Samsung refrigerator blinking blue light

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A Samsung refrigerator blinking blue light is typically telling you “Hey! something is not quite right with me”

That’s where this article comes in.

We shall look at how to fix a Samsung refrigerator that is blinking a blue light…

Let’s get started.

Samsung refrigerator blinking blue light – how to resolve the issue

We shall start with the fix that works many times…..

Power cycle the refrigerator

Normally, power cycling your refrigerator should solve some of the simplest issues including a Samsung refrigerator blinking light fault.

Now, to power cycle the refrigerator, unplug it from the power outlet and wait for  five or so minutes before reconnecting it.

This clears any electrical charge that could be causing the malfunction.

So do that and see how it goes…

Now, power cycling your fridge simply won’t work. This is especially in models such as RB31 (with digital inverter), RS261MDWP (side-by-side), RF217ACBP (French door), and a few other models.

As a result, you need to manually reset the temperature display by pressing specific buttons (combined) as you will learn shortly….


Samsung refrigerator temperature display blinking blue lights / temperature bar blinking blue

You see, if any of the temperature bars/digits is blinking, it is typically a pointer that there is a problem with the internal temperature of the refrigerator.

And to fix this, you will need to reset the temperature by pressing a combination of buttons – the exact combination varies from model to model.

Nonetheless, in most models, you will need to press and hold the Power freeze + Power cool buttons simultaneously.

Try this combination for Samsung twin cooling fridge temperature blinking problem  too.

Note that you must continue holding the two buttons until you hear a chime or until the whole display lights up (usually after around 15 seconds).

This signals that you have reset the temperature display so everything should resume normal operation.


Samsung fridge blinking blue light after power outage

In other models such as the RS261MDBP and RB31, your refrigerator might flash a blue light after the power goes out.

When this occurs, you are likely to note that the ice and water functions are left working with only what was programmed before the power outage.

In other words, you might be unable to reprogram the ice or water dispenser.

In fact, if you use a thermometer to measure the internal temps, you will note that the fridge is cooling as it should though it won’t indicate this on the display.

Problem is trying to change these settings will not work and the buttons usually continues blinking.

Now, to correct the problem in models such as the RS216MDBP, press and hold the lighting + energy saver buttons simultaneously for approx 15 seconds.

But for models such as  RB31, you press and hold the Power freeze + Power cool buttons instead, again for 15 seconds.

Keep in mind that you should see the whole display light up at once-after the 15 secs- signaling that your Samsung fridge has been fixed.


Samsung refrigerator has scrolling blinking blue lights

If you own a model such as the RS261MDBP, you might experience scrolling lights – the lights flash in an up and down pattern.

What you need to know is that, for the most part, this ‘says’ that the Cooling Off mode has been activated.

Now, for such models, simply press and hold the lighting and freezer buttons for three seconds.

This should deactivate the Cooling Off mode and, in turn, stop the blue lights from blinking in a scrolling manner.

And to deactivate Cooling Off in other models, locate your model in Samsung’s turn off demo mode comprehensive list to know the right button combinations.


Samsung refrigerator temperature flashing blue light

Finally, if all the above fails, it could be that the temperature inside your Samsung refrigerator has gone above 59⁰F meaning the display is actually warning you about the high temperature (leaving the door open for a long time or a faulty door seal can make temp shoot).

Consequently, you need  fix the temperature levels.

For a comprehensive guide on how to go about this, read our previous article: Samsung fridge flashing temp (how to fix temp issues on Samsung fridges)


Samsung refrigerator blinking blue light – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Samsung refrigerator control panel blinking?

It is usually an indication that something is wrong with the refrigerator’s temperature-It could be that the temperature has exceeded 59⁰F- and it  is mostly the case if you have a damaged door seal or you’re storing hot food inside the unit.

Additionally, it could signal that there was a power blackout and the fridge has not powered up as it should.

This goes hand in hand with an unresponsive control panel/display.


How do you reset the flashing light on a Samsung refrigerator? / how do I fix the flashing light on my Samsung refrigerator?

The easiest way to go about this is resetting the temp display – see the steps to follow for different models above. 

Alternatively, if the temperature has exceeded 59⁰F, you might have to let your fridge sit until it achieves a colder temperature.

Of course, you can hasten the process by turning power cool on.


Samsung refrigerator blinking blue light – final words

A blinking blue light is normally an indication that something has messed up the temperature of your fridge or freezer-It could be the temperature inside your fridge has gone above 59⁰F.

It could also be because there was a power blackout and your refrigerator didn’t start up as it should or any other number of reasons.

So follow the above steps and see if your Samsung refrigerator will stop blinking.



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