Whirlpool cabrio washer lid lock problems and fixes

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Whirlpool Cabrio washer lid lock problems and recommended fixes

The Whirlpool Cabrio washer is well known for its high efficiency and performance.

However, it occasionally acts up – even if the engineering is apparently top-notch, it is natural for something to go wrong with nearly all modern-day washers..

In this article, we will narrow down to problems with one specific part: The lid lock assembly.

Perhaps you already know that lid lock issues typically result in your washer not running spin cycles, not opening the lid after completing a cycle, the lid clicking continuously, and a ton of other annoying problems.

That being so,  below are the most common Whirlpool cabrio washer lid lock problems and how to fix them…

Whirlpool cabrio washer lid lock problems and best fixes

These problems range from the lid not opening to the lid clicking continuously.

Now, at times, this is caused by flea/static charges on the control board.

So the best way to start your troubleshooting process is to reset the washer..resetting these washers typically fixes electrical glitches that could be behind its malfunctioning.

How to reset the washer

To reset the washer, unplug it from the power outlet and let it sit for about five minutes then plug it back in.

Below now are the other common faults and how you can resolve each…


Whirlpool washer lid lock clicking

For the most part, it is likely the lid lock is out of position if you’re just hearing it clicking.

For that reason, jiggle the lid and the latch a little to try and click them back into place.

You then close the lid and attempt to run a new wash cycle.

If it still clicks without running a cycle, hold down the lid till you hear the second click.

You see, the washer usually locks, unlocks, and then locks the lid as a way of testing if the lock mechanism works.

So it could be that the washer is going past stage one but the lid goes out of position before it clicks into place fully – that is why holding down the lid till you hear the second click does the trick.

If the lid persists with the clicking sounds, skip to the section testing the lid lock assembly (toward the end of the article)because you may want to test if the entire lid lock assembly is actually functional!


Whirlpool cabrio washer lid lock flashing

Typically, the washer flashes different codes depending on the exact issue so troubleshooting is much easier.

Below are the most basic  lid-lock related error codes you may see on your Cabrio washer display, what they precisely mean, and the recommended repairs (The solutions tend to work in nearly all Cabrio washer models)

F5E1 – lid switch fault

Error F5E1 means that the lid is locked but the washer detects the lid switch as open.

Recommended fix:

To fix this error, open up the washer, access the lid switch wire harness, and confirm that the wire harness is properly plugged in place.


F5E2 – lid lock fault

Error F5E1 traditionally means the washer is not detecting the lid as closed.

Recommended fix:

So first confirm that the lid is closed.

If it is, check that there is no obstruction preventing the lid latch from fully clicking in place.


F5E3 – lid unlock fault

Fault code F5E3 says the washer is unable to unlock the door.

Recommended fix:

Check for interference on the lock striker such as a heavy laundry basket on top of the lid.


F5E4 – lid is not opened between cycles

For the most part, this error code is displayed if the start button is pressed for several consecutive cycles without the lid being opened.

Recommended fix:

So open the lid and take out the clean laundry before proceeding.


In selected Cabrio washer models, the following codes points to a problem with the lid lock mechanism:

Lid (F81)

This code means that the lid is in an open state.

Recommended fix:

To fix this, confirm that you have closed the lid.

Also, it could be that you have pressed the start button after 2 consecutive wash cycles without opening the lid.

If you have done this, simply open the lid and then close it.


dL (F80, F82, F84, F85) – lid lock failure

This code signals that the lid cannot lock.

Recommended fix:

Again check for the presence of obstructions that might be preventing the lid from fully closing.

Once you are done, press the PAUSE/CANCEL button once to clear the code.


dU (F83) – lid unlock failure

This fault code says that the lid cannot unlock due to there being excessive force on the lid, preventing the lock bolt from retracting.

Recommended fix:

Check if there are items on the lid (exerting pressure on it) such as a laundry basket and get rid of any.

Next, press the PAUSE/CANCEL button once to clear the code.


Whirlpool cabrio washer lid lock stuck

If the lid lock is stuck, do not try to force the lid open as this might break the lid lock assembly.

Instead, press the power button to exit the cycle and wait for the washer to fully drain.

Once all the water drains, press the power button again to release the lid.

You can now attempt to open it.

If this does not work, unplug the washer and let it sit for about five minutes.

Once the five minutes are over, plug in the washer then open the lid….it almost always works.


Testing the lid lock assembly on Whirlpool cabrio washer

If the lid is unlocking, the lid lock assembly is likely faulty.

But obviously the best way to be sure is by testing it.

Just before we go there, there are a couple of things you want to try..

First disconnect the washer from the power outlet and access the lid lock assembly.

Now confirm that the lid lock wire harness is fully inserted into the control board because many times it is the issue- If it isn’t, remove and reconnect it properly and see if your washer’s lid will unlock.

If this does not work, remove the lid switch assembly for testing.

Here’s how to do that:

Using an ohmmeter/multimeter, verify that the lid lock resistance readings across the connector pinouts are as follows:

Component Contacts measured Resistance
Lock switch solenoid J15-1 and J15-3 85 to 155 ohms
Lock switch J15-3 and J15-4 Locked = 0 ohms

Unlocked = open circuit

Lid switch J15-3 and J15-2 Lid closed = 0 ohms

Lid open = open circuit

If the readings are different from the above, then chances are the lid switch is bad and needs to be replaced (We recommend the Upgraded Cabrio washer lid lock assembly when it comes to lid lock assembly replacement).

A word on testing the lid lock assembly on Cabrio WTW6400S & WTW6600S models

Testing is a little different for Cabrio WTW6400S & WTW6600S models.

For these washers, test the P12 wire harness which is the lid lock assembly harness.

The readings will be as follows:

Component Contacts measured Resistance
Motor winding P12-2 and P12-3 30 to 40 ohms both when lid locked and unlocked
Lock switch – home P12-1 and P12-4 Lid closed = 0 ohms

Lid open= open circuit

Lock switch – lock P12-1 and P12-7 Lid closed = open circuit

Lid open = 0 ohms

Lock switch – lid P12-1 and P12-5 Lid closed = 0 ohms

Lid open= open circuit

Again if the lid assembly does not match any of these readings, then it is in all likelihood damaged and you should replace it.

Here we recommend you get a replacement washer lid lock assembly that is designed for WTW6400S & WTW6600S (Buy on Amazon).

Consider replacing the whole electronic control board

On the other hand, if the tests above proved that the lid lock assembly has not actually malfunctioned, then the culprit might be your washer’s electronic control board.

Of course, it is an expensive replacement so try out all other potential solutions before you order a Cabrio washer replacement control board.

Quick Tip: After replacing the control board, be sure to calibrate the washer for the machine to resume normal functioning.


Whirlpool washer lid lock bypass 

A temporary fix could be by-passing the lid lock…

If you have this in mind, there are two ways to bypass the lid lock mechanism in nearly all Whirlpool washers.

They are:

Using a Lego and a magnet

To use this method, first put a Lego inside the lid striker hole.

Next, place the magnet on the Lego and you are done.

The good thing about this method is that it is universal for all whirlpool top loads.

Using jumper wire to bypass the lid lock assembly

If you have an older Whirlpool washer model, it most likely has a 3-wire or 4-wire lid lock wire harness.

Subsequently, each mechanism has its own bypass steps as we are about to see.

Quick Note: Newer models have up to 7 wire slots in the wire harness. For these models, the tech sheet will help you figure out the right wire connections to insert the jumper wire into.

Whirlpool washer lid lock bypass 4 wire

Start by connecting the jumper wire to the red and blue slots on the lid lock wire harness.

For clarity purposes, slot 4(the red wire slot) is for the lock switch whereas slot 2(the blue wire slot) is for the lid switch.

Plugging your jumper wire in these slots will close the circuit and the washer will sense the lid as closed and the lock as having clicked into place.

Once you have plugged the jumper, wrap it with electric tape to hold it in place.

Whirlpool washer lid lock bypass 3 wire

For models that have a 3-wire harness, connect the jumper wire to the other two slots other than the one with the green wire.

This is because the green wire is used for grounding purposes.

The next step is holding the jumper in place by wrapping it with the electric tape.


After having bypassed the lid lock mechanism, run your washer.

If the washer runs, it means that the lid lock mechanism is faulty and needs to be repaired.

So how do you repair the lid lock mechanism on your Whirlpool washer?

Well, here’s how…

Whirlpool cabrio washer lid lock repair

The quickest way is by bypassing the lid lock mechanism as we have done above.

However, it is not advisable to run your washer with a bypassed lid lock mechanism because bypassing the lid lock mechanism can result in your washer running even when the door is open which is not a good thing..

That being so, instead of repairing the lid lock, we recommend you get a lid lock assembly replacement-and it is quite affordable by the way.


Whirlpool cabrio washer lid lock problems – final words

For the most part, a simple reset will fix lid lock problems on your Whirlpool cabrio washer.

Try our other suggested repairs (depending on the fault you’re seeing) if resetting it does not work.



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