Wool vs Plastic dryer balls [Which way?]

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Wool vs Plastic dryer balls…..So, should you go for what all your friends recommend (wool dryer balls) or should you trust your gut instinct and buy plastic balls?

This Wool vs Plastic dryer balls comparison guide will help you decide….

What is the difference between wool dryer balls and plastic [Wool vs Plastic dryer balls compared]

Are plastic dryer balls better than wool?

Both plastic dryer balls and wool dryer balls have, in general, the same benefits so choosing between wool and plastic dryer balls depends on your priorities.

So to point you in the right direction, below is a detailed breakdown of how the two compare from overall results, how long each type lasts, the issue of allergies, pricing, adding fragrance to your clothes, and more.


About Allergic reactions

Both plastic and wool dryer balls have no scent and therefore there are no smell allergies to worry about.

However, you’re unlikely to love wool balls if you’re allergic to lanolin(basically the stuff that’s on the skin of sheep).

Takeaway: Plastic dryer balls have zero risk of causing allergic reactions while wool dryer balls have some risk (in case you’re allergic to lanolin).


On drying performance

When it comes to wool dryer balls, they are better at breaking up your laundry because they are heavier than plastic dryer balls.

In addition, wool balls are good absorbents so they help absorb moisture from your garments meaning your clothes typically dry faster than with plastic dryer balls.

Takeaway:  Wool dryer balls help clothes dry quicker compared to plastic dryer balls thanks to their helpful absorbent property. Plastic dryer balls boost air circulation to help clothes dry, which does not happen as quickly as with woolen balls.


As regards pricing

When shopping for dryer balls, you will realize that plastic dryer balls tend to cost less compared to wool dryer balls.

And that is the trend everywhere you look (my guess is that they’re cheaper to produce than natural wool dryer balls).

Takeaway:  Plastic dryer balls are cheaper to buy than wool dryer balls so you might save yourself a few dollars by going for plastic dryer balls.


On Durability

When it comes to durability, both the plastic dryer balls and wool dryer balls can last you for a long, long time.

In fact, you can use wool dryer balls for 1000+ uses before the wool starts to break down/lose shape(which can be around 2-5 years depending on how often you use them).

In contrast, while plastic balls last quite a while, they may begin to crack after a period of use because the spikes get worn out as they tumble around in your dryer.

So you may need to replace plastic balls before woolen ones.

Takeaway:  Wool dryer balls will last you longer than plastic dryer balls because wool balls don’t crack.


The question of noise

If you’re the type that hates noise, you will then have to go for wool dryer balls as they produce less noise when being tumbled around in the dryer.

Conversely, plastic balls produce more noise since they bounce around while inside there.

Takeaway:  Plastic dryer balls are noisier compared the wool dryer balls


Impact on the Environment

Needless to say, both the wool dryer ball and the plastic dryer balls will become less effective and need some replacement after long use.

And when doing the replacement, you will have to dispose of the waste- and it is so obvious that the waste will go to the environment.

Now, when you throw away waste wool balls, they’re biodegradable and they hence decompose after a short period of time.

But that is not the case with plastic balls: The thing is plastic can take a hundred years to break down and even when it does, the microplastics (the smaller fragments) often become pollutants.

Takeaway:  Wool dryer balls are environmentally friendly because, they are biodegradable whereas plastic dryer balls are not, and can harm human beings and wildlife after consumption/ingestion (in any form).


On scenting your clothes

You might want your garments to have a good fragrance.

This is where wool dryer balls come in-you can add some 2-3 drops of essential oil(lavender, lemon, grapefruit, etc.) on the wool to make your clothes smell cool.

You can’t do that with plastic dryer balls.

Takeaway:  You can add some pleasant fragrance to your garments when using wool dryer balls. You can’t with plastic dryer balls.


Wool vs Plastic dryer balls -further comparison

On Availability

For the most part, wool dryer balls are more commonly available (you can get them in local discount stores).

Remember you can even make yours if you know how to knit.

Plastic dryer balls, are, on the other hand, more difficult to make at home and you usually have to buy them(and in some places, they’re not easy to find).

Takeaway:  Wool dryer balls are locally available and can be made at home while plastic dryer balls can’t.


As regards lint collection

Plastic dryer balls have sticky abrasive stickers on them that collect lint and/or stray fiber.

In comparison, wool dryer balls shed little pieces of wool that you might find on your garments once in a while.

Takeaway: Plastic dryer balls collect lint, unlike wool dryer balls that shed little pieces of wool that you might notice on your garments.


On chances of your balls getting lost

Wool dryer balls might get lost: They’re round and very smooth, which makes the balls get stuck in sleeves and pockets unless you fold your clothes right out of the dryer (which is not always possible).

The opposite happens with plastic dryer balls: They’re bumpy and with small nodules that prevent the balls from rolling and getting stuck on the aforementioned spots so they rarely get lost.

Takeaway: Wool dryer balls get lost occasionally which is rare with plastic balls.



Dryer balls are way better than dryer sheets..

And with the above Wool vs Plastic dryer balls comparison, I’m sure you will now make a better decision when it comes to choosing the best dryer balls type.

Good luck!

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