Power wheels battery charged but not working– troubleshooting guide

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Is your power wheels battery charged but not working?

Well, oftentimes, the primary sign of battery issues is when your little one’s power wheel won’t start.

But does it always mean the battery is gone if you have charged it for the recommended number of hours and still nothing?

The good news is NO (and your son/daughter may sometimes be in luck).

In short, don’t throw the battery away yet…

Below is what you should first check if your power wheels battery is charged but still won’t make your ride-on car turn on

Power wheels battery charged but not working – troubleshooting ideas and procedures

There are many probable reasons why it may be failing to work but here are a few and how to approach them:

Your power wheels battery not fully charged

One of the common reasons it won’t work may be down to your battery not really being fully charged.

FYI, a new power wheels battery needs to be charged for 18 hours (at least) before first-time use.

After the initial use, you must recharge the battery- mostly for 12 hours (at least)- and you must top the charge this way after each use.

Suggested solution: Charge the battery for the number of hours your manual states. And oh, don’t overcharge it (the battery should not be plugged in for more than 30 hours).

Quick Tip: Learn how to test the voltage in your power wheels battery near the end of this article.

The battery connection could be loose

Occasionally, it is the connection to your battery that is loose- this may cause the battery not to supply charge.

Suggested solution: Check all the connections and make sure they are tight. Besides, the battery harness should also be tightened where necessary.

The electric system could be fried/corroded

If the vehicle’s electrical system is corroded (perhaps moisture got in causing it to be corroded) or otherwise damaged, there is a chance that the distribution of charge from the battery would be impeded.

Don’t forget that rough riding and crashes -when your daughter/son is out playing- could lead to some wires or a part on its circuit board loosening.

Suggested solution: Inspect the wiring and check that it is not corroded (even on the battery side). In addition, check under its hood if everything is intact (and try to repair).

The battery is dead

If the battery is old (the average power wheels battery service life is 1-3 years with proper battery care), your battery could, unfortunately, be dead.

Another thing that often damages the battery down the road is overcharging it (leaving it plugged in for more than 30 hours).

If this is what you’re suspecting, replace it with an appropriate replacement battery (and you can test the vehicle with a battery that you are sure is working before proceeding to purchase the replacement).

How to test the battery voltage

An important step to be sure of the state of charge is testing the battery voltage.

It’s not a tough test and you only need a voltmeter to perform it.

Once you get the voltmeter, follow these simple steps:

  • Locate the +ve and -ve prongs of your Power Wheels battery.
  • Grab your voltmeter and turn its dial to the 20 voltage mark on the DC side.
  • Touch the +ve probe (on the voltmeter) to the +ve prong of your battery plug. Also touch the -ve probe (on your voltmeter) to the -ve prong of the battery.

Your voltmeter will display a voltage reading once firm contact is established between both prongs – note this value.

Now, a reading of 12.6 volts (or above) for 12 volts power wheels battery is considered sufficient. On the other hand, a voltage reading under 11.8 volts is considered dreadful (so a new battery may be needed).

For a 6v battery, if the reading is in the range of 6.6-7.0 volts, the battery could just be sluggish- maybe you left it uncharged for too long.

We recommend that you make another attempt to start the toy car – do it at least a few more times- and see if you might eventually get lucky.

However, anything below 6.6v is considered dire and it might be a sign you need a new battery.

But the surest sign that the battery is inadequate is a voltage reading below 5 volts- expecting it to turn on your ride-on car is simply being too optimistic.

Here is popular 12V replacement battery for power wheels (you can go for this, if you want a 6V replacement battery).

Power wheels battery charged but not working – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I charged my power wheels battery for 18 hours but my Ride-On vehicle won’t turn on. What should I do?

Sometimes, the issue is not with your power wheels battery itself, but with the way you have made the connection when it is getting charged.

Follow these steps to ensure it is actually charging:

  1. First, make sure the battery is connected properly to the power wheels
  2. Next, disconnect the charger from your miniature car then check that all the wires and connectors are attached to the battery and control module connector.
  3. Then, make sure the connectors behind the foot pedal are tightly plugged. Additionally, make sure there is no debris in between the connectors as this could be impeding the flow of current.
  4. Now let it charge again for the period indicated in the manual and try to see if it will work.


Power wheels battery charged but not working– keep the following in mind

  • Don’t allow the battery to go into a full discharged condition as this is likely to ruin it.
  • Do not store power wheels battery in temperatures below -10°F or above 75°F- this may damage it.
  • For optimal battery health, charge it once per month (at least), even if the car has not been in use.


Parting words

If, after reviewing this guide, the battery still fails to work, please contact an authorized service center or Power Wheels Consumer Relations at 1-800-348-0751 (toll-free).

Quick Tip: For faster service, make sure the battery is completely charged and have the vehicle model number and exact car production run number (check the label in the battery compartment) with you when calling Power Wheels Consumer Relations.


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