GE washer machine reset procedure

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If your GE washer is not working as it should, often, resetting it is the perhaps the simplest way of getting it back up and running.

With that in mind, we shall look at how you can reset your GE washing machine in just a few steps in this article.

Additionally, we shall look at some of the basic faults that resetting your GE washer can resolve.

So read this to the end if your GE washer is acting up and you want to try and reset it before anything else.


GE washer machine reset procedure/instructions

Of course, resetting your GE washing machine reboots the washer’s programming.

And this could be the secret to making your washer work normally again.

Luckily, resetting the unit is actually a piece of cake.

Below are the simple steps for GE washer machine reset…

Method 1: reset by unplugging your unit

To start with, you can easily reset your GE washer by simply disconnecting it from the power outlet.

Now, once you have unplugged your washer, you will need to wait for around five minutes before reconnecting it back to the power – this allows the electrical charges to completely clear out from the system, thereby resetting your washer.

Quick tip: If your washer model has a timer control knob, you will need to turn the knob around and back to any position except for the final spin of the interrupted cycle. You will do this before you reconnect your washer to the power source.

You can now power it back up again to see if the issue that was causing the washer to malfunction has gone away.


Method 2: reset by tripping off the circuit breaker

Alternatively, you can reset your washer by turning off its power at your home’s mains – just turn off the circuit breaker to your washer’s electrical outlet.

Now, if you decide to use this approach, it is important you note that you will still need to wait for around 5 minutes before you reset the circuit breaker.

Again, if your washer model has a timer control knob, you will need to turn the knob around and back to any position except for the final spin of the interrupted cycle.

You will do this before you reset your circuit breaker.

Your GE washer should now be working fine (if it was just a minor system glitch)-

Be sure to test it by running one or two wash cycles just to be sure everything is fine.


How to reset a GE top load washer motor – Hydrowave motor reset

Now, if you happen to own a GE top load washer featuring the Hydrowave wash system, you might want to use the steps below to reset its motor.

Remember that a bad motor in these units tends to lead to the washer filling with water but not agitating or spinning.

You can always check your washer model on GE’s website to know if your model has the Hydrowave wash system – for starters, this feature is available on some models manufactured from 2011 to 2015.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Unplug your machine from the electrical outlet for one to five minutes the plug it back in.
  2. After reconnecting your washer, lift and lower the lid six times within a 12-second time frame. Keep in mind that you should do this within 30 seconds of reconnecting your washer.

Additionally, be sure to raise the lid a minimum of 2”. This ensures that the magnetic connection on the lid is not interrupted – Oh and be sure to close the lid completely each time.

You have now reset your unit and it is ready for its next wash cycle.


How to reset a GE washer front load

In order to reset your GE front load washer, you again follow the above steps – do that and all might be well again within five minutes.


How to reset GE washer dryer combo

Now, if you are unsure of how to reset a GE washer dryer combo, just follow the above steps – they also work when it comes to resetting nearly all GE washer dryer combo models.

When and why to reset a GE washing machine

There are quite a few faults that you can quickly fix by resetting your GE washer.

Here are some:

  • It’s not starting or completing a wash cycle.
  • It’s not spinning or draining properly.
  • It’s not filling or dispensing water as it should.
  • You have a new GE washer that was left in test mode after purchase.
  • Your washer starts to act up after a power failure or blackout.
  • Your washer has run into an error that requires the unit to be reset.


GE washer machine reset – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you reset a GE washing machine?

Yes you can.

Now, to reset a GE washing machine, all you will need to do is, power cycle the machine (for the most part)

Do GE washers have a reset button?

GE washing machines, in general, do not have a reset button.

However, you can reset it by power cycling it so do not worry about the missing GE washer reset button.


GE washer machine reset – conclusion

As with other washer brands, resetting your GE washing machine can be a useful troubleshooting step if your machine isn’t working as it should.

Follow the steps outlined above to try and reset your machine – your washing machine could be back up and running once more afterward.



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