Looking for the best portable washer dryer combo for apartments? Check out these 3 units

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If you’re an apartment dweller or you will soon move into an apartment, you may want to invest in the best portable washer dryer combo for apartments (you know, one that is super reliable).

Perhaps you live in one of those apartments with no washer/dryer connection and you really dislike paying for coin laundry (it can be expensive in the long run) or sharing appliances.

Well, whatever your reasons, there are some very good options out there (several companies have released a small washer dryer combo for apartment that clean clothes just like conventional washers but most then use condensation drying to get them dry).

Just so you know, with condensation drying, a dryer vent is not necessary since the compact washer dryer combo spin your clothes to whisk water away (that’s how they get clothes to dry).

So below are the 3 small washer and dryer for small spaces units that we love most here at machinelounge.com.

We hope our reviews will help you make a good decision.

Best portable washer dryer combo for apartments:  3 Amazing choices (Reviews)

Here are our favorite 3 no hookup washer and dryer models including the unit that we feel is the best all in one washer dryer for small spaces:


LG all-in-one apartment washer dryer combo ventless

portable washer and dryer for apartments without hookups

LG 24″ portable washer and dryer combo for apartments is definitely one of the best portable washer and dryer combo for apartments.

And you can just have it sit on your kitchen counter so it gets water (hot and cold water) from the sink and then drain into your dishwasher drain.

Oh, and it plugs into a regular 110 Volt outlet as well!

This compact washer dryer combo is ventless too- unlike a tumble dryer that dries by air (causing lint to really build up (in the trap), it dries by heat condensation (I explained it above) so there are no lint buildup issues at all.

As regards performance, this small washer dryer combo for apartment will have your clothes clean and dry in about 120 minutes if you do small loads as recommended (all-in-one dryer washer combos usually take smaller loads than full size machines).

And yes, it can take a little less to get the job done depending on the fabric type though 120 minutes is the standard.

Bottom-line? We highly recommend it!

Important Specs/Features

Capacity: 2.3 Cubic Feet

Access Location: Front Load

Dimensions: W -24” H-34 ¼” D-25 ½” (hole to put your clothes in is about 12in in width x 12in high)

Product weight: 156.5 lbs

Special Feature: Stainless Steel, ventless condensing drying

Touch LED Display: Yes

Wash/dry programs:14

No. of options: 10

Internal Heater: Yes (heats water to higher temperature more quickly and more efficiently than countless other combo washer-dryers)

Drying Levels: More dry /Normal dry/ Damp dry/ Low temp dry

Electrical Requirements: 120V (10 Amps)


  • No drier vent needed hence it does not overheat fabrics like a vented dryer.
  • Easy hook up- it uses same drainage hose and water hose connections as your dishwasher- and goes into a standard 110-volt wall plug.
  • Fits very well in small areas


  • The condensation tower should have been located more conveniently but you can live with it as it only needs unclogging like once a year.



EdgeStar 2.0Cu. Ft. Ventless portable washer and dryer apartment size- best portable washer dryer combo for apartments for 1-2 people

portable washer and dryer combo for apartments

If you find the above LG all in one washer dryer too large for your space, the EdgeStar Ventless Washer-Dryer Combo is the next unit that we suggest you take a look at.

It fits perfectly in tiny spaces as well and you don’t need complicated plumbing to get it to work.

Everything works fine, its operation is really a breeze and most importantly, the results are outstanding.

It comes with a cool digital panel (it lets you choose from diverse washer / dryer settings)- The machine has a variety of options and you can pick the right water temperature, spoil level, spin speed, etc. quickly.

It is also very quiet and balances excellently (follow instructions) for such a fast spinning machine

The load capacity is about 2 lbs but it’s a hardworking machine- It can wash jeans, 1 queen blanket, sheets, small rugs, and towels very well without a problem.

In fact, clothes come out of it wrinkle-free and smelling awesome.

I should add that besides washing clothes amazingly, it really saves on utility cost (it doesn’t use much electricity/water).

Soap usage is minimal so you save on soap cost too.

In a nutshell, it’s also one of the best small washer dryer combo for apartments and other places where no venting (for a dryer) is provided.

Overall, it can be particularly effective for a household of 1 to 2 people.

Important Specs/Features

Dimensions: 23 in.( Nominal Depth)x 34 in.( Nominal Height) x 24 in.( Nominal Width)

Product weight: 174 lbs.

Capacity: 2cu. ft.

Wash Cycles: 13 different wash cycles

Spin Speed Range: 600 RPM to 1120 RPM

Annual energy usage: 11, 4 $

Voltage: 115

Other settings: 5 wash/rinse temperatures, 5 spin speeds, 3 soil level settings, self-clean setting (removes any buildup)

Internal Heater: Yes


  • Works very well- It can even wash a comforter fine (but do not dry it in the ventless dryer)
  • Very energy and water efficient.
  • No wrinkling issues.


  • It takes a bit of experimenting before you can start washing and drying with it satisfactorily.



Splendide WDC7100XC Ventless Washer dryer combo

used portable washer and dryer for apartments

This can be another great unit for your studio apartment –the footprint is way less and it weighs less than separate units.

Hook up is pretty easy (it needs a 110 v outlet) and you can even run it on the cold water line only (and cap off hot water line).

It features 3 hoses (coming from the back)- cold and hot water and the drain.

Keep in mind that the cold and hot have regular hose bib-type connections though the drain is just a normal J-type that fits into a drain pipe.

There are some very unique additions including a self-cleaning pump (removes lint automatically) and automatic water control.

Apart from that, you will hardly hear any noise or vibration from this machine.

It is also very well-made so it can give you long service.

Important Specs/Features

Weight: 148 lbs.

Power (Electrical Requirements): 120-volt/60Hz/11-amps

Drying System: Ventless

Wash Capacity: 15 lbs.

Drying Capacity: 11 lbs.

Power Cord: 6’

Variable Spin Speed: 1200/800/600 rpm

Water usage: 7.5 – 16 gallons per load (depending on rinses)

Water Overflow/Flooding Protection: Yes

Door Opening/Swing: 11.5” / 160°

Adjustable Feet: 2


  • Quality construction.
  • Cleans and dries well (as long as it is not overloaded).
  • Its self-cleaning.


  • A bit heavy to move (2 people can move it)



Quick Note: As an alternative, you can consider the Equator Pro 24″ Washer Dryer Combo (Version 2) – It’s one of the best sellers at Amazon and seems to be very good, going by the reviews.


Washer and dryer combo for apartments without hookups- final thoughts

When it comes to a portable washer and dryer for apartments, the biggest downside is the load size- you can’t load much in (as you might want) because it won’t function properly if you do.

Indeed, the manufacturer instructions tell you to limit loads to something little like a shirt and 2 towels at a time.

Obviously, the limit may be different depending on the model you pick as your best portable washer dryer combo for apartments (so check your owner’s manual for the accurate load size) but the point is, the loads are way small compared to bigger machines.

That being so, you may have to do one (or two loads) every day to keep up with your usual laundry, depending on your lifestyle.

I should add that if you’re having an issue with it drying, it is most probably due to the load being too big.

It’s also worth mentioning that it will never dry the way regular dryers do -it takes longer since most run on 110V or 120V while most home dryers (electric) run on 220V or 240V.

Lastly, on the issue of wrinkled clothes, it mostly happens if you delay in removing the laundry -even for a short time period-once the cycle is complete so avoid that.

All that said, the machine will, on the whole, beats going to the Laundromats and communal laundry services (if you consider all essential factors) so getting one is very worth it.



Best portable dryer for apartment: Our recommended options

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