Are gas dryers safe really?

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Are gas dryers safe?

Read this article to find out if having a gas dryer (they’re way cheaper to operate and faster in drying compared to electric dryers) is really safe..

Let us dive in.

Are gas dryers safe?

Overall, properly vented and maintained gas dryers do not, in general, pose any risks.

In short, properly installed and maintained gas dryers are perfectly safe- underline the word properly installed and maintained because that’s where things can go horribly wrong..


Well, when it comes to gas dryers, there are usually two main unique dangers that may occur as you run your dryer. They are:

  • Natural gas leaks.
  • Carbon monoxide leaks.

Now, unlike a natural gas leak which can be smelt, carbon monoxide is riskier as this deadly gas is colorless and odorless meaning it is not very easy to detect.

However, this should not deter you from purchasing a gas dryer.

And the truth is millions of homes use gas dryers all the time.

More importantly, regulatory bodies are always making sure that manufacturers are producing safe appliances.

In fact, laws regarding installation of gas dryers are very strict.

For instance, many states will require contractors and plumbers to use certain high-level sealants when laying out the gas pipes.

Other states even go one step further- they require all installations and repairs of gas appliances to be done only by licensed technicians.

That is how seriously they take it.

There are more reasons why you have nothing to worry about when using gas dryers..

  1. These dryers are equipped with thermostats that will blow up if the air vents are clogged thereby turning off the gas. This helps in preventing carbon monoxide leaks.
  2. The airflow ducting is typically very rigid – the idea it to make it harder for the deadly gas to find its way into your rooms.


How to use gas dryer safely

Even though we have seen that manufacturers are producing their gas dryers being safe and compliant with set standards for home use, you (the end user), do have a responsibility of making sure that you use the gas dryer safely.

Below, we will look at some of the safety tips that you should follow to make sure that you are using your gas dryer safely.


Clean the lint trap always

To begin with, regularly clean your lint trap – preferably after every laundry cycle.

This prevents frequent clogging of your vents which would otherwise result in your dryer overheating, which can lead to an explosion.


Clean the exhaust vent every six months

Next, you will want to make sure that you clean your exhaust vent every six months-1 year.

Again it is because a clogged vent(because of lint buildup) not only results in your dryer overheating and subsequently a fire(for the most part) but also may impede the rate at which carbon monoxide is removed from your dryer.

Of course, due to the highly toxic nature of this gas, you do not want it getting stuck around your dryer.

This brings me to my third point….


Ensure proper installation of the outdoor exhaust

Make sure that the outside exhaust of your gas dryer is not close to any openings into your house- this includes windows, HVAC systems and doors.


Well, because the carbon monoxide produced by the burning gas may find its way back into your house, which can be highly dangerous.

That said, always make sure that the exhaust is secluded in its own position.

And where this is not possible, let it be at least more than 3 feet away from any opening to your house.


Install carbon monoxide detectors

It is important to add carbon monoxide detectors to your space- a carbon monoxide alarm can be a lifesaver!

I would actually put one everywhere (on every floor) that I have a gas appliance(think furnace, water heater, range/oven, etc.).


Keep the kids way

As we wrap it up on using gas dryers safely, make sure that the laundry room is locked away from kids too.

You see, unlike electric dryers which you can easily power off from the mains by turning off the circuit breaker, gas dryers are way riskier.

Example: If your kids go playing around with them, they could pull at the gas pipes or even worse still, accidentally pierce them.

Guess what?

This will result in leaks which if not noted in time, may lead to terrible results.

Quick Note: if you happen to detect a gas leak, evacuate the building and immediately call your gas supplier or the local fire station for immediate assistance.  


Are gas dryers safer than electric?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well you follow the maintenance tips we have looked at above and any extra ones issued by your manufacturer.

But truth be told, even though gas dryers have great protective mechanisms, they are perhaps more dangerous than their electric counterparts.

I say this because of an obvious fact: gas dryers are connected to both electricity and gas – 2 dangerous energy sources.

And you and I know that as far as electric dryers are concerned, you only need to worry about electric incidents(which are much easier to prevent).

On the downside, electric dryers cost more (by far) to operate so you might want to go the gas way, if electric bills are draining your finances..(you should be safe with the tips I shared earlier).


Can you install a gas dryer yourself?

This will majorly depend on your state laws-some states such as Massachusetts dictate that gas appliances can only be installed and repaired by plumbers licensed by those states.

See? This tells you about the level of risk involved.

So consult your local housing codes before you install a gas dryer yourself if you’re not licensed- and be sure to observe the stipulated specifications on what type of sealants to use, if your code permits you to install a gas dryer by yourself

One more thing: If you live in a rental, most local laws dictate that this should be done by your landlord.


Which is better gas or electric dryer?

Well, it all comes down to what aspect of the dryers you are comparing.

For instance, if you are comparing their drying speeds, gas dryers are indeed better than their electric counterparts(they produce higher heat).

On the other hand, when it comes to aspects such as purchase cost, electric dryers tend to be cheaper than gas dryers.

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Are gas dryers safe – final words

Overall, properly vented and maintained gas dryers do not, in general, pose any risks.

In short, properly installed and maintained gas dryers are perfectly safe- and that means following recommended installation instructions, including proper venting and keeping up with exhaust vent cleaning, and adding carbon monoxide detectors

Otherwise, your house can easily catch fire (and blow up) or you might even get CO poisoning if you’re not careful when using gas dryers.

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