Hisense portable air conditioner troubleshooting (faults and fixes)

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If your Hisense portable air conditioner is acting up, try the suggestions in this Hisense portable air conditioner troubleshooting guide.

It may help you avoid a potentially expensive repair bill-and oh, it’s certainly no fun waiting for your portable air con to get repaired when it’s so damn hot outside!

Hisense portable air conditioner troubleshooting (faults and fixes)

Here are the 9 most common Hisense portable air conditioner faults and likely fixes:

Hisense portable air conditioner not blowing cold air

To troubleshoot the problem, try the following (assuming the PAC is properly sized for your room):

  1. Check that your unit’s temperature setting is lower than the room temperature(adjust as necessary).
  2. Make sure the fan is blowing warm air from the rear of the unit. Also ensure the exhaust hose is venting out the window-your PAC can only work properly if the exhaust hose is venting hot air out of your home.
  3. Confirm that you can hear the compressor kick-on after start-up (there could be a delay of several minutes)- if the compressor won’t start, you may try to connect it to a different outlet to test for a power issue.


Hisense portable air conditioner front display not working

Well, for the error of Hisense portable air conditioner display not working, there is a button on the remote called dimmer.

Click it and check if it will pop up.

It could also be due to a computer error – unfortunately, troubleshooting this isn’t easy and you may have to get in touch with your closest local Hisense subsidiary for further help.

I should add that in some models, the display is just added for aesthetic reasons and there is no functionality.

For that reason, it is important to be sure that your model is one of those whose display is supposed to be functional.


Hisense portable air conditioner not cooling completely

If your Hisense portable air conditioner will not cool, we suggest that you follow the steps explained in the video below (Video by HisenseCA)

Hisense air conditioner won’t operate at all

If the unit will not operate at all, check the following things and try to troubleshoot as indicated:

  1. Check if the power supply cord is unplugged

Troubleshooting step(s): Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.

  1. Check the capacity of the time-delay fuse and the circuit breaker

The unit is unlikely to operate if wrong capacity of time-delay fuse(or circuit breaker) is used.

Troubleshooting step(s): Install a time-delay fuse/circuit breaker of the right capacity. See the “electrical Requirements” section of your Hisense portable air conditioner manual.

  1. Check if the power supply cord has tripped (Hisense portable air conditioner reset button on the power cord has popped out).

Troubleshooting step(s): Press then release RESET(listen for a click- the reset button should latch and remain in).

  1. Check for a blown household fuse or if a tripped circuit breaker

Troubleshooting step(s): Replace the fuse/reset the circuit breaker.

  1. Check if the On/Off button has been pressed

Troubleshooting step(s): Press ON/OFF to start it.

  1. Check if local power supply has failed

Troubleshooting step(s): Wait for the restoration of local power

Hisense air conditioner keeps turning off

Check your mode – if it’s in smart mode, it works off of the ambient temperature of the room. Make sure it is set to Cool Mode.

Also try to move it away from walls and other objects (or into a more open area)- obstructed air flow could be causing the issue.

Tip: The unit could also be stopping because it has reached the temp you set it at. Try to simply lower the temperature on it to the lowest setting and see if it will work.


Hisense portable air conditioner compressor not working

Check the ambient temperature- the compressor tends to go into protection mode if your ambient room temp is lower than the target room temperature you have set.

You can wait and see what happens- the compressor could power back on once the temperature begins to rise a couple of degrees above the target setting.

Another way of fixing this is avoiding running the PAC unless the ambient room temperature is between 38℉ to 90℉- when the de-icer detects the correct operating temp, the compressor should cycle back on.

Finally, it may be a power problem with the compressor- try to connect it to another outlet to test for a possible power fault.

Don’t forget to do the following to keep the compressor working properly:

  1. Clean the filter routinely
  2. Ensure there is sufficient space around the AC for proper ventilation
  3. Make sure that the vent hose is properly connected with no leaks.


Hisense portable air conditioner fan not working

Once the unit successfully powers on, the vents need to start to work – unless its fan is broken.

Try to unplug the unit(remember to wait a while) and then plug it back in.

You should then restart the unit to see if the fan will run.

If the issue remains, you might have to contact Hisense customer service.

Hisense portable air conditioner remote not working

Check the batteries.

If not, it is best to replace the remote (You can order a new remote from Hisense customer service directly)


Hisense portable air conditioner runs constantly

Firstly, you and I know that it is supposed to turn off when it reaches your desired temp.

However, it is typically fully dependent on the mode you are using- keep in mind that it will continue to run to maintain that temperature in some modes since if it turns fully off, the PAC will be unable to automatically cool if the ambient room temperature raises too high.


Hisense portable air conditioner troubleshooting – fixing common Hisense portable air conditioner error codes

Hisense portable air conditioner error code E5

E5 means the bucket is full and you have to empty it.

Once you empty it, you need to turn the unit off then on to reset the error light(and reset the PAC).

Note: If the error appears when you first start the unit, please turn the unit off. Unplug it, wait for 10 minutes and plug it back in -this resets it. If it does not, you may have a sensor error and may need to get your unit exchanged.

Hisense portable air conditioner EA error code

EA means there is a communication control board error.

You may need to reach out to a Hisense subsidiary near you for assistance.


Hisense portable air conditioner filter cleaning

  1. Press ON/OFF to turn off the AC.
  2. Open the filter panel door (on the back of your AC) and remove.
  3. Now remove the tapping screw from the condenser air intake filter panel door and remove the filter.
  4. Clean the filter using a vacuum cleaner (note that you may wash it in warm water – with a mild detergent- if extremely dirty).

Caution: Avoid washing the filter in a dishwasher or using any chemical cleaners.

  1. Air dry the air filter completely then replace it – having it dry properly ensures maximum efficiency.
  2. Re-attach the filter to the filter panel door.
  3. Reinstall the filter panel door and the tapping screw.
  4. Press ON/OFF to start your air conditioner again.


How to reset Hisense portable air conditioner

Resetting the machine erases certain programmed functionalities and it can help fix some stubborn problems including the issue of shutting itself off(on occasion).

Performing a master reset may also be helpful if the air-conditioner is acting very erratic(it could, for example, be powering on/off on its own).

Here are the steps to follow to reset it:

  1. Turn it off for about 30 seconds.
  2. Unplug it.
  3. Plug it back in.
  4. Turn it back on.

Note: You can as well reset it by holding down the power button, depending on your specific model.

Hisense portable air conditioner troubleshoot – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why does my Hisense portable air conditioner turn off by itself?

There are several potential reasons for your PAC turning off by itself including a dirty filter or coils (clean them), a faulty compressor, items obstructing air flow, or a power loss.

Hisense portable air conditioner troubleshooting – final thoughts

If you are still having issues with your portable air conditioner unit, there may be something else going on with your unit and the best solution is to contact an experienced HVAC technician.

You can also contact Hisense customer care team if you are not out of warranty- call Hisense Canada customer care team at 1-855-344-7367 or the USA appliances team at 1.877.465.3566


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