No permanent press cycle on washing machine? Use this cycle

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The permanent press cycle is perhaps the most recommended cycle for most of our clothes(From socks to shirts to pants and many more).

This cycle will not only keep your clothes clean and wrinkle free, but it will also keep them as bright as new. Did I mention that this cycle will not shrink your clothes?

Well, this article is not on the pros of the permanent press cycle but as you can see, this cycle is really useful-That is why most manufacturers normally have this setting on their washers.

So, what happens if your washing machine does not have it?

Well, in this article, we shall be looking at what to do (what cycle to use) if your washing machine lacks the permanent press cycle.

Let us get started.


No permanent press cycle on washing machine? Here is permanent press equivalent to use

There are hundreds of washing machine models out there, all manufactured by different companies.

That being so, not all washing machines will have the all important PERMANENT PRESS setting.

Keep in mind that in some models, this setting may be called Wrinkle Prevent, Perm Press, Wrinkle Control, Or Casual Cycle.

In other words, most washer models will have one of these settings labeled on the control panel.

But on the rare occasion that it completely lacks the permanent press cycle, you still have options….

You can actually get to program your own permanent press cycle.

To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Load your clothes into the washing machine.
  2. Choose the delicates cycle.
  3. Adjust the water temperature to warm.
  4. Adjust the spin cycle from low to medium – 400 to 800 RPMs. Increasing the spin cycle rate helps to make sure that the delicates cycle leaves your clothes as clean as the permanent press cycle would.
  5. Run the cycle. Your washer should now clean your clothes just like the perm press cycle would.
  6. Be sure to promptly remove your clothes from the washer once the cycle is done. That is because the delicates cycle does not have a cool down phase, as the ‘original’ perm press cycle so not promptly removing your clothes might lead to them getting wrinkled.

Now, you might be worried that your clothes will be rinsed in cold water and this may affect them.

Well, you shouldn’t.

That is because all cycles will normally rinse your clothes in cold water-This includes the permanent press and delicate cycles.

Having said that, you might probably be wondering why we chose the delicates cycle over other cycles…

I will tell you why.

You see, the delicates cycle happens to be the closest cycle to the permanent press cycle.

To be clear, here are just a few reasons why choosing the delicates cycle is your best bet:

  • Just like permanent press cycle, the delicates cycle will not shrink your clothes.
  • Permanent press cycle is mostly suited for colored clothes as it does not fade them. As the delicates cycle will wash your clothes under low temperatures, you can rest assured that none of your clothes will come out less brighter than they went in.
  • The setting doesn’t use hot water (it uses cold water) so it cuts down on your energy bills too.

With that being said, can you use the normal/regular cycle?


Can I use normal cycle instead of permanent press?

We do not recommend you doing it.

This is because unlike perm press – which is suited for colored clothes, the normal cycle is suited for whites and heavier fabrics.

As a result, it tends to use more hot water during laundry and this water might not only shrink your clothes but could cause them to fade.

Lest I forget, the hot water will also result in wrinkles forming even before your clothes are out of the washing machine.

In short, the hot water is likely to leave you with overly wrinkled clothes that will be a pain to iron.

Something else: The high agitation(tumbling speeds) that is the nature of normal cycle (they help give your thicker/more heavily soiled a deeper clean) are not gentle on fabrics like underwear, lace, or silk


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No permanent press cycle on washing machine – final words

Once you note that your washer is lacking the permanent press cycle, first consult your manual for the different cycle properties.

That is because the permanent press cycle may be labeled differently on your washer – as we have seen above.

Most importantly, the delicates cycle is undoubtedly the best alternative to the perm press cycle- it will not damage your clothes no matter what fabrics they are made from.

Preferably, after choosing the delicates cycle, be sure to set the wash temperature to warm.

Also, adjust the spin cycle to medium(400 to 800 RPMs).


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