Best UTV spreader with agitator (Reviews)

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Spreading fertilizers, seed, ice melt, and every other turf care product is undeniably easier with a UTV spreader with agitator

Unlike standard UTV spreaders, a UTV spreader equipped with an agitator will spread fertilizer, seed, pesticides, and everything else you need on your yard without getting clogged.

Here’s a quick list of the best UTV spreaders with a built-in agitator.

UTV spreader with agitator – Highest-rated UTV spreaders with agitator


UTV spreader with agitator – product reviews

Here is why we feel that these UTV-mounted spreaders (with agitator) are a cut above the rest:

Agri-Fab 130-Pound Tow-Behind UTV Broadcast Spreader

The agitator in this unit breaks up compost clumps and other materials impressively.

It’s a product worth considering especially if you own a medium-sized property.


There’s the larger hopper meaning fewer fills and heavy duty tires (you get large 13″ x 4″ pneumatic tires with this) which moves over bumpy lawns really well.

Additionally, the pull behind equipment is very well constructed – you have a long-lasting poly hopper that is rustproof and professional-style tapered gears in an enclosed gear box.

It ticks other boxes too including easy assembly and an effortless operation (changing the product flow rates with the on/off flow control gate is easy-peasy).

Tip: Consider ordering a hopper cover, hopper grate, and material deflector (all optional) to get the most out of this wonderful UTV spreader.


  • Good pricing.
  • Built to last.
  • Moves well on rougher terrain.


  • Paint may corrode/ flake off

Guide Gear ATV/UTV  Spreader 125 lb.

The Guide Gear ATV/UTV  Spreader 125 lb. works flawlessly and offers a wide 12-foot spreading width.

The most distinctive thing in this UTV spreader is, again undoubtedly the agitator to keep the material flowing freely.


The spreader features a unique quick-connect mount system making it incredibly easy to mount to your UTV.

In fact, it fits seamlessly to nearly all UTV models.

Likewise, the wiring harness (with an on/off switch) installs easily.

And with a powerful 12V motor (with a speed rating of 570 rpm) added, this spreader is impressively fast when spreading grass seed, insecticides, lime, fungicide, fertilizer, and more.

The controls are closer to the driver’s seat than the Agri-Fab 130-Pound Tow-Behind UTV Broadcast Spreader so you enjoy more operational convenience though at 125-pounds, the hopper capacity is slightly reduced here.

The heavy-duty rain cover is a nice bonus.


  • Heavy-duty receiver mount.
  • Long-lasting construction.
  • Easy to mount to nearly all UTV vehicles.


  • Assembly instructions poorly written.

Field Tuff AS-80ATV/UTV12v 80-Pound Receiver Mount Spreader

Field Tuff’s 80 lb. UTV Spreader evenly distributes products like herbicides, grass seed, small grains, and more and features a conveniently located on/off power switch.

Above all, there’s a small agitator to feed it for clog-free spreading.


This heavy-duty spreader holds about 8 gallons of materials and matches Guide Gear’s UTV Spreader 12’ broadcast width so it’s super-efficient.

It also matches its rival’s simple installation- it mounts to any ATV/UTV/utility tractor with a 1¼”/2” receiver without breaking a sweat (with its included wiring harness).

Similarly, it runs on a tough 12-volt DC motor (rated 570RPM for speed) that you can trust.

It also comes with a handy rain cover, just like its competitor so there are many similarities between the two units.


  • Mounts quite easily.
  • Spreads everything- seeds, fertilizer, compost, dry manure, etc. great.
  • Super strong motor.


  • Wireless harness not long enough.

Brinly 175 lbs Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

This spreader with agitator attaches to UTVs, ATVs, garden tractors, lawnmowers, etc. and has one great advantage over the others: it automatically stops the spreading when you stop the UTV eliminating waste thanks to the patented technology.


Plenty of lovely features exist here including accurate calibration controls for the most precise flow of materials.

There is the unique directional spread pattern too to help you distribute fertilizer, grass seed, salt and even ice melt evenly and at a wider spread width (reaches a spread width of 12′).

Of course, at 175 lbs, this has the highest capacity hopper in our list making it the best UTV spreader with agitator for larger yards (1 acre and above).

Like the competitors, the spreader is built of lasting, rust-proof polyethylene and it stands up (season after season) to even the most corrosive of fertilizers.

Also enhancing durability is the enclosed gearbox and steel hardware (steel doesn’t corrode).

Use this year-round to apply rock salt, sand, granular seed, fertilizer, ice melt agents, and a variety of lawn chemicals.


  • Thick pneumatic tires (easily crosses bumpy terrain).
  • Universal fit for all models of UTVs.
  • Clear-top hopper cover


  • Pretty tough to assemble.

How To Choose the Best UTV spreader with agitator

Keep the following in mind when shopping for a UTV spreader with agitator:

  • The agitator: Before anything else, look at the quality of the agitator- any spreader with a vibrating agitator will ensure trouble free feed of the material you’re spreading.
  • The spreading width– A spreader with a greater spread width will save you time particularly when working on larger properties.
  • What materials can the unit spread?- Only heavy-duty spreaders can spread all types of material – granular/ pelletized fertilizer, seeds, ice-melting pellets, and more- efficiently.
  • Load capacity- A bigger hopper is a time saver if you have larger areas to cover.
  • Ease of mounting– Nothing can be as frustrating as a spreader with an awkward design that won’t attach to your UTV without modifications. Steer clear of such models in favor of those with a quick-disconnect mounting system.


Final words

Consider the above list of some of the highest-rated UTV spreaders with agitator to find one that will be right for your needs.

Remember to watch out for basics such as the quality of the agitator (the overall quality should be good), ease of installation, the capacity of the hopper, and the spreading width (and more) when comparing the various units.

Happy gardening.



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