Quietest 20 gallon air compressor- best picks in the market

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A 20 gallon size air compressor is typically big enough for air wrenches, ratchets, air guns (it’s actually over sized for air guns), and more.

But let’s face it: Most can be extremely loud especially the oil less and it can drive you crazy while it’s running.

Of course, you can quiet it down by enclosing it, installing a larger muffler (on the intake), wrapping the body with carpet/ sound dampening mat, and more.

But why not save yourself all the trouble by buying the quietest 20 gallon air compressor from the word go?

Below we review our 3 top product picks for the quietest 20 gallon air compressor to point you in the right direction when shopping for one.

Quietest 20 gallon air compressor – our best three picks


#1-  Dewalt 20 gallon air compressor – best for pros/ serious DIY user

Quiet 20 gallon air compressor

This Dewalt is 78 dBA rated and is one of the quietest tough jobsite 20 gal air compressors in the market.

It can deliver 155 PSI max PSI making it a dependable tool for hungrier air tools; paint sprayers, nail guns, sanders, and more.

The features make this single-stage oil lubricated compressor a fantastic option for professionals and serious DIYers; high flow regulator (provides 20% more torque), heavy-duty induction motor (drives high pump performance), and V-twin cast iron two cylinders pump (for faster heat dissipation).

Other highlights include the oil-level sight glass, easy access oil fill, and a 12-inch cast-iron balanced flywheel.

The product is delivered fully assembled and will plug into standard 120V outlets (you can convert it for 240V applications too).

Key features at a glance:

  • 0CFM(@ 40 psi) and 5.7CFM (@ 90 psi)
  • 155 PSI max running pressure
  • Pre-attached pneumatic tires
  • Quick-set regulator
  • Built-in high flow regulator


  • Durable air compressor.
  • Builds pressure without issues.
  • Admirably quiet.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Pricey model.


#2- 2HP 20 gal Husky quiet portable air compressor-125 PSI, Model HP02P020SS- best for home use

Quietest 20 gallon air compressor

With a Db rating of just 51db @ 10 feet, this oil free unit is significantly less noisy than most similar 20 gallon air compressors.

Its 125 max PSI means it will work well for most hobby and light duty commercial tools.

It’s really easy-to-use, you get faster recovery times, and heightened CFM production.

The low amp draw along with solid copper windings helps minimize wear and tear.

For portability around the garage, the product comes with 8″ x 1-3/4″ plastic wheels.

Overall, this works well for devices such as brad nailers, air ratchets, etc.

Key features at a glance:

  • Maximum pressure:125 PSI.
  • 39CFM (@40 PSI) and 5.77CFM (@90 PSI)
  • Oil-free dual piston two cylinder pump


  • Easy to operate.
  • Super quiet.
  • Easy to relocate.


  • No automatic shutoff valve.


#3- California Air Tools 4 HP 20-gallon Ultra Quiet 20040CAD Air Compressor

husky quiet portable air compressor

At only 75 Decibels, this is ultra quiet and you can still have a small talk with colleagues while it’s running.

It’s actually one of the few quiet 4 HP (features two powerful 2.0 HP motors) air compressors out there and is a true high performer.

The oil-less dual piston pump has been specifically engineered for longevity and reduced maintenance-the pump can run for up to 3000 hrs. before needing service.

The build quality of its tank is excellent as well.

And there’s an automatic drain valve to help you drain the air tank easily.

The only downside is the price- this is an industrial grade tool so it’s one of the priciest.

Key features at a glance:

  • Automatic Drain Valve.
  • 80CFM (@ 40 PSI) /10.60CFM (@ 90 PSI).
  • 2 pressure control gauges and a condor pressure switch.
  • Thermal overload protector.



  • It’s much quieter- ideal for anyone operating it inside an office, store, shop, warehouse or home.
  • Durable air compressor.
  • High performance motor.


  • Pricey model.


Quietest 20 gallon air compressor -How quiet can an air compressor be?

In general, compressors build to deliver quiet performances can even be quiet as 40-55 decibels.

That said, this is most common in air compressors with lower tank capacities such as this 1 gal California Air Tools air compressor (56 Decibels).

For higher tank capacities, you’re unlikely to find good air compressors with such low ratings.

In fact, most of the renowned 20 gal models are above 85 decibels, which is considered harmful to your ears- research shows that continuous exposure to above 85 decibels noise levels can permanently damage human ears.

Fortunately, there are a couple of great 20 gallon air compressors with lower noise ratings so your ears don’t have to persistently ring.

We have just reviewed the best three in the market to help you make the right decision.

You can also look at the exceptional Eagle EA-6500 Silent air compressor (rated a super quiet 53 dB from about 25 feet away) – and it’s a reliable unit and just missed out on our top 3 shortlist.

Final thoughts

Stay away from any 20 gallon gas air compressor with decibel level​s above 85 dBA because it’s more likely to hurt your hearing down the road.

The other thing worth mentioning is that unlike lower capacity units, there are not very many quiet outstanding models when it comes to 20 gallon compressors so choose wisely.

But with the three models we have reviewed here, you at least have somewhere to start your search.



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