Your Shark vacuum won’t turn on? Here is what to check…

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In today’s article, we shall look at how you can fix your Shark vacuum if it is acting up- to be precise, how you can make your Shark vacuum turn on if it won’t power on.

Now, there are a couple of reasons that can cause this so there are quite a few potential fixes that you need to try.

Let’s get started.

Your Shark vacuum won’t turn on? Here is what to check…

Your shark vacuum not turning on? Try these repairs (some apply to corded and others cordless models)….


Shark corded vacuum won’t turn on – is it connected to a working power source?

For a corded vacuum cleaner, you should begin by confirming that you have plugged it into a working power outlet.

And you can confirm if the outlet is working by plugging another gadget into the outlet and see if it works.

While at it, check and confirm that your power cord is not damaged- you obviously need to get a replacement cord for your model if it is.

Oh and you should check and confirm that the outlet is indeed turned on.

If none of this fixes the issue, proceed to check your circuit breakers – see if the vac power line is tripped. Be sure to reset it if so.


Shark cordless vacuum won’t turn on – is the battery charged and properly connected?

On the other hand, if you are using a cordless vac, start by verifying that its battery has enough power and that it is properly connected.

You might be tempted to ignore this because it sounds too simplistic but well, it is the simple things that make a huge difference.

Moving on, if the battery appears to be empty, you will need to confirm that it is indeed charging when the Shark robot vacuum dorks.

If it is not, chances are that the charging adapter is faulty so consider getting a replacement charging adapter for your model.


Confirm that your vacuum has the dustbin/bag connected (and it is not full)

You see, bags are necessary for a vacuum to function.

Additionally, there is a fail-safe trigger that detects if a dustbin/bag is present or not.

The truth is if the bag is absent or is full, this fail switch will activate and your vacuum won’t turn on.

Consequently, try to re-connect a bag/dustbin – it might not be connected correctly/the connected one could be full.

Overall, the above tend to work for most Shark vacuums not powering on problems.

Nonetheless, it is possible that your Shark vacuum is not turning on due to a different reason as we are about to see ……


Shark vacuum won’t turn on – more solutions for both corded and cordless models

Check and confirm that the power switch (start button) is not broken

If your Shark vacuum lights on but won’t start, the number one suspect is an unresponsive or faulty start button.

And for the most part, this occurs due to general wear and tear (over time).

So open up your Shark vacuum cleaner and inspect the switch- you want to see if it appears broken/worn.

Try a replacement switch, if so.


Check the canister switch

If you own a Shark canister vacuum, then this is another likely suspect.

For starters, the collection canister typically has a switch inside it -This switch engages when the canister locks.

Problem is the switch may work itself loose (over time) and your vacuum simply won’t turn on when this happens.

Suggested solution

To fix this, all you will need to do is remove the waste canister/collection and then re-insert it carefully. This should engage the switch and your vacuum could finally turn on.


Shark vacuum won’t turn on when upright

Now, if your Shark vacuum behaves in this manner, chances are that the vacuum keeps on blocking the area between the two sides of the ball.

And if this area is clogged, the hose might become disconnected at the base of the ball where the stands meets the ball- Remember that this area has a somewhat narrow turn that often get blocked by small debris when the vacuum is standing upright.

Suggested solution

Be sure to clean any blockages that may be in this area- be sure that the little clip in this area stays in place – it is useful as it provides a bit of tension.


Reset the motor thermostat

As you might be aware, the motor thermostat protects your vacuum from overheating.

Now, if your Shark vacuum overheated and won’t turn on, it is also possible that this thermostat has overheated (power supply to the motor is cut off once it’s too hot).

To be clear, the issue occurs if your vac is clogged.

With that in mind, here’s the easiest way to know if this thermostat is blown without having to test it…

Disconnect your vacuum from the power outlet and let it sit for around 45 minutes.

Try and start your vac after this

If it starts, it is likely that the motor’s thermostat is overheating.

That being so, inspect your vac for any obstructions -some of the common parts that get clogged include the wand/hose, filters, dust cup and powerhead.

Otherwise if the vac does not start after 45 minutes, then your motor might be malfunctioning.

Which brings us to our next repair…


Replace the motor

One of the parts that eventually fail in these vacs is the motor.

And when it does, your Shark vacuum won’t turn on so the last fix I propose is replacing the motor.

You can get these motors online..

For instance, if you happen to own a Shark Ion Robot N-series vacuum, you can easily get a replacement motor on Amazon


Shark vacuum won’t turn on – final words

If you’re not sure how to change out a part when repairing devices/machines, consider searching for an instructional video on YouTube – there are plenty of good tutorials there.


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