Best tow behind dethatcher for small/large properties

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Thick excessive thatch often messes the health of your turf..

It may prevent water, air, and nutrients from reaching your grass plant’s root zone, create a habitat that encourages fungal diseases, blocks some pesticides from penetrating as required -rendering them ineffective- and more.

The good news is that dethatching your property helps uproots existing thatch and can be your best bet particularly for thatch that is 1-inch (or thicker).

Now, while a special thatch rake can accomplish the mission for smaller properties, a tow behind dethatcher maximizes your productivity and is the number 1 option for expansive lawns.

So, what is the best tow behind dethatcher in the market today?

Well, here are our three top picks…

Best tow behind dethatcher – our most recommended models to pull behind your lawn tractor

  1. Agri-Fab Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294,Black
  2. Brinly tow behind dethatcher, 40-Inch
  3. Craftsman Tow Lawn Dethatcher 40-Inch Red

These three units get the job done perfectly for revitalized lawn health.

Here are the complete reviews including pros and cons for each model.

Agri-Fab 40Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294,Black

tow behind dethatcher rental

This agri fab dethatcher is made in the USA and is perfect for lawns that are crying out loud to be dethatched.

While it’s very well built generally, its most outstanding feature are the 20, 3/16″ spring tines – they really make short work of thatch and gets a lot of thatch up in no time (it makes 40-inch wide swathes).

The rustproof and replaceable tines have also been heat-treated for enhanced durability in tougher thatch situations.

We also love that it’s pretty simple to raise/lower – plus, you can reach the long handle while still sitting on your tractor seat.

It also steers nicely (the 7-inch diameter semi-pneumatic wheels should traverse most terrain without issues).

For the best results, add some weights- it may otherwise bounce around a lot.

You can tow it from behind nearly any lawn mower including riding mowers (even zero turns), ATVs, etc. with a hitch plate (so long it has a simple hitchpin hole).


  • Works extremely well.
  • Durable tines- machined and heat treated.
  • Easy to service.


  • Nothing noteworthy.

PS: You have an option to go for the 48 dethatcher model if you’re looking for a machine with a wider working path to allow you quickly handle larger yards.

Brinly tow behind dethatcher, 40-Inch

The Brinly pull behind dethatcher is also very effective at lifting away the nasty layers of thatch and is a great alternative to the Agri Fab Dethatcher we have reviewed above.

The 2 rows of ten spring steel tines (they flex independently) comb gently through a lawn, pulling thatch up (and out) of your lawn ready for mowing or mulching.

More importantly, you get two options in this 40 in dethatcher – select the kinder-to-grass dethatching mode if you just want light dethatching or switch to the more aggressive scarifying mode for a more rigorous dethatching action.

I should add that the heavy-duty steel tine tray holds enough additional weights when necessary (up to 70 lbs).

We are also happy with the unique wheel engagement lever- use it to lower the 6” never-flat rubber-tread wheels when crossing paved areas.

And for convenience, the lever can be accessed from driver’s seat, just like with the Agri Fab Dethatcher attachment.

This is a universal hook-up model and a universal hitch pin (heavy-duty) is included to help you easily attach it to any rider/tractor (ZTR, ATV, etc).

Overall, this heavy duty dethatcher is as good as they come for small to medium-sized plots.


  • Straightforward assembly.
  • Long-lasting construction.
  • Light and very easy to handle.


  • There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the adjustment handle.

Tip: Again, if you’re looking for the best tow behind dethatcher for larger yards, you may go for the Brinly 48 dethatcher (has a 48” working width and 2 rows of twelve independently-flexing spring steel tines).

Craftsman Tow Lawn Dethatcher 40-Inch Red

tow behind dethatcher vs power rake

Our final recommendation is this 40-inch rear mount dethatcher from Craftsman.

You see, this high-quality, high performance device is reasonably easy to put together, works like a champ, and is super easy to operate making it significantly popular.

The highlights are the 20 strong, heat-treated tines and a friendly Cantilever transport handle for easier raising/lowering.

Turning to construction, it’s built to last- the deck is made of heavy- gauge steel deck just like the drawbar.

It’s another universal design unit and fits most garden and yard tractors with the easy-to-use rear hitch pin.

The weight tray holds up to 70lbs. in case you want to increase lawn penetration and control the bounce.

The only thing we didn’t like in this towed dethatcher is the semi pneumatic tires- it’s competitors clearly have better quality wheels.

Other than that, this can be a worthy choice.


  • Pulls up huge chunks of dead grass fast.
  • Super easy to hook up to tractors.
  • Long lasting tines.


  • The wheels did not blow us away.


Wrapping it up

Getting the best tow behind dethatcher is just the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant lawn.

Make no mistake about it: You’ll not notice much improvement if you don’t dethatch properly – This YouTube video is full of helpful tips and will help you do it like a pro.

In addition, it’s important to fertilize the lawn after dethatching- it will quicken the recovery of your lawn.

Also, remember to keep your turf well-watered- it accelerates recovery too.

Pro Tip: Your lawn should be de-thatched only when it’s actively growing (the soil should be moderately moist for the best results).


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