Brand new fridge runs constantly? Try this

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Brand new fridge runs constantly – Well. Try what we share below because most fridge models are not designed to run constantly.


Brand new fridge runs constantly – It should not so try the following

I will be taking you through the causes and solutions to a brand-new fridge running constantly.

Here is the first possible cause…


Internal temperature is too high

For your fridge and freezer to cool properly, they should be within a set temperature range.

Normally, manufacturers recommend that the freezer temperature be set between 0⁰F and 5⁰F.

And when it comes to a fridge, it is generally recommended that the temperature be set between 35⁰F and 38⁰F.

Now, these temperatures are cold enough to respectively freeze/cool your foodstuff as required.

In fact, when the internal temperature exceeds these ranges, the fridge can start running constantly as it tries to keep the interior cool.

So, what might make the temperature inside your new fridge to be high?

Well, putting hot food is the most common cause- this, in turn, can make the fridge run longer as it tries to cool whatever is inside properly.

In a nutshell, if you are storing hot food inside your new refrigerator at least once a day, your fridge could be forced to run 24/7.

Worse still, you will be risking your compressor going bad faster.

So be sure to let your food first cool before you put it inside the refrigerator.

Otherwise, confirm from your owner’s manual that you have the temperature set according to the manufacturer’s specifications-if not, you will need to lower your refrigerator’s temperature to the recommended level.


You are frequently opening the doors

Every time you open the door, cold air escapes the fridge as warm air enters it meaning that the fridge will have to cool the warm air that has entered it.

This brings us to a never-ending debate:

Is a full fridge more energy efficient than an empty fridge?

Well, a full refrigerator will take longer to cool its contents but once it achieves this, it will lose a little amount of air when the door is opened.

Ultimately, it will cool faster and within a short amount of time.

In contrast, an empty refrigerator will cool very fast but every time you open the door, it will lose almost all the cold air and warm temperature from the room will flow in.

This tends to result in the fridge having to run again just to cool to its set temperature.

As you can see, frequently opening an empty refrigerator will result in it running constantly.

Luckily, there is a workaround to this that does not require buying more foodstuff to stock your refrigerator….

Simply get bottles with water or any other liquid and stuff them into your refrigerator till it’s around ½ to ¾ full.

Alternatively, using empty Tupperware will also do the trick – prevent the cool air from escaping.

And finally, you might want to minimize frequent opening of the refrigerator(Only open it when absolutely necessary).

Also, once you open it, do not stand there with the door open as you decide on what sounds good as it will lead to more warm air entering the fridge, making it start running throughout.


You are not stocking your refrigerator properly

You might be aware that if you are overstuffing your refrigerator, it tends to run for more hours to try and cool all the foodstuff.

There are other issues that are blamed on overstocking your refrigerator…

First, it might lead to blocked vents-and that might inhibit airflow.

Additionally, overstocking your refrigerator might lead to the door not closing fully,  resulting in warm air flowing into the fridge constantly so the fridge may keep running  as it works hard to cool the air circulating inside.

Reminder: An empty refrigerator usually runs longer to maintain the set temperatures – we have already seen this.

So, what is the correct level to stock your refrigerator?

Now, most manufacturers recommend between ½ and ¾ way so be sure to always stock your refrigerator around this range.

And while at it,  ensure you’re not blocking the air vents.


Your refrigerator is near a heat source/in direct sunlight

Another thing: If your fridge is located in direct sunlight or near a heat source, it typically will have problems cooling.

That explains why many popular refrigerators models are, for the most part, either white or grey- these two colors helps reflect most of the sunlight best. 

Black refrigerators, on the other hand, tend to absorb more of this heat.

So how does this make your new GE refrigerator run constantly?

Well, refrigerators routinely cool by moving heat from the inside to the outside.-They achieve this through a combination of plumbing and the refrigerant.

For that reason, when the outside temperatures are high, the fridge has to use more power-and run for longer- to cool the interior.

In short, double check that your refrigerator is not placed in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

In other words, make sure that your fridge is not in a room with high temperatures/poor airflow.


Brand new fridge runs constantly – more solutions

Moving on…

You have not spaced your fridge from the wall

As we have already seen, refrigerators tend to cool down by moving heat from the inside to the outside.

To allow them to achieve this, they require a surrounding layer of air for better cooling.

Indeed, manufacturers such as Samsung recommend that fridges be spaced as shown below:

Are refrigerators supposed to run constantly
This allows proper circulation of air around your fridge.

That way, it will cool faster and hence won’t run throughout.

Now, if your new fridge is touching the wall at any side (especially the backside), it may be impeding its cooling system hence it has to run non-stop to efficiently cool the inside.

So check things again and ensure you have spaced it as above.


Your new fridge uses a variable speed compressor

Most French-door and multi-door refrigerator models use a variable speed compressor.

Oddly, this compressor is designed to run 100% of the time-The only time the compressor does not run is during a defrost cycle- it resumes running throughout after the defrost cycle ends.

So if you own a new French-door or multi-door refrigerator, there is no need to be worried- it is designed to operate 24/7.


Brand new fridge runs constantly – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are refrigerators supposed to run constantly?

Other than French-door and multi-door refrigerators, other refrigerator models are not designed to run constantly.

That being so, if you note that your model is running constantly, it typically means that something is not quite right.


Why is my fridge always running? / Why does my refrigerator run all the time?

Several factors might cause your fridge to run all the time. They are:

  • Overstocking it.
  • Damaged door seals.
  • Fridge uses a variable compressor.
  • Fridge is in direct sunlight or in a hot room.
  • Dirty condenser coils.
  • Internal temperature is too high.
  • Faulty defrost timer.

Nonetheless, the ones that we have discussed in this article are for a new fridge that runs throughout.

Brand new fridge runs constantly – final words

Owning a fridge for the first time may come with its own challenges such as improper installation or stocking.

As we have seen, when your new refrigerator is running throughout, it is mostly an issue of improper installation or wrong stocking of the refrigerator.



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