Power wheels 12v battery alternative – 3 excellent options

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Tired of buying Power Wheels 12-Volt Replacement Battery and have been looking for a more powerful, lasting, and safe power wheels 12v battery alternative? Read this…

Power wheels are tons of fun for kids. And just like adults with their cars and bikes, kiddos can never get enough of rockin’ and rollin’ with their ride-ons!

Of course, most miniature Power Wheels use 12-volt batteries.

But as you’re aware, power wheel batteries can be a disappointment- nearly all die really fast and eventually, you may get bored of constantly replacing it.

Now, if you’re in the disappointed crowd and have been thinking of a viable and practical power wheels 12v battery alternative, we have some quick and inexpensive suggestions:

Here they are…

Power wheels 12v battery alternative – 3 excellent options

ExpertPower 12v (33ah) Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

can you use any 12 volt battery in a power wheels

Deep cycle 12v marine/ auto batteries typically survive deep discharges along with frequent use better than alternatives using different technologies.

In short, most regular 12v batteries that can replace OEM power wheels batteries do not love being deeply discharged (and it often reduces their lifespan).

With that in mind, perhaps you could go for this Expert Deep Cycle battery as an upgrade to your little man’s power wheel vehicle 12v battery.

The constant, long-lasting performances will let your kids ride more – in truth, it can run for days before needing to be charged (with moderate usage).

Keep in mind that you could need to do some modifications in the battery area in some vehicles.

That said, the size is not very large and all you need to do to fit it snugly is remove the hardware that typically holds stock batteries in place in models such as Barbie Mustang Ride-on.

Again, if you’re inclined to do this upgrade, you’ll need to add a 30 amp fuse to prevent potential fire incidents in the event of a short.

You might also need to make custom straps to fit it.

In a nutshell, this awesome little battery will surpass your expectations (and those of your little ones) with its long life and extraordinary capacity to recover from deep discharges.

PS: If this model is not available, try the Weize 12V 35AH SLA Deep Cycle AGM Battery. Your kid can ride all afternoon (on a charge) with this though you may have to cut out a section of the plastic to make it fit (it is larger than most original power wheels batteries).

Weize 12V 18AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery

power wheels 12v battery alternative

Our second 12 volt power wheels battery alternative recommendation is this universal sealed lead acid battery.

And as with the factory-originated power wheels batteries, this 12-volt battery, 18 amp-hour battery has been engineered to fulfill the rigorous power wheels juice requirements in order to keep your child’s toy going.

In fact, the battery uses Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) technology which is renowned for its superior performance in power wheels and longer service life.

This wonderful 12 volt power wheels battery alternative works great and tends to last twice as conventional power wheel replacement batteries!

More than that, it costs much less than manufacturer-recommended power wheel replacement batteries such as this.

It is spill proof so there is no risk of it burning your child (or ruining his clothes).

It is important to point out that you may need to buy an after-market connector depending on the battery your daughter’s or son’s power wheel uses.

In addition, you should make sure that you use an inline 30amp fuse on the new battery- you’ll otherwise be risking your children’s safety.

Remember that the battery could get hot and catch fire if no fuse is added in case of wrong wiring or excessive current (factory batteries have a built-in fuse).

Bear in mind that the fuse goes on the positive side of the battery connection.

Once the issue of charging, the SLA battery can be charged using a car battery charger or even a fully automatic microprocessor-controlled battery charger/maintainer such as this.

Also, based on your power wheel model, it may alternatively charge from the charger that was delivered with the vehicle once you attach the connector to the battery.

Overall, it’s an amazing power wheels 12v battery alternative.


ML12 Volt 12 AH Mighty Max SLA Battery

power wheels 12-volt rechargeable battery alternative

While deep cycle batteries outperform Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries when it comes to handling everyday prolonged rides, there are SLA batteries that are designed to provide deep discharge recovery and long service life.

This SLA spill proof battery is one such battery and it has been become one of the best friends to parents with power wheels crazy kids.

It works flawlessly and regularly lasts 3X as long as official power wheels battery.

And because it is constructed from absorbed glass mat too, it resists shocks and vibrations and ultimately outlasts most factory-originated power wheels batteries.

Don’t forget to wire it up correctly to the power wheels connecter (add a fuse as previously mentioned).

Of course, some slight modifications may be necessary to make it fit properly in your child’s Jeep Wrangler, Dune Racer, etc.

I should add that this modification is money saving- you will be using a super cheap SLA battery (check price) to get your child’s power wheels ride-on working again.


Honorary mentions

Parting words

For the most part, the use of lawn mower batteries or car batteries to replace standard 12v power wheels battery is not recommended.

This is because these batteries are generally not designed for charging/recharging and could explode, exposing your kids to the dangerous chemicals in the batteries!

As an alternative, you should only use only sealed batteries (they are way safer) – and the good thing is that these are generally as cheap (if not cheaper) as lawnmower batteries.

And oh, be sure to wire everything correctly for the safety of your kids (we cannot emphasize this enough!)

Let the fun begin.


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