How to reset Keurig Supreme after descaling easily

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How to reset Keurig Supreme after descaling (step-by-step instructions)

As you well know, descaling is an important part of maintaining your Keurig Supreme coffeemaker as it removes mineral buildup. This ensures that your coffee is fresh and tastes good.

However, it is not uncommon for Keurig brewer to fail especially after descaling (of course, the descale light sometimes even ‘refuses’ to go off).

Now, one way of resolving these faults and get it up and running again is resetting the coffeemaker

So today I will be showing you how to reset Keurig Supreme after descaling (I hope that your coffee maker will start working again after this….)

Below are the easy-peasy instructions to follow….

How to reset Keurig Supreme after descaling

To begin with, you might run into two major problems once you have descaled your Keurig Supreme coffeemaker.

For one, the coffeemaker might die hence fail to start – you press the power button and nothing happens (it won’t power on).

When this occurs, it is usually the safety thermostat (inside the coffeemaker) that has tripped hence your coffeemaker won’t turn on.

Also, after descaling, the coffeemaker might power on but the descale light will still continue lighting up.

The good news is, no matter which situation your Keurig Supreme coffeemaker might have run into, resetting it will easily get rid of the problem.

Having said that, let me first show you how you can easily reset your Keurig Supreme coffeemaker if it dies after a descale…

How do you reset a Keurig Supreme after descaling? – steps to follow

Before you trying to reset it, check and confirm that the plug is working (you can plug in your phone to see if it charges).

If the plug is fine, you can proceed with the reset procedure below (but don’t worry, I will also link you to an instructional video to guide you along)…

  1. Unplug the coffeemaker and take off the water tank.
  2. Take the drip tray off.
  3. Take out the three rubber feet at the bottom of the coffeemaker.
  4. Proceed to take off the adapter and unscrew the three screws holding the assembly shell to the base of the coffeemaker.
  5. Disengage the tabs at the base and using a screwdriver, push out the shell covering the coffeemaker.
  6. Once you have removed the shell covering, you should now see the heating element (it is the grey spiral part you are seeing in the middle of the coffeemaker).
  7. Locate the thermostat towards the top of the heating element – it is the small part between the red and white wire connections.
  8. Now, to reset your Keurig Supreme coffeemaker, use a paper clip to depress the little button on the thermostat.
  9. Proceed to reassemble your coffeemaker and once done, power on the coffeemaker to see if this fixes it.

Quick note: The thermostat is a safety device that protects the coffeemaker from catching fire when it overheats. You see, when descaling, the coffeemaker will perform several brews in a row and this might cause the heating element to get too hot. In turn, this will trip the thermostat hence the coffeemaker won’t start. But, once you reset it, the coffeemaker should work just fine.

Moving on…

Here’s an instructional video that will better guide you on how to reset your Keurig Supreme coffeemaker:

Moving on…

Another likely scenario that you might find yourself in after descaling is the descale light not going off.

So, what can you do to fix this?

How to reset Keurig Supreme descale light (if it stays on after a descale)

Now, if the descale light is still illuminating even after you have completed the descale process, it means that you might not have done it the right.

For one, when descaling, it is important for you to let the machine empty fully.

That being so, when performing the rinse cycle, be sure to fill the reservoir and let it run until it fully finishes the cycle.

Something else: When the coffeemaker signals for you to add water, fill it again and let it empty everything again.

You see, your machine is kind of counting the number of times it is going empty hence when it goes empty twice, it automatically turns off the descale light.

However, in some select models, it could be that you did not enter the Descale Mode when descaling.

With that in mind, below are the steps you should follow so as to reset the descale light:

Steps to reset Keurig Supreme descale light by activating descale mode

  1. Power off the brewer.
  2. Press and hold the 8oz and 12oz buttons together for 3 seconds. However, in some models, you will need to press the 8oz and 10oz buttons.
  3. When the K light starts flashing, press it (the K button) to start the descaling process.

Be sure to have a mug that can fit 12oz of liquid in the drip tray.

  1. Once the add water light lights up, discard the collected liquid (in the mug) and fill the reservoir to the MAX fill line with fresh water.
  2. Repeat step 4 until the descale light goes off indicating that you have successfully completed the descale process. Usually, this happens after you have run two complete rinse cycles. However, if the coffeemaker had excess mineral buildup, it might require a few more rinse cycles.


Now, by following the above steps, you should be able to reset your Keurig Supreme coffeemaker light.

However, this might not always be so.

You see, at times, the board that runs the coffeemaker might be to blame – it might be having some static charges that are resulting in the appliance misbehaving.

As a result, this will require you to hard reset the appliance.

To do so, simply unplug it from the power outlet and let it sit for five minutes – allows all the static charges to flow out of the appliance.

Once the five minutes are over, you can proceed to plug it back and see if this fixes it.     

How to reset Keurig Supreme after descaling – final words

When descaling your Keurig Supreme, be sure not to perform several descales consecutively.

This is because they can cause an overload of the thermal switch thereby tripping it.

And, as we have seen, tripping this switch will result in your Keurig coffeemaker not starting up after descaling.

P.S: You can refer to Keurig’s recommended descale instructions. Also call 866-901-2739 for further troubleshooting if you have done the descale process correctly yet the descale indicator does not go out)


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