GE Profile Dishwasher Troubleshooting Control Panel Manual (Try this!)

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GE profile dishwasher troubleshooting control panel: Below is how to fix control panel problems on your GE profile dishwasher including the problem of GE profile dishwasher control panel not responding.

Let’s jump in.

When it comes to GE Profile dishwasher control panel troubleshooting,  the culprits could be the buttons (some may not be working), the touchpad itself (it could be defective), the thermal fuse (it sometimes fries), or even the control lock (your appliance may not work if it is on). Of course, there’s also a chance that the control board is acting up, leading to the issue

Below is what you need to try to fix to repair the control panel.

ge profile dishwasher control panel reset

GE profile dishwasher troubleshooting control panel (recommended fixes for common GE profile dishwasher control panel issues)

Below are the fixes we suggest you try depending on how the control panel is behaving..

GE Profile Dishwasher Control Panel Troubleshooting

GE profile dishwasher control panel not working (GE dishwasher no lights on control panel) / GE profile dishwasher control panel not starting / GE dishwasher control panel not lighting up

If your panel does not seem to have power (the buttons do not light up and everything is non-responsive), you can try the following things to resolve the problem:

Check Power Supply

  • Reset the fuse/circuit breaker that supplies power to the appliance.
  • Check the power cord (if applicable)- it may have come loose from the wall (don’t forget to test if the outlet is itself functioning by plugging in a different device and checking if it will work).

Quick Tips:

  1. If you have plugged into a reset button equipped GFI/GFCI outlet, press Reset (on the outlet) to restore power.
  2. If the dishwasher is wall switch controlled, check that the power is actually turned on.
  3. If it is newly installed and there seems to be no power to your dishwasher after basic tests, call the company that did the installation and have them check it.

One last thing: Remember to latch the door properly- it could be the reason power seems to be cut off.

Bear in mind that these are the things to check first if your GE profile dishwasher control panel won’t turn on (GE profile dishwasher control panel won’t start at all).


GE profile dishwasher control panel reset – Try this before moving on

A simple trick you should try for countless control panel errors before attempting complex repairs is resetting the appliance- it will cancel the current cycle and reboot your panel and could clear your issue.

Follow these steps:

GE profile dishwasher reset procedure

Option 1:

For PDW8000 GE profile dishwasher series, you reset by pressing the reset button just once- the reset process can take about 2 minutes.

The procedure is however lightly different for PDW9000 GE profile dishwasher series…

For the latter you have to open the door about an inch then wait a few moments for the dishwasher to stop.

Once it has stopped, press/touch the reset button (again once)- the washing cycle will be canceled and the panel rebooted.


Option 2:

The above button method will not always work but fortunately, there is an alternative.

Now, if the reset button did not quite succeed to reset your dishwasher, try to disconnect it from power for a few moments then power it back up and see if it will reset.

Here you can turn off the circuit breaker or simply via the wall switch (depending on your specific model).

Note that you should allow 30 seconds (or thereabouts) before you restore power.

This is likely to reset the panel successfully (and you can also just unplug it for 30 seconds).

Quick Tip: When restarting it after the dishwasher resets itself, be sure the door is shut and fully latched then try to press the right control panel buttons (for a new cycle)  to see if your problem has been resolved.


GE profile dishwasher troubleshooting control panel – more faults and suggested fixes

GE profile dishwasher control panel locked

The buttons are usually frozen (they won’t respond) when the Control Lock feature is activated (it prevents a person -e.g. a child- from interrupting an ongoing cycle or starting a new cycle accidentally).

Try the following procedure to unlock the locked control buttons: 

  • Touch and hold down HEATED DRY pad -for 3 seconds. You will notice the LOCK light turn off to indicate that the buttons are now unlocked.

But what if the “heated/dry” pad is also not responding?

If this is the case, you will need to try to reset the appliance by powering the dishwasher off (at the breaker) or simply unplugging it for 30 seconds.

If it still won’t respond, you will likely require a replacement control panel assembly (see details later).


GE profile dishwasher buttons not working (some)

If the lights seem to be working but some buttons don’t respond correctly, your best bets are:

  • Opening the panel and cleaning the ribbon cable off any corrosion/rust/grime– these could be causing a loose/bad connection between the main board and the connectors (on the ribbon cable). Also, you may be surprised to find the cable not connected at all or not connected correctly.
  • Replace the control panel– consider changing out the control panel completely.


GE profile dishwasher control panel replacement (How to replace GE Profile dishwasher control panel)

If nothing works, it is worth trying to replace the entire control panel (it may be completely broken).

Take into account that if you’re swapping the entire thing, you will probably have to get the whole front panel out plus the door to get the new piece on!

You can order for OEM GE profile dishwasher replacement control panel on websites such as Amazon (be sure to type your model number to verify compatibility), PartsDr, Sears, and more.


Replace GE profile dishwasher control board

The final thing you might need to consider doing is replacing the control board (MCB).

You see, control board controls nearly all functions in the dishwasher so the dishwasher is unlikely to start and the control panel won’t work if it is defective (it will not be sending voltage to the panel).

Note that this should be the last resort so try all the above things before proceeding with this fix (and do enough tests as a misdiagnosis can be costly).

Quick Tip: Before going for a replacement board, try to unplug the main feed (to the board) and plugging it back in. It could be a loose connector issue so the board might resume sending voltage to the panel once properly re-attached.


GE profile dishwasher troubleshooting control panel – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does GE profile dishwasher control panel cost?

Depending on the model and where you are buying, you will pay anywhere between $45 to $140 for a new OEM GE profile dishwasher control panel.


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