Dryer shuts off after 2 minutes [Fixed!]

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So your dryer shuts off after 2 minutes? Learn how to fix it in this troubleshooting article

A dryer that keeps on shutting off every few minutes of running can become quite a headache.

After all, I don’t think anyone would want to hang their clothes outside when they have invested in a dryer.

In this article, I will take you through simple-to-follow fixes for a dryer that turns off after some seconds or minutes.

Let us look at these fixes.

Dryer shuts off after 2 minutes- easiest troubleshooting course of action you can try

Try to unplug it

You can first attempt to unplug it and leave it to rest for some time (you can even have it sit for an hour) then try running it again and see if the same fault happens.

Clean the lint filter

You try cleaning the lint filter next.

That’s because dryers can quickly overheat(and then shutdown) if full of lint/fluff.

Oh, and don’t forget to clean the dryer exhaust vent as well.

Quick Tip: Make sure it is unplugged before you start cleaning.

Dryer shuts off after 2 minutes – further troubleshooting

Check if the moisture sensor is faulty or dirty

This sensor is responsible for communicating to the control board when the clothes are dry and to shutoff the dryer.

The issue is if this sensor becomes coated with residue(occurs if you use softener sheets) or malfunctions, the sensor is unable to properly detect the presence of moisture in the clothes.

This can, in turn, result in the sensor signaling the control board that the clothes are dry (when they’re not), making the board shut off the dryer prematurely.

The biggest hint that this could be the issue is if the dryer runs okay on timed dry but shuts off before drying when you run it on sensor dry.

Recommended fix:

You first need to check if the moisture sensor is dirty.

To do that, turn your dryer off and open its door.

Now, different models have the moisture sensor located in different places.

However, in most models, it is located at the front of the drum and mounted to the lint filter housing.

Keep in mind that most dryer moisture sensors are two parallel bars that look like the one below:

samsung dryer stops after 2 minutes

If you are having trouble locating it, you can always check with your manual.


If it appears dirty, clean the moisture sensor- just rub mild soap and then rub well with a slightly damp cloth then try running the dryer afresh.

What if the dryer still shuts off after 2 minutes?

Well, if cleaning the moisture sensor does not solve your problem, you should swap the sensor with a new one.

Remember that towards the end of this article, I have compiled a list of original moisture sensors for replacements depending on the dryer model-Be sure to have a look at them as you don’t want to buy a new sensor only for it not to fit in your dryer.


Samsung dryer moisture sensor test and Samsung moisture sensor dryer troubleshooting


Check for a bad thermostat and overheat switch

Newer electric dryers come with both a thermostat and an overheat switch..

Bear in mind that they’re typically connected in a series-and mounted to the heating tube that usually holds your dryer’s heating elements.

Now, it’s extremely easy to test the two parts(using an ohm meter)- you’ll need to open it up.

Here’s the thing: They both should show continuity when your dryer is cold so If either is open, then that might be the problem.

The good news is that they’re both incredibly cheap and easy to replace.

Just do not forget that and it’s advisable to replace them both simultaneously as they often fail together.

Try that and see if it will cure the problem.

Dryer shuts off after 2 minutes – how to fix a dryer that keeps shutting off

Check for a faulty door latch/switch

why dryer stops after a few minutes

Most dryers are normally equipped with a switch that will randomly shut it down if it thinks the dryer  door is open.

To check if this is the cause of your woes, simply check to see if the door opens when the dryer stops.

If so, your door switch could be busted and you might have to change it out(here is a replacement that works for most dryer brands).


Check for an overheating dryer motor

If your dryer constantly stops after a few minutes each and every time you start it, then, you might be looking at an overheating motor.

In this case, the dryer will be able to start after some time since it has had time to cool but it will again shut off after a few minutes of running.

Let me explain why this could be happening…

You see, the motor is responsible for turning the dryer drum and blower.

Now, as you use the dryer, the motor is constantly wearing and tearing.

Consequently, the motor might start overheating when it is running.

That’s not all….

The motor can also overheat due to an overloaded drum, especially if it is loaded with really wet clothes or heavy fabrics like jackets.


Well, because the motor will have to overwork(in order to turn this extra weight).

Don’t also forget that to prevent fires, dryer motors are equipped with a safety mechanism that automatically shut them down if they overheat

In fact, if you’re hearing a loud buzzing noise just before the dryer turns off, then this is what could be happening.

So, how do you fix this?

First, you will want to make sure that your drum is not overloaded.

And as a rule of thumb, you want to make sure that your drum is never loaded more than ⅔.

In addition to putting less clothes in there, make sure that your clothes are not overly wet(to an extent of dripping a lot of water as this adds more load to the motor).

Now, if you have ensured the above and the problem persists, then, your motor could be faulty and you might have to swap it out.

Quick Tip: Ensure you listen out for the loud buzzing noise as this differentiates a faulty motor from a faulty moisture sensor.

Note that I have again compiled a list of dryer motors for different brands towards the end of this article to point you in the right direction.


Check the main dryer belt

Now, many dryers have a spring-loaded wheel/tension pulley that normally rolls on the main dryer belt.

The thing is this pulley usually comes with a censor(on it) so when the belt brakes or gets issues(causing there to be no tension-on the pulley), the sensor stops your dryer.

So open the dryer up and check if the main belt is correctly lined up.

You could also notice it is slipping and frayed.

I should add that you might have to replace the guide rollers(for the belt) as well as these could be damaging the belt so also inspect the guides and even pulleys to see if any could be worn/chewed away while in there.

Overall, belts (and the collaborating parts) are not so pricey and are pretty easy to replace(you may want to get new cheap ones off marketplaces like Amazon or eBay).


Faulty control board

what would cause a dryer to keep shutting off

If the electronic control board gets damaged, your dryer may also run for a few seconds or minutes and then shut off.

Now, to see if the control board is the cause of your problems, you will need to get it out and inspect it keenly for any signs of damage or shorting.

If you note a damaged part, you can easily replace it using a soldering iron if you can get a replacement for the part(could be bad switches, timers, or even something simpler like broken contacts).

But if you cannot get a replacement for that part, you should consider replacing the control board- A newer model(with a circuit board) is often impossible to repair and replacing the whole board is your best bet.

Note that this fix should be tried last as control boards rarely get damaged.

Besides, they are quite pricey.


Dryer shuts off after 2 minutes – how to troubleshoot specific brands/models

Tumble dryer keeps stopping

If you note that your tumble dryer is stopping frequently, the above fixes should also work for you.

This is because the basic design is the same(The only difference between tumble and washer dryers is that tumble dryers have bigger tank capacities).


Kenmore dryer shuts off after a few minutes

The above fixes should again fix your Kenmore dryer.

However, if you need replacement parts, make sure you know your specific Kenmore dryer model number- you’ll need it when searching for the exact replacement online.


LG dryer starts then stops after few seconds

This is mainly caused by either a faulty moisture sensor, a defective dryer motor, or a failed control board.

This is also perhaps the case if your LG gas dryer shuts off after a few minutes.

That being the case, I suggest that you re-visit the sections above to see how to fix these parts on your LG dryer.

Quick Tip: If you find that one of them is faulty and requires replacement, make sure to get genuine OEM replacements here: LG moisture sensor, LG dryer motor, and LG dryer control board.


Bosch dryer turns off after a few minutes

If you own a Bosch dryer and it starts turning off after a few minutes, again first try the fixes above.

There’s a decent chance they will work unless something is seriously wrong with your dryer. 


Samsung dryer shuts off after 1 minute

If the above solutions do not fix your Samsung dryer, read our previous article:  Samsung dryer stops early –It has some additional troubleshooting steps you might want to check on.

Don’t forget to get genuine OEM Samsung moisture sensor, Samsung dryer motor, and Samsung control board, depending on the part that needs to be replaced.


Electrolux dryer shuts after 10 seconds

Once more try the above troubleshooting steps.

And be sure to get a genuine Electrolux moisture sensor or Electrolux dryer motor(depending on what is defective)


Dryer shuts off after 2 minutes -Final words

Most major dryers will have a troubleshooting guide(tech sheet) hidden inside (just inside your dryer’s top control panel)  and you may want to find it and see if there are additional repair steps for the problem.

Good luck.

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