

You may want to visually inspect the main control board for any burnt-out components just to be certain.


Defective clutch

The work of a clutch in your GE washer is to help the drum to spin around smoothly, so when it is faulty your washer may not spin.

To test, turn your washer into “wash cycle” and be very keen to check if the drum is rotating around.

If it is not, that could be a clear indication the clutch is worn out and you need to purchase a replacement.

ge top load washer not spinning

Faulty rotor position sensor

If the rotor position sensor is bad, the washer can also stop entering spin cycle because it is not sensing(the drum stops ceases spinning/ turning due to a bad sensor).

The good thing is that the part is pretty inexpensive.

Just to add, you might have to replace the entire rotor if changing out the sensor doesn’t help.

Side note: If you are not sure where the rotor is located, refer to the manual that came with your GE washer.


Bad drive motor

The drive motor turns the washer drum during the spin cycle hence if the drive motor is bad, it will not turn the drum and it could result in the motor not spinning.

Note that the best way to test if the motor is working is to listen if it is engaging(it should and continue to hum).


GE top load washer not spinning clothes dry-what to check in summary

A non-spinning top load GE washer could be due to any of the following:

  • 1.       Defective lid switch
  • 2.       Load balance issue
  • 3.       Bad main board
  • 4.       Defective clutch (in some GE top loading models)- It can be the clutch
  • 5.       Bad drive motor
  • 6.       Broken drive/spin belt
  • 7.       Bad water level control switch

So the above are some of the things you need to check if your washer has spin issues– and you know how to do that for the most part.



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