Shark vacuum no suction loud noise [Fixed]

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In today’s article, we will be taking you through how to troubleshoot and fix your Shark vacuum if it is making a loud noise yet not suctioning.

The steps below do not require any specialized knowledge or tools on your part- They are, in general, quite easy-to-follow.

Let us get started….

Shark vacuum no suction loud noise – how to troubleshoot your vac

To begin with, the loud noise is usually made when the bypass (pressure release) valve opens.

This valve is designed to open when your vac is clogged to protect the motor from overheating.

Bearing that in mind, the steps below could help get your vac up and running in no time.

Shark vacuum suction not working?  Check for clogs in the dust cup

This is the easiest and quickest troubleshooting step for the issue.

You see, if any part is clogged, it stops airflow so it could be the reason why your vac has little to no suctioning power.

Additionally, this clog tends to result in a super loud noise as the motor overworks itself as it attempts to have the vac suction normally.

Now, to check if this is the culprit, begin by turning off your vacuum and disconnecting it from the power source (for corded models).

Next, locate your dust cup and release it from the vac-To release the dust cup, simply press the dust cup release tabs/button and pull the dust cup out.

Proceed to hold the dust cup over a trash receptacle and then press the release button to empty the contents of the dust cup.

While at it, open the dust cup lid and remove any debris that may be stuck in the cone-shaped metal screen inside the dust cup.

Close the dust cup Once you have done this.

Reminder: Before reinserting the dust cup, use a flashlight to look into the handheld vacuum for any debris that may be obstructing the openings/airways(remove any you see).

You can now reinsert the dust cup – ensure that each side clicks into place.

Plug in the vac and run it to see if this fixes the loud noise and loss of suction.

Does the noise persist?

If yes, this next step is for you.

Check the floor nozzle, wand and hose for clogs

Again, you will need to first turn off and disconnect your vac before anything here.

Proceed to disassemble the vac.

Once you have taken it apart, first check whether there are any obstructions in the wand and hose- look for things like socks, pet hair, and more and be sure to remove them.

Turning to the floor nozzle, first access the brush roll (see your manual if unsure how to access it).

Next, check for any stuck hairs/strings around the brush roll- remove them, if any.

Finally, inspect the connector that connects the floor nozzle to the wand for obstructions- again clear any obstructions that might be present.

Reassemble your vacuum and continue with your cleaning.

Shark vacuum no suction loud noise – more fixes

How to fix Shark duoclean no suction issue

For the most part, if your Shark duoclean vacuum is not suctioning, chances are that your vac is clogged – as we have seen above so try the previous steps to fix the Shark duoclean vacuum.

Nevertheless, sometimes your duoclean Shark vacuum will not suction due to the motor overheating.

When that occurs, the protective thermostat motor turns off the unit.

That being so, turn off your vacuum and let it sit (to cool) for around 60 minutes.

Quick Tip: During this cool down period, check the vac for any clogs. That is because the vac overheats when clogged.

Shark vacuum no suction from hose – how to fix it

If your vacuum hose lacks suction, it could be that either the hose or the wand is clogged.

So detach your hose and wand from the unit and inspect them for possible blockages.

For the wand, you can use a straightened wire hanger to remove any clogs that may be there.

On the other hand, to clean the vacuum hose, you will need to use powder detergent, water and a flexible dryer vent brush.

Since it is a simple DIY, if the vent hose does not go all the way through your hose, you can always insert it on both ends for a better fit.

Once you are done scrubbing the hose, hang it to dry before re-inserting it.

Shark vacuum no suction loud noise – final words

The above steps could help you fix the no suction problem on your noisy Shark vacuum.

Be sure to  visit Shark vacuum troubleshooting website for model specific troubleshooting steps if your vac still has no suction.

P.S. If your vacuum has the HEPA filter, be sure to also clean it- it sometimes helps restore proper suction


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