How to reset Mitsubishi air conditioner: The easiest way

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Learn how to reset Mitsubishi air conditioner to make it work again in this guide

As with other air conditioner brands, your Mitsubishi air conditioner may need to be reset in the event it malfunctions.

For instance, if the unit has not come back on after a recent power outage, resetting it could do the trick.

Resetting the unit could also help clear some of the non-serious faults that make the A/C not to cool properly.

Follow these steps to reset your Mitsubishi air conditioner and get your much-needed comfort back!

Learn how to reset your Mitsubishi air conditioner to factory default settings. Resetting your AC unit can help troubleshoot issues and restore proper functioning.

How to reset Mitsubishi air conditioner – steps and useful tips

For the most part, Mitsubishi A/Cs are reset by following these steps:

Step 1:  Turn off indoor unit

The first obvious step is turning off its indoor unit.

To do this, either switch the remote control or thermostat to “off”.

Done? The next steps are pretty easy.


Step 2:  Turn breaker off (to the outside unit)

Find the breaker to your AC’s outside unit (in your home) and then flip the breaker to the ‘off’ position.

If you’re having trouble, all you need to do is open the circuit’s breaker box and locate the circuit with an air con/HVAC label (next to it).

Quick Tip: if you do not notice any label, simply look for the switch that’s “tripped”- the one that has moved to neutral position.


Step 3:  Wait about 30 seconds

Your A/C won’t reset the internal circuit breaker immediately so wait about 30 seconds- the internal breaker (in your Mitsubishi air conditioner) should reset completely during this time.


Step 4:  Turn the breaker on

After 30 seconds have elapsed, turn the breaker back on.


Step 5:  Turn the remote /thermostat on

Next, you can proceed to turn the remote (or your thermostat) on.

Make sure the correct settings have been selected and test if it can now cool.

Voila! Now celebrate as you have successfully got it to operate again without incurring a hefty repair bill!


Wait! No lights comes on (on the indoor units)

If lights do not come on the inside unit when you attempt to have the AC run (after resetting it), you could be having a blown fuse on the air con’s main PC board.

The best approach is to have a technician take a look at the A/C unless you’re a pro and can replace the fuse.

Your tech may even wire in an inline fuse holder to enable you to replace the fuse easily should it blow again.

It’s worth mentioning that in some cases, light(s) come on at your indoor unit. However, the outdoor unit won’t start even after waiting three minutes.

It is again likely due to a blown fuse (on the PC board of your outside unit) so contact a licensed service tech as long as you’re not an expert.


Wait! The circuit breaker tripped after resetting the unit and AC won’t kick back on!

In the event that the breaker trips shortly after you have reset the AC, it could be a sign that there’s another serious issue you require to handle before you re-attempt to reset the A/C circuit breaker.

Unfortunately, telling what this error could be can be an uphill task….

For example, it might potentially be a clogged filter (Try to clean or replace the filter) or even a dirty condenser coil.

Other possible culprits include loose wiring/a short, fan motor fault, refrigerant leaks, compressor failure, and more.

When restarting the A/C soon after resetting it, it totally refuses to operate even after pressing the ON/OFF button

If you observe this behavior, try to wait approximately 3 minutes.

Sometimes it can delay beginning operation, especially where the operation had been stopped automatically to protect the A/C.


The AC’s remote controller display shows the message “PLEASE WAIT” when attempting to restart it

Again there is nothing to worry about if you see this message.

It indicates that the initial settings could still be in progress so you just need to be patient (recall the rule is to wait approximately 3 minutes).


How do I reset my Mitsubishi mini split AC?

If you want to reset a Mitsubishi mini split air conditioner- perhaps the controls have become unresponsive- just press the unit’s “reset” button (on the bottom).

This should fix the issue if you’re lucky.

Keep in mind that you may need to reset the breaker too (if it had tripped).

The procedure is as described earlier- directly flip your circuit breaker “off” for about a minute (or so) then back on.


How to reset Mitsubishi air conditioner remote

In the case of the remote not working and you feel like resetting it might help, what you need to do is press then hold its power button for a couple of seconds.

You will notice the button light blink twice (in quick succession) and then extinguish.

Your remote will now be reset, ready to operate the AC.


How to reset Mitsubishi thermostat

If it is the thermostat that you suspect to be the cause of the problem, try to reset it as outlined below:

  1. Find the circuit breaker controlling your HVAC system.
  2. Now flip it to ‘off’ position.
  3. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the reset process to run.
  4. Flip the breaker once more to ‘on’ position.
  5. Head back to your thermostat and select the desired setting mode (heat/cool). Also adjust the temperature settings as necessary.
  6. Check if the system is now operating properly.


Final words

Knowing how to reset Mitsubishi air conditioner can help you instantly solve numerous HVAC issues by yourself.

In fact, it is a good idea to attempt to reset the AC each time you face a hiccup before calling for AC repair- it is a simple hack but it can save you a ton of money.

Of course, resetting your Mitsubishi AC unit will not always fix the glitch you’re experiencing so it is important to know when to call a professional.

PS: Contact Mitsubishi Support here (if necessary).

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