Your dryer making loud screeching noise when turning? [Check this!]

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One of the many issues your dryer can have on occasion is making a range of annoying noises (rumbling, squeaking, pounding noises, etc.).

Don’t worry- it’s a way of communicating that the dryer is having an issue that you need to fix to have it work properly (as it always has)

Now, if you have a dryer that is making unpleasant loud squealing (screeching) noise during operation, then this article is for you.

Read on to know the cause of your dryer making loud screeching noise when turning and how to fix it.

Let’s dive in:

Dryer making loud screeching noise when turning (Troubleshooting steps)

The first step towards diagnosing the culprit is to carefully listen out for where the noise is being produced.

That being so, let us have a look at how exactly to diagnose this, depending on the exact spot the noise is coming from(or when exactly it is making the awful screeching noise during drying).


Dryer making loud screeching noise from the front when turning – causes and solutions

When this happens, 90% of the time it is usually an indication of a worn-out idler pulley.

Yes, that same contraption that puts tension on the belt hence preventing it from slipping off the drum.

So, how do you test if the idler pulley is the cause of your troubles?

Well, here’s how:

You will first need to disassemble your dryer – depending on your model, you can find some great instructional videos on YouTube to guide you.

Keep in mind that once you have fully disassembled the dryer, you will need to depress the idler pulley- This will allow you to release the tension from the belt and subsequently remove the belt.

Be sure to inspect the condition of the idler pulley and its wheel.

You want to look closely and see if any of them is damaged- the best solution is to replace the pulley, if damaged.

But if you note that it is not damaged, try to spin the idler pulley wheel –by hand.

The wheel should be spinning smoothly and quietly – without wobbling.

If this is not the case, it might be broken meaning a replacement is needed.

Quick Note: When it comes to the replacement, you might have to replace the wheel alone or the idler pulley as a whole(some models require you to replace the entire thing).


What if the idler pulley is fine?

What if you just did that and saw that the idler pulley is not the cause of your dryer wailing loudly as if it’s passing a message to its ancestors?

Well, recall that we said that when the noise is coming from the front of the drum, 90% of the time it points to a damaged idler pulley.

Otherwise, 10% of the time, it is typically an indication that either the drum glides(drum pads) or the drum felt is damaged.

Just note that these parts are traditionally located at the front of the drum.


Well, inspect these parts for signs of being worn out.

And when inspecting them, you could find that they’re only partially worn out and you’ll hence be tempted not to replace them.

Stop! You have to- not changing them out is likely only lead to further problems down the road.

So, if you note that the glides are worn out, be sure to promptly swap them out.

Note: If your dryer has multiple glides and you find only one has worn out, don’t dare to replace it alone. Instead, replace all of them together since one getting worn-out is a warning shot that the rest could soon follow suit.


Dryer making loud screeching noise from the back when turning

If the screeching noise is coming from the back of your dryer, the first suspect is the belt.

Just like the idler pulley and the glides, the belt also eventually gets worn out- it is routinely at work every time you run your dryer.

To check it, you simply take it off the drum(recall that we have our dryer disassembled from the previous steps) and visually examine it.

Again if you see any signs of it being worn out or it being torn(even if partially), it could be time to replace it.

If upon inspection of the belt you feel that it is not the culprit, then you will want to have a look at the rear drum bearings and felt pad- the noise could be originating there as well.

How to check the drum bearings and felt pad

The process for inspecting these is the same as the one we followed when inspecting the gliders.

Once more you will need to replace the bearings or the felt pad if they appear bad(also the roller shafts can be another source so check and replace them too).

Good thing these replacement parts come incredibly cheap- you will get a kit with a drum belt and idler pulley for as little as less than 20 bucks.

For instance, if you are using Maytag, Kenmore, or any Whirlpool dryer, you can get this replacement kit at a great price.


Dryer making loud screeching noise and burning smell

Now, there are several reasons that could make your dryer producing a burning smell.

But here is the thing: If there’s a burning smell and the dyer also produces a loud screeching noise at the same time, it is normally either a damaged belt or damaged drum felt.


Well, majorly because they are made of rubber so once these parts get damaged, they get burnt by the friction of the dryer spinning, leading to the burning smell.

You already know how to check if they are the problem and what to do.


Dryer making loud screeching noise when turning – other fixes

When your dryer starts making loud screeching noises, your best bet is disassembling it to identify the possible culprit.

That’s because, for the most part, it is due to a broken part (from continued use) that requires to be replaced to eliminate the noise.

Quick tip: You can easily get simple instructional videos on YouTube on how to disassemble your dryer depending on its model.

PS: Do not spray WD40 on any part of your squeaky dryer(drum support rollers,  shafts,  drive belt, drum bearings, etc.)..It’s basically kerosene+perfume so your load could start smelling WD40(not to mention that your supposed lubrication is unlikely to solve anything)


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