How to reset Frigidaire air conditioner [step-by-step]

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This step-by-step DIY repair guide explains how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner- resetting your air con is really the simplest way to fix some of the issues that could be causing it to malfunction.

Before we look at the steps, here are some of the problems resetting your Frigidaire air conditioner can help resolve quickly…

  • The unit not blowing cool air even though it is set to the “cool” mode.
  • Your AC failing to fully kick on after a power outage.

Besides, resetting the unit can help resolve some Frigidaire air conditioner error codes (on some models) by potentially clearing software glitches that could be generating the error codes.

In other words, it is a good idea to consider resetting your Frigidaire air conditioner each time you encounter a problem whose cause is unclear.

Let us proceed to the actual steps now….

How do you reset a Frigidaire window air conditioner

There are several ways but the quickest and easiest way to reset Frigidaire window air conditioner is by unplugging the ac unit for a couple of minutes then plugging it back in..

We look at all the different reset methods below


How to reset Frigidaire air conditioner [step-by-step]

In most cases, Frigidaire Air Conditioners are reset by following the steps below:

Step 1: Locate the reset button

Needless to say, the simplest method of resetting the AC is via the reset button. That being so, your first step is locating the reset button- nearly all modern Frigidaire A/Cs have the button on them.

Quick Tip: If you can’t locate the button, your AC’s manual will be handy- check it to see where it is exactly located.

Note that Frigidaire ACs have a special fuse typically attached to their power cord to help you reset the device. In fact, the reset button is on the plug in most Frigidaire ACs so check there first.

Step 2: Unplug the air conditioner

Next, unplug your AC from the electrical outlet for 15 seconds (at least) then immediately plug it back into the wall outlet.

Step 3: Hold down the reset button (for 3 or so seconds)

Here now is precisely how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner: Hold down the reset button for about three seconds then release.

If everything else is fine and daddy, your unit should now kick on without any further hiccups.

Quick Tip: If by chance the AC fails to kick on, don’t panic- repeat the step but this time you can try to hold down the button for a little longer (we suggest 5 seconds).

Alternative method

If this still won’t make it reset and kick on, you can opt for the circuit breaker ‘method’.


  1. Find your unit’s circuit breaker panel.
  2. Now flip the circuit breaker “off”.
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes before you attempt to turn it back on- you can wait for about ten minutes.
  4. Lastly, try to turn your air con back on.

This could ‘rebuild’ the control board, possibly fixing the faults that have caused the unit to stop working entirely or fail to work properly.

Quick Tip: Ensure you have set the AC to the temperature you desire and wait for your AC to cool the room to verify it’s now working well.


Frigidaire air conditioner filter reset

Still on the topic of resetting Frigidaire air conditioners, sometimes you’re required to reset your unit’s reusable air filter.

Of course, this becomes necessary once the ‘filter reset light’ comes on – doing so resets its accumulated run time and can save you the expense of a new filter (you don’t want to buy a filter prematurely)

So, how do you reset a Frigidaire air conditioner air filter?

Simply follow these steps if your light has just come on (remember that the light signals that the filter is dirty so your first task is cleaning the filter):

Frigidaire air conditioner air filter reset steps

  1. Turn off the AC.
  2. Find the filter compartment then open it.
  3. Grasp the filter (hold it by its tab) then lift it out. For the most part, there are no fasteners holding it so it comes out effortlessly.

Important: Where the unit has more than one filter- portable models tend to have three- start by removing the first (top) one. You then proceed to unscrew the unit’s lower intake grille. You then remove the filter on the side panel and finally, its counterpart behind the grille.

  1. Vacuum the excess dirt from the filter using the right upholstery attachment. Be careful- the last thing you want is damaging the filter.
  2. Next, wipe the residue dust off the sides using a microfiber cloth/soft sponge soaked in a bowl of warm water (add a couple of drops of your regular dish-washing detergent). You can switch to dipping the cloth in a bowl of clean water once the filter is clean (when doing the final touches).
  3. Allow the filter to dry out completely – it might take several hours.
  4. Re-install the filter.
  5. For the light to shut, hold down on the reset filter button for about 3-5 seconds.


frigidaire air conditioner filter reset

Quick Tip: For models such as Frigidaire FGRC0844S1 air conditioner, the reset filter button is found on their front panel. You need to hold it down for the 3 seconds to have the filter timer reset after clean-up.

Note that more regular cleaning of the filter(s) may be essential if your Frigidaire air con is constantly in use, is being subjected to more dusty conditions, or you’re having fur-bearing pets in your house.

How to reset Frigidaire air conditioner – Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How do you reset a Frigidaire window air conditioner?

If you’re unsure about how to reset Frigidaire window air conditioner, well it is super easy…

In a nutshell, all you have to do is first unplug it then hold down the reset button for a few seconds (we recommend 3-5 seconds).

It should now kick on successfully if it doesn’t have a more advanced problem.


Final words

We hope you found this information helpful.

All the same, be sure to search for relevant YouTube tutorials if you’re still afraid of messing something up.

And oh, dial 1-800-944-9044 if you’re one of those who may want to call for Frigidaire service– perhaps the above procedures have not helped you eliminate the issue that is bugging your unit.

Till next time…


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  1. Panel quit working and won’t reset. When I press test button it shuts the air unit off. My unit looks exactly like the one pictured in this article. If I allow unit to run, it moves around on settings and eventually trips my power strip. Unit wont respond to remote. I’ve attempted the steps to reset the panel numerous times with no success.

  2. Frigidaire window w/heat AC COMPRESSOR STAYS ON. Even when turned off, even in heat mode. The fan kicks off and on but it will continue to freeze up. Any suggestions?

  3. This is the worst piece if junk i have ever bought. So much for the amazon lies. After 3 years of hating the loud thing and the vibrations, babying this junk today it will not cool. After the stupid reset trick it just buzzes. I hate Frigidaire and hope this company goes out of business.

  4. Hello. I just hooked my frigidaire ffre0833ui up in my window for the warmer months and turned it on low fan. It ran for about 15 minutes and then shut off and will not turn back on. I’ve tried the reset procedure. I’ve tried the fusebox “trick”. Nothing. I tried another electrical product in the same outlet and it works. The ac is only 1 year old. Any tips that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Window air conditioner keeps shutting off and on. Just bought last year and this year it’s not running for any length of time except on fan and the filter is clean. If I wanted a expensive fan I would’ve bought one.. Tried shutting off and reset and still won’t work. Shouldn’t be out of coolant being new last year.. Never again fridgidaire. JUNK

  6. My brand new unit does not turn on. I’ve done the reset trick and it does absolutely nothing. All it does is look pretty in the window.

  7. My air conditioner remotes buttons don’t work and can’t control the temperature.
    They (3) of them make a lot of noise and I have to turn of constantly.

  8. I have a very easy 4 step plan sure to fix any issue with any Frigidaire Air Conditioner.

    1 Gently remove from window.
    2 Carefully remove outer casing.
    3 vigorously Smash the insides with a sledge hammer.
    4 Replace Air Conditioner with an Air Conditioner made by LG.

    No I do not work for LG, I do not sell LG and I have no affiliation with LG of any kind. I just know first hand of all the problems with Frigidaire and also with their customer service, or lack there of. Two years ago when my 1 year old Frigidaire unit burned up about 2 weeks before the warranty ran out they just gave me the run around for almost 3 weeks. The problems started before the warranty ran out and though it was only 2 weeks before it ran out, it was still reported before it ran out. However, they kept putting me off with all these hoops I had to jump through just to have them tell me 3 weeks later that they were sorry but my warranty period has expired and there was nothing that could be done. I did not try to fight it because it was not going to get me anywhere and I did not want all the stress it would have caused, so, I decided to just replace it myself. Since I have had an LG unit in another window that is about 5 years old and still works like new, I replaced the Frigidaire with an LG and I have not had a single problem out of either one. LG might cost a little more but it’s well worth it in the long hall. You will definitely not be sorry you switched. Trust me. And by the way, that 5 year old LG is now 7 Years old and still going strong. Just keep it clean and maintained and it will keep you cool for a very long time.

  9. I’m growing weary of my frigidaire products, rapidly. Disappointment after disappointment. My AC for 350 SQ ft comes on, runs for 2-5 minutes, starts chirping and shuts off but continues to chirp. It’s not the filter.


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