How long to charge power wheels battery (everything explained)

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This article answers the question of long to charge power wheels battery to keep the fun going uninterrupted for your little one.

Like auto batteries, power wheels batteries must be properly cared for to prolong their life and maintain maximum vehicle running time.

One of the most important things requirements is ensuring that you charge your power wheels battery for the correct period of time.

Below you’ll learn how long it’s recommended to charge your power wheels battery for maximum running time and extended life expectancy.

How long to charge power wheels 12v battery– general guidelines for 12v batteries

·        New battery

For the most part, new 12v power wheels batteries have to be charged for not less than 18 hours before being used in the vehicle for the very first time.

Keep in mind that you must never charge your kids jeep battery (or any other ride on vehicle battery for that matter) for more than 30 hours.

Doing so will dramatically cut its lifetime.


·        How long to charge power wheels battery after the first charge

After the first charge, recharge your 12v battery for a minimum of 14 hours.

Of course, you should charge the power wheels battery immediately after each riding session, regardless of the length of time the car was driven.


·        How long to charge power wheels battery under normal conditions

For 12v power wheels batteries, we suggest that you make it a habit to recharge it for between 18-24 hours if you want it to maintain its peak condition.

We already mentioned that a recharge is necessary after each use.

You may also consider charging the battery whenever you feel that the toy car has slowed down significantly, when out there.

It’s worth noting that you’ll still need to keep it plugged in for the 14 hours (minimum) – don’t make the mistake of assuming that it had some charge so you’re just topping it up!

Kids like pestering and it’s important to make him/her understand that he/she won’t go out again until its fully charged (14 hours means it’s likely to be the next day).


·        How long to charge power wheels battery in winter or when the vehicle is not regularly used

As you likely know, letting the battery to discharge completely will ruin it.

As such, the best practice when it comes to power wheels battery winter storage (and other times when the vehicle is not driven regularly) is to charge the power wheels batteries, again for 14 hours (minimum) at least once every 30 days (one month).

Do this until winter ends or you’ve resumed regular use.

In both cases, it’s vital that you fully charge the battery prior to keeping the vehicle in storage.

How long do you charge a power wheels 6 volt battery – general guidelines

On the whole, there is little difference in charging times between 12v and 6v batteries and you observe most of the above highlighted 12v power wheels battery charging recommendations here.


  • Charge a new 6v power wheels battery for 18 hours (minimum).
  • Charge the battery for 14 hours (at least) after each ride by your wanna-be driver.
  • Never exceed 30 charging hours
  • Charge it once every month (when the vehicle is not in frequent use/during winter) and still for 14 hours.


Charging power wheels battery -Safety tips

·         Use the right charger

Using the wrong type battery charger could trigger a fire accident or an explosion, potentially resulting in serious injuries.

Refer to your Owner’s Manual for confirmation on the correct type power wheels battery charger to use or the dealer for guidance.

·         Always check for damage/wear prior to charging

Make it a tradition to examine the battery, your charger, and each of their connectors for excessive wear/damage before charging the battery.

For your safety, it’s recommended that you avoid using a damaged or an excessively worn charger for charging.

Attempting to charge a cracked or an otherwise damaged battery can also be hazardous- you may know that these batteries contain sulfuric acid, which can cause untold damage if it leaks.

·         Don’t short circuit it

I know it can be tempting but do not listen to those who advise you to short circuit the power wheels battery if fully drained due to the prolonged winter storage or leaving it uncharged for many months.

It doesn’t matter how expensive your battery is- this will, for sure, hurt its service life.

Our word on using power wheels quick charger

One way of reducing the wait is by charging your power wheels battery with a compatible power wheels quick charger.

We have even come across rapid charging models that claim to energize batteries to 80% capacity in just 2 hours.

That said, only a 100% charge will suffice (every other charge) for a lengthy battery lifetime.

The good thing is that most of these chargers have built-in battery charge indicators that alerts you when it’s charged maximally (which most certainly takes fewer hours).

Well, we are not here to make the decision for you and it’s upon you to decide if a quick charger could be worth it in the future.

How long to charge power wheels battery – take aways

Overcharging or undercharging your power wheels battery could shorten its life and harm the toy car’s running time.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you charge your power wheels battery for 14 hours immediately after each use and for 18 hours before you use it to operate your kid’s vehicle for the first time.

Moreover, you must never charge the battery for beyond 30 hours.

This applies to both 12 volts and 6 volts power wheels batteries.

Also remember to charge the battery once every 30 days (for 14 hours, again) during prolonged storage periods/winter.

Note that these are just general guidelines and the charging time instructions printed in your owner’s manual supersede these suggestions.

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