Kenmore refrigerator size by model number [2024 Update]

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When going shopping for a new refrigerator, it is quite normal to want to know its size/capacity. And, unlike other models, you can quickly know your Kenmore refrigerator size/capacity by checking its model number.

And, that is where this article comes in.

I will be guiding you on how you can use the model number to know the capacity of the refrigerator right away.

Additionally, I will also show you how you can decode the model and serial numbers of your Kenmore refrigerator to know everything there is about it.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number 

To start with, you will need to have the model number of your refrigerator at hand.

But, fear not if you do not have the model number. Instead, do the following to locate it…

How do I identify my Kenmore refrigerator? – locating the model number

Start by looking for the model sticker. You can find it either inside or at the back of the refrigerator.

And, in Kenmore refrigerators, it normally starts with three digits followed by a dot and several other digits.

Usually, these first three digits tell us the manufacturer of the refrigerator (remember Kenmore refrigerators are made by several manufacturers).

Moving on…

You can also find the model number in the owner’s manual of your refrigerator (on the cover or on the first pages).

Other than that, you can also find the model number written on the refrigerator’s warranty form.

How do I find the cubic feet of my refrigerator by model number?

Now that you have found the model number, below are the several ways that you can use this model number to know your refrigerator’s size:

1.      By checking the digits in the model number

In general, the third digit after the dot (in the model number) usually depicts the size of the refrigerator.

For instance, let’s take a Kenmore refrigerator with model number 106.56539400…

Here, the three prefix digits (106) tell us that this refrigerator is made by Whirlpool.

But, we are interested in the third digit after the dot (5). This digit indicates that this is a 25 Cubic feet refrigerator.

Similarly, a Kenmore refrigerator with model number 253.67879505 has an 18 Cubic feet capacity.

But, this method is not always reliable especially when the digit is greater than 5.

For instance, take the Kenmore refrigerator model number 106.53632300. Even if it is a 26 Cubic feet refrigerator, one might confuse it for a 16 Cubic feet refrigerator if they were to follow this method.

That is why, there are some other methods you can use to know your Kenmore refrigerator’s size. And they are…

1.      Use the model number’s suffix

If your refrigerator’s model number has an alphanumeric suffix, you can also use this suffix to get its size.

For instance, if the model’s suffix is KYU17, it means that the refrigerator has a capacity of 17 Cubic feet.

But, do note that this method also does not apply to all Kenmore refrigerator models.

2.      Search online (using its model number)

Typically, this is the fastest method when you want to know the size of your Kenmore refrigerator.

Simply type in the model number in the address bar of your browser and let Google do the rest for you.

It will not only tell you the size but also give you other specs of your Kenmore refrigerator.

3.      Contact Kenmore’s customer support

If the above methods do not bear fruit, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer support.

And, once you tell them the model number, they will quickly tell you the size of your Kenmore refrigerator.

Quick tip: Remember to contact the right manufacturer since Kenmore refrigerators are made by several manufacturers such as LG, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Frigidaire, and so on.

4.      Know the standard sizes of some top-selling Kenmore refrigerator brands

From what I have seen, some of the top-selling Kenmore refrigerator models come with standard capacities.

And, once you know these capacities, you won’t need to search online or calculate anything.

Bearing that in mind, below are the capacities of the most common Kenmore refrigerator models…

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number 106

The average capacity of a Kenmore 106 refrigerator is 20.6 cubic feet.

However, since there are several models of Kenmore refrigerators under this line, this capacity might vary a little bit.

But, the typical capacity range will normally be between 20 and 25 cubic feet.

And, out of this, 5.3-5.4 Cubic feet is usable freezer space while the other 15.2-15.3 is usable fridge space.

Something else: These units have a removable vegetable crisper compartment, removable drawers, and other space-saving features that offer extra storage for your food supplies.

Quick tip: The Kenmore 106 refrigerator model is manufactured by Whirlpool.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number 253

The Kenmore 253 refrigerator has a standard size of 18 cubic feet.

Though it’s not that much spacious, it at least offers more space in comparison to the mini or compact refrigerators.

And, this makes it the right size for a medium-sized household.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number 253

Quick tip: The Kenmore 253 refrigerator is a product of Gibson Refrigeration (Frigidaire).

Something else, it has a freezer that runs at a temperature range of 0-5⁰ F.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number 363

To start with, the Kenmore 363 refrigerator has a storage capacity of 21 cubic feet.

And, for its size, I will say it’s quite portable. Not to mention it comes with several excellent features.

For instance, Kenmore 363 refrigerators have adjustable glass shelves that allow you to create more space when need be.

Something else: The newer designs of this line are made to be exceptionally energy efficient.

And by the way, the Kenmore 363 refrigerators are a product of GE Appliances.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number 596

The Kenmore 596 refrigerator enjoys a whopping 25 cubic feet storage capacity. And as such, it is one of Kenmore’s most spacious refrigerators.

This model line is a French-door refrigerator with a bottom freezer.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number 596

Something else: This refrigerator has an appearance screams that screams style and functionality.

Quick tip: In case you are wondering who makes the Kenmore 596 refrigerator line, it is a product of Amana.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number 795

The Kenmore 795 refrigerator model has an average storage capacity of 22.1 cubic feet.

In addition to that, it has a two-tier freezer compartment with pull-out drawers. These drawers go a long way when it comes to offering maximum storage flexibility.

In case you are wondering who is the manufacturer of the Kenmore 795 model line, it’s LG.

As such, it’s energy-star-rated while still enjoying some of LG’s exquisite features such as Deluxe LED lighting.


Here’s another method that you can use to find the size of your Kenmore refrigerator (good if you do not have the model number).

Hand measure the internal dimensions of your Kenmore refrigerator

Using a tape measure, measure the internal dimensions (width, depth, and height) of your refrigerator in inches.

Quick tip: For more accurate readings, remove the internal shelves before measuring.

Once done, multiply your dimensions and divide by 1,728 to get its size in Cubic feet

The reason we are dividing by 1,728 is that 1 Cubic foot is equivalent to 12x12x12 (1,728) cubic inches.

Kenmore Elite refrigerator size by model number [kenmore elite refrigerator size by model number]

When it comes to the Kenmore Elite model, you can easily decode its size if you have its model number.

And, the best way to do so is by following the steps we have outlined above as they are also similar when it comes to Elite models.

How do I interpret my Kenmore refrigerator serial number? – Kenmore refrigerator size by serial number

Unfortunately, you cannot determine the size or capacity of a Kenmore refrigerator directly from its serial number.

Typically, the serial number contains information related to the manufacturing date, production batch, and other internal codes that are specific to the manufacturer.

Having said that, here’s how you can decode the serial number of your Kenmore refrigerator and get its manufacture date…

Kenmore refrigerator serial number lookup

This will vary depending on the manufacturer because different manufacturers have different coding mechanisms.

That said, below are some ways to get the manufacture date from the serial number…

If it is made by Whirlpool (model number starts with 106, 110, 198, 664, 665, or 850), here’s how to decode the serial number…

The second letter represents the year the product was manufactured.

For instance, “P” represents 2003, “R” represents 2004, and so on until “Y” that represents 2009.

From here, “0” represents 2010 till “9” to represent 2019.

And, the two numbers following this letter indicate the week of manufacture.

For instance, a Kenmore refrigerator with model number 106.9712611 and serial number EB1719162 was manufactured on the 17th week of 1992.

The good thing is that if you are not sure of how to decode the letters, you can always find a good chart to guide you with the letter-year combination.

On the other hand, if it is a Frigidaire product (model number starts with 119, 253, 790, 791, or 970), use this decoding formula…

The first character stands for the manufacturing facility while the second character represents the product type (in this case “A” since it’s a refrigerator).

The third character is a number and this represents the last digit of the year of manufacture. For instance, if it is 8, it means that the appliance was made in 1998, 2008, or 2018.

Now, to get its exact manufacture date, use the model number to download the manual and check when the manual was printed.

For instance, if the manual was printed around 2008, it means that the refrigerator is a 2008 model.

Finally, the fourth and fifth digits tell you the week of manufacture of your Frigidaire Kenmore appliance.

Now, as you can see, the serial number decoding might vary from model to model depending on the manufacturer of your Kenmore refrigerator.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many cubic feet is my Kenmore refrigerator model 106?

The Kenmore 106 refrigerator model line has an average capacity of 20.6 cubic feet.

But, do note that this capacity might vary a little bit depending on the exact model.

Remember that 106 means that it’s a product of Whirlpool and as such, there are several Kenmore 106 refrigerator models.

How do I know what size Kenmore refrigerator I have?

There are several methods to help you know the size of the refrigerator, namely:

  • Checking the third digit of the model number after the dot.
  • If the model number has an alphanumeric suffix, then the model number is the final 2 digits of this suffix.
  • Using the model number to search online.
  • Contacting the manufacturer’s customer care using the model number.
  • Hand measuring the internal dimensions (in inches) using a tape measure, multiplying them and dividing them by 1,728.

Now, for a better explanation on each of these methods, be sure to refer to the beginning of this article.

What size is my Kenmore refrigerator?

The average size of most Kenmore refrigerators ranges between 16 and 25 cubic feet.

And as such, the size will vary from one model to the other.

So, to be sure of the exact size/capacity of your Kenmore refrigerator, it’s best to first locate the model number. You can then use the steps above as they will guide you in determining the size of your Kenmore refrigerator.

Alternatively, you can use a tape measure to calculate the refrigerator’s internal dimensions (in inches), multiply them together and divide them by 1,728 to get the size in cubic feet.

Kenmore refrigerator size by model number – final thoughts

Now you have an idea of the different methods you can use to get the size of a Kenmore refrigerator using its model number.

Just remember to get a refrigerator with enough space depending on the number of people in your household.


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