How to stop a dryer from squeaking (Tips and tricks)

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When your dryer begins to make squeaking sounds, it is typically telling you that something is not right.

The good thing is that you do not need to call in a professional….it is quite straightforward to fix a squeaky dryer – you actually do not need any special equipment let alone professional help.

With that in mind, below is how to stop a dryer from squeaking– both gas and electric.

Let’s dive in.

How to stop a dryer from squeaking (how to fix a squeaky dryer)

There are quite a few reasons that could be making your dryer make awful squeaking sounds.

We shall look at each one of these because it can be anything(beginning with the easiest and most common cause).

Here we go…

Tighten the dryer legs

The first thing you can try is to confirm that the dryer legs are tight.

You see, over time, the dryer legs tend to work themselves loose – from constantly running for long periods over the years.

And when they get loose, your dryer might start squeaking when operating.


How to tighten dryer legs

First, pull your dryer away from the wall, tilt it back, and then gently tug at the legs.

Now, you will need to tighten them up if they’re loose – just use a wrench here.

Also, if during inspection process you observe that one or more of the legs are bent/damaged, it is best to order replacement legs based on your dryer model(there’s no workaround here).

Quick Tip: If you have a Maytag, Kenmore, or any Whirlpool dryer, these dryer legs replacement set should work.


Level your dryer

Your dryer may also go out of balance – from the years of slightly moving as it runs, potentially resulting in the dryer starting squeaking and shaking.

Now, to test how level the dryer is, you will need a level.


Put your level on top of the dryer and test from front to back and from side to side.

Now, if you find that the dryer is not level, you have to adjust the dryer legs as necessary until your dryer is perfectly leveled.


Fixing a squeaky dryer – further troubleshooting steps

Clean lint from inside the dryer

When lint accrues inside the dryer, some of it may get stuck around the drum, especially at both ends. This can again make the drum squeak every time it runs.

That being so, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum out any lint that may be inside the dryer(Be as thorough as you can)..remember you need to open up your drum.


Lubricate the internals

Once you are done vacuuming out lint, it might be important to lubricate the internals as well.


Well, some interior components can also be behind your dryer’s squeaking noise.

So, how do you lubricate a squeaky dryer?

Well, we look at how to lubricate your noisy dryer and the exact parts you need to lubricate next.


Lubricate the bearings and the idler pulley wheel

how do you lubricate a squeaky dryer

If the bearings and the idler pulley wheel aren’t properly lubricated, there’s a chance your dryer could make loud squeaking sound as the drum rotates.


Being moving parts, the parts tend to produce friction during dryer use- and this friction could be leading to the irritating squeaking sound.

Speaking about lubrication, the best way to lubricate the dryer is to squirt a few drops of 30-weight oil into the noisy spots or a good multipurpose lubricant.

There’s a special Frigidaire Lubricant for Dryer too if you have a Frigidaire dryer.

Quick Tip: Stay away from WD-40 lubricant because most manufacturers don’t recommend it as a lubricant(it’s a fire hazard because it’s essentially kerosene).

Keep in mind that, while at it, do not over-lubricate these parts since overly lubricating them can make them attract too much lint really fast.

Quick Note: Not all dryer models require lubricating so confirm from your owner’s manual whether your model should be lubricated or not. You will find this information in the maintenance section of the manual.


The dryer has some missing screws (Check and replace)

If some screws were never put back during recent servicing, it could as well lead to your dryer producing annoying squeaky sounds.

So go ahead and disassemble it and carefully inspect for any screws that may be missing/loose, if your laundry dryer was serviced just the other day.

Of course, you need to replace any screws you find missing with the right screw models.


How to stop a dryer from squeaking: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my dryer squeak until it warms up?

If a dryer squeaks when first started, the suspects are either the idler pulley wheel or the drum bearings.

As mentioned previously, the best solution is to lubricate these parts properly and see if the noise disappears.

Is a squeaking dryer safe to use?

Yes, there’s no known harm- at least not immediately.

That being said, it is not advisable to use it in the long term as it could end up getting further damage (and more expensive repairs down the road).

How do you lubricate a squeaky dryer?

Gently apply a thin coat of an approved lubricant (check your owner’s manual) on the moving parts and wait for the lubricant to dry before re-assembling your dryer.

Don’t forget that leaving the lubricant to dry prevents lint from getting attracted to the lubricated part.


How to stop a dryer from squeaking – final words

Implementing the above fixes will help you get rid of the squeaking noise from your dryer.

Bear in mind that the above fixes are not restricted to top-load dryers- they might also help you fix a squeaky front-load dryer.

PS: You can always get a good step-by-step video on YouTube on how to disassemble your unit depending on the model, if you want to take it apart during the troubleshooting process.


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