Maytag Bravos drain pump test (Test 7)

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Below is how to perform Maytag Bravos drain pump test – a defective drain pump is one of the most common causes of drainage problems on these washers

Maytag Bravos drain pump test -how to test drain pump on Maytag Bravos washer

Perform the following test if your Maytag Bravos washer won’t drain:

IMPORTANT:  Whenever the washing machine is tilted for service/troubleshooting, drain all water (from the basket) and remove any items loaded in the basket.

Preliminary tests

  1. Check for any obstructions (in the usual suspect areas). If you find any, clean and then proceed to perform step 2.
  2. Check your drain pump (and the recirc. pump-on some models) and the electrical connections by turning on drain pump(and recirculation pump-on some models) under Service Test Mode (see the tech sheet for your specific model).

The following procedure will assume that you have not succeeded above.

Maytag bravos washer drain pump test- step by step

  1. Unplug washer (or disconnect power).
  2. Remove the console to gain access to the main control.
  3. Visually check if the J4 connector has been inserted into the machine’s main control (all the way).

If the visual check passes, jump to step 6.

And if the J4 connector had not been inserted properly, reconnect it and perform step 2 above once again.

  1. Remove J4 connector from the main control.

Grab an ohmmeter and verify the resistance values (as indicated in the below table)  across these J4 connector pinouts:

Component J4 Connector Pinout Correct Resistance
Drain Pump J4, 1&  3 12–15Ω
Recirc. Pump J4, 1&  5 26–32Ω

If resistance values are open/out of range, jump to step 7.

And if the values are correct, jump to step 11.

  1. Tilt the machine back to get access to drain pump(and recirc. pump-on some models).

Verify the pump is completely free from obstructions.

  1. Now check all the electrical connections (at the drain pump/the recirc. pump) visually.

If the visual check passes, jump to step 9.

And if there are loose connections, remove and re-connect the loose electrical connections and perform step 2 once more.

  1. Grab an ohmmeter and check the harness for continuity (between drain pump/recirc. pump and the main control).

See the chart below for instructions:

Maytag bravos washer drain pump test

If you find continuity, jump to step 10.

And if there’s no continuity, replace lower washer harness and perform step 2 one more time.

  1. With your ohmmeter, measure resistance across the 2 pump terminals.

Resistance need to be as indicated below:

Component Correct Resistance
Drain Pump 12–15Ω
Recirculation Pump 26–32Ω

If values are open/out of range, go ahead and replace the entire pump motor.

And if the resistance at pump motor is fine, jump to step 11.

  1. If the above steps did not fix the drain issue, change out the main control (don’t forget to perform Service Diagnostics-to verify repair).

Final words

The above Maytag Bravos drain pump test is helpful for most drain issues including when a maytag bravos washer drain pump keeps running.

Be sure to search for and watch a few Maytag Bravos washer drain pump replacement tutorials on YouTube before changing out the part(if necessary)- the videos will help you save time and do the replacement correctly.



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