Troubleshooting Cuisinart SS 10 problems

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In this article, we will look at how to fix the most common Cuisinart SS 10 problems so read it to the end if your Cuisinart SS 10 coffeemaker is acting up.

Let us dive in.


Cuisinart SS 10 problems and fixes

We shall start with the issue of the coffeemaker not powering on…

Cuisinart SS 10 won’t power on

Recommended fix

First, make sure that it is connected into an independent outlet and that the coffeemaker is securely plugged in.

Next, make sure that the power has been turned on and that the LCD is illuminated.

If this does not resolve your problem, you will need to check your circuit breaker-It might be tripped(you will obviously need to turn it on).


Cuisinart SS 10 is not brewing

Recommended fix

If this occurs after you have placed a capsule in the capsule holder, make sure that you have pushed down the handle securely.

Now, to know if you have properly pushed down the handle, simply look at your buttons-They should be illuminated.

Also, the LCD screen should now be reading READY.

So if that is not the case, push it down correctly.

If you’re still stuck, look at the reading on the LCD screen.

Here is the thing: If it reads ADD WATER or NOT READY, it means that your water reservoir might not be filled.

So you will need to fill the reservoir and make sure that the reservoir is properly seated in its base.

Now, what should you do if there is no reading on your LCD?

Well, this is typically an indication that your piercing and/or exit needle could be clogged.

That being the case, try cleaning it.


More about the exit needle

The exit needle is normally located on the inside bottom of your capsule holder assembly and it may get clogged by grounded coffee.


How to clean the needle

To unclog it, remove the capsule holder and then remove the funnel inside the capsule holder.

Next, insert a paper clip into the needle to loosen and push out the clogging.

At the same time, the piercing needle is located inside the brewing chamber and it can also get clogged(again by grounded coffee).

You also unclog it by inserting a paper clip (in there) to loosen and push out the clogs.


Cuisinart SS 10 not brewing a full cup

Recommended fix

If your Cuisinart coffeemaker is brewing half a cup, here’s what you need to try:

First, check the piercing and exit needles to make sure that they are not clogged. If they’re, follow the previous steps to unclog them.

Next, make sure that your water reservoir is properly in place.

Follow this by performing a rinse cycle.

Otherwise, clean the capsule holder brewing chamber.

The final thing you should apply is descaling your coffeemaker.

Here’s how to:


How to descale a Cuisinart SS 10 coffeemaker


  • White vinegar (20 oz.)
  • Water (40 oz.)
  • Large ceramic mug/container – it’s not advisable to use a paper cup.

Cuisinart SS 10 coffeemaker descaling step-by-step

  1. Empty the reservoir.
  2. Disable AUTO OFF and OFF TIME settings.
  3. Make sure that the brewing chamber is empty.
  4. Fill the reservoir with 20 oz. white vinegar and 40 oz. water.
  5. Put the mug on the drip tray.
  6. To start the descaling process, press and hold the HOT WATER and RINSE buttons. Be sure to discard the contents of your mug, as necessary.
  7. Repeat the previous step until your display reads ADD WATER.
  8. Rinse the reservoir thoroughly and fill with fresh water.
  9. Run another hot water cycle and discard the contents in your mug as necessary. Repeat this cycle until the display reads ADD WATER.
  10. If you detect any residual vinegar taste, you will need to perform additional hot water cycles.
  11. If DE-SCALE won’t turn off, repeat the descaling procedure above.

We recommend that you descale your coffeemaker every 3 – 6 months.

However, if your display reads DE-SCALE before this period is over, it means that your water has many minerals.

For that reason, you will need to descale more often.


Cuisinart SS 10 brews weak or watery coffee

Well, most of us love our coffee extra strong.

Even for the few who might disagree with me, I am sure they wouldn’t love their coffee watery.

Now, if your Cuisinart SS 10 is brewing weak coffee, your best bet is either trying an extra-bold coffee capsule or reducing the brew size.


Coffee tastes different or bad

This can be due to reasons such as using chlorinated water, presence of minerals in your water, or using low quality coffee beans(This different taste will end up lowering the quality of your coffee).

Recommended fix

Now, if you hate such poorly tasting coffee, try the following fixes:

  1. Use the charcoal water filter in your coffeemaker to filter your water before brewing.
  2. Use distilled or bottled water to see if the taste will disappear.
  3. Use high quality coffee beans.


Cuisinart SS 10 coffeemaker powers on and off automatically

To begin with, this could be more of a feature than a problem.

Nevertheless, if your coffeemaker keeps going on and off on its own haphazardly, you may want to turn off the AUTO OFF setting.

Now, to turn this setting off, press the Menu button and scroll through the options.

You want to proceed until your display flashes AUTO OFF SET….once that happens, press the ∆ button until OFF appears.

That’s all- you can now exit the settings mode.

Quick tip: The default AUTO OFF time is normally 30 minutes.


Cuisinart SS 10 coffeemaker displays ADD WATER but the reservoir is full

This could mean that your reservoir is not properly fitted in place.

Recommended fix

Simply adjust it and your display should now be reset.


Cuisinart SS 10 is not heating

Now, if your Cuisinart SS 10 coffeemaker is not heating, it could be a pointer that something is wrong with its control board or the heating element.

Recommended fix

If the coffeemaker is still under warranty, you should consult the company by calling 1-800-726-0190- they could offer you replacement.

Otherwise, you can try to swap out the control board/heating element though I doubt it makes economic sense.


Cuisinart SS 10 displays EEO

You can try unplugging it for an hour-that resets it and sometimes that helps!

Another thing you can try is changing the coffee pods you’re using- I have seen a friend solve the issue by going back to  the reusable pod that usually comes with this machine(they were getting EOO error code on using Starbucks pods)

Other than that, you can try to prime the pump(by turning any cycle on and off repeatedly)until air bubbles stop.


Cuisinart SS 10 problems -Final words

We hope that this article has been educative enough to help you fix your Cuisinart SS 10 problems if it has been having endless issues.

If none of these solutions fix your Cuisinart SS 10 coffeemaker, contact the company for further troubleshooting via 1-800-726-0190.


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  1. All three lights on the single coffee maker are blinking and it will not brew. what is the issue and how do I fix it

  2. I have cleaned both pins. The water is backing up on top pushing the grinds out of the k cup. The water runs down the back and around the bottom pin while streaming also. it seems the problem is in the bottom pin somewhere. I have descaled it and rinsed it twice. help….

  3. I have learned that the pods are not being pushed down completely / sufficiently to pierce thru the plastic base covering on the bottom of the k-cup causing the same issue that you have experienced. I now push the k-cup down by hand to pierce through the base and then close the cover on the machine.

  4. My Cuisinart ss-10 coffee maker will not switch from Not Ready to Ready. Tried unplugging it, turning off and on, etc. Will try cleaning, but any other ideas?


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