Best mattress cleaner machine in 2022

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Nobody wants to lay on a stained mattress- and those things also sometimes get very smelly.

And that’s where the best mattress cleaner machine comes in- obviously, you cannot really deep clean a mattress by hand.

So, if you’re shopping for a good mattress cleaner to help you get it to feel very crispy/fresh once again, you may want to take a look at our favorite mattress cleaning machines.

We review them below including one awesome professional mattress cleaning machine

Best mattress cleaner machine – reviews of the best options

BISSELL Little Green

professional mattress cleaning machine

Now, the best mattress cleaner machine is a carpet shampooer and very few shampooers can do it as well as the wildly popular Bissel Little Green multifunctional mattress cleaning machine.

It works so well, gets tons of filthy water out (from the mattress’ surface), and will clean your mattress beyond belief (Your mattress will be looking brand spanking new again!)

For the best results, use Bissel brand (or any other good brand) cleaning solution – you buy separately- with this all-purpose bed cleaning machine.

As regards drying, leave your windows open.

In addition, you may need to sleep in another room for a couple of days so the searing summer heat can help dry your mattress properly.

Granted, it’s a bit loud but it’s very worth it

Important Specs/Key Features

Power Rating: 3 Amps

Power Source: Corded

Power Cord Length:15′

Hose Length:4′

Clean Tank Capacity: 48 oz.

Color: Green

Carry Handle: Yes

Weight: 9.65 lbs

Included: 3-inch Tough Stain removal Tool, HydroRinse Self-Cleaning Hose Tool


  • Compact and easy to move/navigate around
  • Reasonably sized clean and dirty water tanks (more cleaning between refills/emptying)
  • Suction is quite good
  • Nice hose setup
  • More affordable than Bisell Spotclean Pro




Wagner Spraytech 915e Mattress steam cleaner machine (best mattress steam cleaner)

best mattress steam cleaner


A steamer is also a great tool (steam cleaners can work pretty much anywhere and on anything) and it’s the next machine we recommend if you are looking at a tool to help you clean stains, human sweat, dead skin, pee, etc. off your mattress.

Now, we suggest that you go for the Wagner 915e On-Demand Steam Cleaner if you would prefer to take this route.

It is very good at steam sanitizing your mattress (and pillows) to kill nasty dust mites plus other allergens and of course, steam kills pesky bedbugs instantly.

Just note that if your goal is to kill bedbugs, the mattress could be quite soaked (by that temperature), so a wet-dry vacuum may be necessary to suck out the liquid.

Also, if you are cleaning a heavily stained mattress, you might have to steam it a few times to get it properly clean.

Important Specs/Key Features

Item Weight:‎13.38 pounds

Color: ‎Yellow

Style: ‎915 Steamer


Wattage: ‎1500 watts

Tank capacity: 40 oz. (translates to 40 minutes of continuous cleaning)

Heating time: below 9 minutes

Steam: 212°F (100°C)

Steam hose: 8 ft. long

Carry Handle: Yes

Included:18 accessories and nozzles (it cleans countless surfaces).


  • Small and compact
  • Gets super hot (so it dissolves even the toughest stains)
  • Cool safety feature (It won’t allow you to remove the cap for refilling until it has cooled down)
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with lots of attachments for other cleaning jobs.


  • The storage bag can be designed in a better way.



If you’d like to go for a different steam cleaner, try the McCulloch MC1375 Steam Cleaner. It’s equally good in cleaning soiled mattresses.

Important tips to observe when steam cleaning mattresses:

  1. Steam in small sections and be sure to cover the mattress surface a couple of times.
  2. Always keep your steamer moving.
  3. Try to avoid soaking the mattress – this is the best way to prevent mold growth.


Shark NV360 Navigator Mattress cleaner vacuum

mattress cleaner vacuum

People vacuum their mattresses and that’s your final option…..

If you’d rather vacuum it, you can get the Shark NV360 upright vacuum then place the vacuum (the entire thing) on your mattress and go ahead and vacuum it just like a carpet.

All you have to do is detach the canister and it will vacuum your mattress effortlessly.

It may not go very deep but your mattress will certainly feel cleaner- It definitely cleans the mattress surface rigorously (every inch of visible dirt is removed).

The unit is easy to assemble, easy to clean (no more bags), and has good suction.

Important Specs/Key Features

Dimensions (Overall): 45.5”(H) x 11.4” (W) x 14.9” (D)

Weight: 15.96 lbs.

Features:  Pet hair pick-up, brush on/off switch, swivel head, easy-empty dirt container, detachable canister.

Capacity/Volume: .9 Quart

Cable/Cord Length: 25 Ft.

Wattage: 1200 Watts

Number of Speeds: 1

Bag Type: Bag-less

Cleaning Path Width: 9.5 Inches

Filter Type: HEPA

Amps: 10.0 amps required

Hose Length: 5 Ft.

Power Source: Electric

Included:  Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool


  • Great suction.
  • Fairly quiet.
  • Large waste bin.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Works fantastic.


  • Lacks a front light



As an alternative, you can try the IRIS Mattress Vacuum Cleaner – it has a nice design and is terrific on mattresses and even pillows.


Bissell ProHeat 2X Pro Full-Size Revolution Carpet Cleaner– Best professional mattress cleaning machine

multifunctional mattress cleaning machine

If you’re looking for a professional mattress cleaner, we recommend the Bissell ProHeat 2X carpet cleaner.

This cleans like a champ – thanks to the seriously powerful suction- and is your most thorough bet for professional cleaning results (Perhaps hiring a pro. is getting expensive). 

Important Specs/Key Features

Power Rating: 6.8 Amps

Hose Length: 10′

Cleaning Path Width: 11″

Edge Sweep Brushes: Yes

Weight:18 lb.

Tank Capacity (Clean Water):1 gallon

Cord Length: 25′

3” Tough Stain Tool: Yes

Carry Handle: Yes

HeatWave Technology:                Yes (maintains the water temperature)

CleanShot Pretreater-targets and attacks stains and spots.

Dual DirtLifter PowerBrush-This work together with heatwave technology to eliminate embedded dirt/stains from your mattress.


  • Convenient size
  • Removes stains easily
  • Super powerful!
  • Cleanup after use is also straightforward.
  • The double roller gives you double the scrubbing power.


  • It’s a little loud



Final words

As mentioned previously, we believe that a carpet shampooer is the best mattress cleaner machine 100% (Bisell Little Green carpet shampooer does a really phenomenal job).

It’s also important that you get a quality waterproof mattress protector.


It will keep out spills, sweat, dirt, hair, grime, common dust, bacteria, etc. from always dirtying your mattress.

Just keep in mind that there are several different kinds (some tend to be slippery and crunchy- sounding because they are plastic while others don’t make any sounds) so be very picky in your mattress protector research!

You also want to make cleaning your mattress part of your routine/chores.

Also helpful is spraying your mattress with Lysol Disinfectant when changing and cleaning all your sheets- it deodorizes a mattress and will help freshen it up as it awaits the next scheduled deep clean.

Hope this helps!!


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