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So, exactly how many dryer balls per load are best?

Well, below is what you need to understand when it comes to the question of how many dryer balls you should put in your loads..

How many dryer balls per load?

As many as you feel your load needs(depending on the size of the load).

So put in another way, you can put the number you feel your loads will need.

So you’re not going to put the same number for a small load as you’d do for a large load.

In fact, most popular dyer balls brands recommend you use fewer for smaller loads even though you can add all of them in(per load).

But is there a specific number?

Well, here is what I have seen depending on the brand of dryer balls:

For These Wool Dryer Balls(It’s a pack of 6), I have seen quite a few users comment using  2 to 3 balls for a small load and 4-5 for bigger washloads.

And for these 6-Pack Premium Wool Dryer Balls, I have read some say they use as many as 4 (or more) for a large load  while the general trend is putting 3 to 4 in the appliance.

Also, for these plastic dryer balls, the manufacturer recommends you use 2-3 balls if you’re drying a standard load and 4-6 balls for your larger-sized laundry loads.

Finally, Maytag recommends 3 (see the screenshot below)

how many dryer balls to use

To cut the long story short:

There’s no special rule regarding how many dryer balls per load are most effective and it’s up to you to use enough balls.

That said, the general rule is to toss anything between 2 to 3 for small loads, 3 to 5 dryer balls with a full washload in a big dryer, and all 6(most packs have 6) for extra-large loads or loads of jeans/towels(full size).   

However, all things considered, your best bet is to check what the instructions say about how many dryer balls per load for your preferred balls brand as the recommendations vary.

You can also test around and see the number that is most effective, and your load size will be the main determinant.


How often to replace dryer balls (how long do dryer balls last)

Many Wool dryer balls brands typically last between two to four (2-4) years depending on the number of laundry loads you do on average.

Essentially, we are looking at 1,000 loads(at least)….indeed, in many cases, they last much longer (they go for way more loads)

And just to remind you, all dryer balls are, on the whole, reusable very many times and are, unlike dryer sheets not disposable.


How to use dryer balls

Using dryer balls is super simple: You just need to throw them in(enough number) with your wet clothes the same way you do with dryer sheets (for both small or large dryers- both gas and electric dryers).

Alternatively, you can just place the dryer balls in your dryer at the start of a cycle.

Quick Tip: When using wool dryer balls, it is important you spray the wool dryer balls(just lightly) with water before tossing them in the dryer. This helps generate a slight steam effect that goes some way in preventing static buildup.


Are dryer balls worth it?

As you may have read elsewhere, small  loads of laundry don’t dry well, because the clothes typically get bunched up (against the edges of your dryer’s drum) and will get spun around (in the same place), without really tumbling.

For that reason, your dryer will take longer to dry your clothes and they even come out wrinkled (you may have noticed this with dryer sheets).

That’s where dryer balls come in: They bounce around, continually knocking pieces of loaded clothes out of the “stuck” position, making them tumble(they’re forced to).

The result is faster drying times and fewer/smaller wrinkles (significantly).

That being the case, dryer balls are, in my opinion, totally worth it.

Quick tip: If you really don’t like noises, go for wool dryer balls for they work silently unlike plastic and rubber dryer balls.


Dryer balls vs Dryer sheets

  • Dryer balls are an environmentally-friendly(no chemical used) alternative to dryer sheets 
  • Dryer balls can be used many times, unlike dryer sheets.
  • Dry balls don’t contain scent while dryer sheets have heavy scents.
  • Dryer balls make clothes dry faster than dryer sheets.
  • Traditional dryers sheets could leave a film (on lint trap). This build-up can hinder proper air flow and eventually create a serious fire hazard.

In a nutshell, the main pros are that dryer balls are cheaper (in the long run), cuts down drying time, and are less trashy.


Bonus tips on using dryer balls with your dryer

  • Do not overload the dryer: When using dryer balls, you should be careful not to overload your dryer (with laundry) as this can prevent proper drying and extend drying time (which wastes energy).
  • Avoid over-drying clothes: Over-drying your clothes even when using dryer balls can make your garment get static.
  • Try essential oil: If you have no problem with your clothes getting a little oily, you can use 2-3 drops of essential oil (like lavender oil/tea tree oil) on a few of the dryer balls to make your clothes smell nice.


When to refresh your wool dryer balls

Make it a habit to refresh your drying balls after every 6-12 months to recompact the fibers for longer use(or when you notice they have started to loosen up/become larger and softer).

You just wash them in a hot water cycle(Place each one  into a sock individually then tie the opening off first) and dry them in your dryer until throroughly dry.


How many dryer balls should I use? – Recap

It’s up to you to use enough balls.

That said, the general rule is to toss anything between 2 to 3 for small loads, 3 to 5 dryer balls with a full washload in a big dryer, and all 6(most packs have 6) for extra-large loads or jeans/towels(full load).   


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