A brief guide on Samsung washing machine cycle times

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Here is a short post about Samsung washing machine cycle times …my goal is to give you an idea about how long it will take to do your laundry with your Samsung washing machine …..

You may have just bought it and you’re not sure about how long the different  Samsung Washing Machine Cycles takes (Of course, washing time varies depending on the program you select)..

So below is a brief table with Samsung washing machine cycle times for the most common Samsung washing machine cycles (an estimate, because a lot of factors can add to the time or shorten it including water temp, agitation style, load size-bigger increases time, and obviously optional settings you may have on your specific model-model matters too).

Samsung washing machine cycle times explained

Eco 40-60 (EU specific to standardize washes and show power consumption)

9kg- 3:05 (HH:MM) (max temp-31°C)

4.5kg-2:18 (HH:MM) (max temp-22°C)

2.5kg-2:05 (HH:MM) (max temp-22°C)



15′ Quick Wash

Minimum wash time is 5 minutes hence the name 15′ Quick Wash. Fastest.

Quick wash is majorly for lightly-soiled items. Sort of a quick refresh


Super Speed Wash

Minimum wash time is 39 minutes. Typically, second fastest (comes second to 15′ Quick Wash)….best again for not very dirty clothes

It doesn’t consider the weight of loaded laundry into account and will take 39 minutes fixed.


Wool Cycle

Time: 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Use for all your machine-washable wools – load to be 2.0kgs. (max)


Super Eco Wash

Time: It takes way longer time but uses less water and power..can be 3+ hours

Use when there’s no rush.

Biggest advantage? Lowest energy consumption.



Time: Depends on issues such as load size, temp set, etc. (usually 2 hours-2 hours 30 mins)…

Example:  a 9 kg Samsung washing machine takes 3 hours and 19 minutes if you’re washing at 20 °C.

Meanwhile, a 6 kg Samsung washing machine takes 2 hours and 25mins for a similar load, if you’re washing at 60 °C.

Likewise, a 9 kg Samsung washing machine takes 2 hours and 30 minutes if you’re washing at 60 °C, if you have also enabled the bubble soak feature(great for heavily-stained cotton garments)

Now, use for all dirty cotton clothing (underwear, table linens, towels, bed linens, or shirts)

Cotton setting is a most intensive cycle(among the highest intensity cycles)…so use other cycles unless you are washing plenty of high-cotton thread clothes(e.g. hotel quality boilable beddings or heavy soiled cotton fabrics)

Overall, cottons tend to take ages.

samsung ecobubble washing machine cycle times


Approximate time: 2 hours and 25mins – can take 2 hours flat at 40°C (4kg load)

Use for garments made of Diolen, Trevira (polyester), and Perlon, Nylon(polyamide) and similar materials.


Daily Wash

Standard wash cycle(for regular everyday washing)…. other unspecial laundry(including underwear and shirts).

Time: daily wash is, for the most part, about an hour(60 mins).


Permanent press cycle-clothes that normally wrinkle easily

Ideally for non-delicates(prevents stretching your synthetic fabrics/anything stretchy) that are not heavy duty…. button down shirts as well as pants. Dresses too.

Use it any time you want to wash an item gently because ironing it is a pain…. your clothing tags should have “permanent press” indicated if intended for perm press.


Mixed load

For mixed loads-cotton and synthetic



Jeans- and similar thicker clothes.



For dark clothes you don’t wanna see fade…also works well for brightly colored casual items


Heavy duty

Pretty gross clothes…. heavily stained with entrenched sweat, dust and more from work

Towels can get washed squeaky clean on Heavy Duty as well.


Baby wear

Expressly for your kids’ daily wear…


Bedding cycle

Bedding e.g. pillows or blankets

It can appear to take forever!

Samsung washer cycle times

Allergen cycle

To make sure all nasty pollen gets out of everything.


Hygiene Steam Cycle

Attacks germs and common bacteria..for cotton plus linen fabrics, that directly contacts the skin, like your underwear

Temp: Set 60°C (or above)


Sanitize(Sanitary Cycle ) 

For colorfast garments(heavily soiled).


Delicate Cycle

Delicate Clothes… It Isn’t too rough On Easily Damaged Fabrics..Best For Rayon, Viscose, Other Synthetics-Blended Fiber. Bras, Sheer Fabrics, Lingerie (Silk)…..handwash-only fabrics



For white only fabrics- use with/without bleach


Towel Cycle





6kg- 7:48 (HH:MM)

3kg-4:49 (HH:MM)


Auto Optimal Cycle

The machine weighs the size of your laundry load and then auto-adjusts its washing duration. More laundry equals longer time.


17  -30 minutes…does additional rinsing and it’s useful after you apply fabric softener to laundry



Extra spin -Removes lingering moisture from laundry(reduces drying time).

Less than 30 mins.


Outdoor Care

For outdoor(mostly waterproof) clothes, especially sportswear.

Time: Mine washes in 1 hr: 18 mins (check manual for your model)


Downloadable settings

Connect your machine to SmartThings …times vary


Samsung washing machine cycle times – tips and notes

  • Note that 30 or more minutes will be added to wash time if you select Bubble Soak feature(It helps remove stubborn stains and you can select it if you’re using Synthetics, Cotton, Bedding or Super Speed wash cycles)
  • Hotter washes will always take less time. 

Samsung washing machine keeps adding time

Your Samsung washer will occasionally randomly increase times(it can even triple time)..

Now, the key is the load size (and in fact, your manual will have a section where they advise on load limit for each cycle)…

In general, it will add time to your heavier washes.

Otherwise, a load imbalance extends wash time so ensure proper loading at all times

Samsung washing machine cycle times – what is the best way to be sure about the cycle to choose?

Your clothes have labels- Read them

It’s your best bet when it comes to choosing the perfect modes on Samsung washing machines.


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