Best latte machine for beginners (Reviews and recommendations)

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Shop for the best latte machine for beginners and make a cup of darn delicious latte at home in just seconds.

While iced coffee will be deliciously refreshing in the summer, a cup of frothy latte is, in all likelihood, the way to go in fall and winter.

But a latte can be an expensive treat in the coffee shop and most of us love to caffeinate with lattes we make at home.

Now, before you consider making that cup of rich decadent latte at home as a starter, you’ll need the best latte machine for beginners- it’s not complicated to program and most offer tons of fantastic ways to come up with a creative latte design art.

Here are the three models our experts recommended if you’re new to ‘latteeing’….

Best latte machine for beginners (reviews)

From year-round favorites such as cinnamon and vanilla to seasonal delights like pumpkin spice lattes, there is no flavored latte hot (or cold) these machines won’t make.

More importantly, they make making latte art incredibly easy!

…with the right recipe.

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso coffee Machine- Brushed Stainless Steel

Give this beautiful Espresso machine a shot if you really want to have it easy when making your own lattes.

There is not a lot to learn (it auto-froths milk for lattes) and it makes pretty decent latte.

Perhaps the most amazing feature in this compact coffee maker is the milk steamer/microfoamer – it produces microfoam wonderfully so making your desired latte art is super easy and fun.

Keep in mind that there is a temp sensor in self-cleaning frother so you don’t need to keep feeling the temperature of the milk!

We appreciate everything here including the easy-to-fill water tank (pull it out or fill from the top), which also features a sensor to alert you when it’s almost empty.

What’s more, it’s ready in just 3 seconds after you turn it on!

How cool is that?

Simply put, this outperforms countless other beginner latte machines in tons of ways and will make your latte-making journey a joy.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Longer life span.
  • Slim design.


  • The drip tray is a bit tiny and fills up rather quickly.

Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine

Here is the biggest news in this beginner-friendly semi-automatic espresso machine: The frothing wand produces velvety smooth microfoam (the heart of perfect latte art) when steaming milk!

As such, you can draw beautiful “rosetta” latte art atop your lattes (and other pretty patterns) like a pro with this machine- the final product nearly resembles Starbucks latte!

Plus, it pulls consistent latte shots that would rival any barista at all times.

Of course, it’s extremely easy to use thanks to the great rocker switch controls.

We also love that this Gaggia Classic Pro model is easy to clean and has a small footprint- It fits perfectly on the counter underneath the cabinet and other tight spaces.

Best of all? It comes at fraction of what you’d pay for other entry-level machines whose lattes are not anywhere near this good.

Anyway, long story short, this is another excellent gateway to the exciting world of home-made lattes for newbies.


  • Makes exceptional lattes.
  • Amazing pricing.
  • Very good finishing.


  • It may take a bit of practice to ace the production of milk froth with velvety texture.

Breville Barista Touch Espresso machine Stainless Steel

Here you make coffee-shop quality lattes in 3 simple steps: Grind, brew and milk!

So, how does this Breville Barista Touch Espresso machine manage to make the whole process look so easy?

Well, the awesome touch screen display lets you easily adjust everything- the foam level, brew strength, and even temperature to taste!

Not only that: you can save your favorite settings for next time!

And just like its sibling, the Breville Bambino Plus Espresso coffee machine, it “auto” steams milk if you’re yet to master how to produce barista quality micro-foam.

It basically automates all the steps including delivering the exact measurement of ground coffee thanks to the built-in grinder.

In short, we doubt there’s an easier way of making rich, full bodied latte at home for starters.

It also heats up rapidly – it’s ready within about 3 seconds!

You pay more for all this goodness but we highly recommend this for less-skilled enthusiasts planning to make classic lattes at home if money is not an issue.


  • Quite easy to set up.
  • Nice auto-clean feature.
  • Solidly built.


  • A pricey option.


Best latte machine for beginners- buying guide

We understand that it’s easy to get lost in the world of latte machines- there are cheap and pricey varieties, full automatic, semi-automatic, and manual models, etc. -as a beginner.

To ease your dilemma, here are the essentials to look out for in an entry-level machine:

  • Straightforward operation– You want to make barista-style latte at the press of a button anytime you feel like. This is every beginners dream.
  • An automatic frother- Nothing makes life easier when brewing latte for novices as an automatic frother/automatic steam wand. It works its magic on milk right away.
  • Great quality latte– we all want the ultimate latte experience so pick a machine that delivers a delicious cup of latte time and again (read the reviews from other buyers to get clues).
  • Solid construction– Heavy-duty machines, even though costlier, pay you back handsomely in the long term because they last longer.
  • Look at the tank- you surely want easy-to-refill milk and water tank. The tank should be big enough too.
  • Others- A slim, space saving design is a plus as is a built-in grinder. In addition, look for a machine that allows hassle-free cleaning and with minimal maintenance.

Best latte machine for beginners- a word on pricing

Like with every other purchase, you want the best bang for buck when buying a latte machine for your home kitchen.

However, how much you are willing to spend can determine the quality of the machine you eventually get.

For example, the Breville Barista Touch Espresso is a brilliant choice for starters but it’s pricier than the other two options.

On the other hand, budget models like the Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine will still make extraordinary lattes but needs a little more learning.

In short, your budget can be a significant factor.

Wrapping it up

When made well, a cup of latte might feel like a nice hug that engulfs you in silky-smooth, delightful, coffee-flavored goodness.

Pick your favorite latte maker from our best latte machine for beginners recommendations and start making authentic lattes with a barista-touch at home even if you don’t know much about making lattes (yet).

You’ll have saved hundreds of dollars!



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