Whirlpool load and go problems and solutions

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Now, if you do a quick online search for a Whirlpool Load & Go™ user manual, you might be disappointed not to find one.

In fact, information about this dispenser is quite little and scattered that you may have problems finding what you need.

With that in mind, we have compiled a troubleshooting manual for the most common Whirlpool load and go problems (Whirlpool Load and Go™ dispenser) in this post.

Read it to the end if your Whirlpool load and go dispenser is acting up..

Whirlpool Load and Go problems and solutions

We shall begin with the most common Whirlpool Load and Go problems before working our way to more complex Whirlpool Load and Go troubleshooting steps.


How to enable load and go dispenser

If you want to use the single dose detergent dispenser, you will want to be able to know how to enable and disable your load and go dispenser without having to remove it.

Now there are two ways to go about this- it all boils down to your exact Whirlpool washer model.

Let us look at both of them.


How to enable whirlpool load and go

Method 1: For washers with the Load & Go™ button

Now, to disable the Load & Go™ dispenser, locate the Load & Go™ button on your washing machine.

Press this button once – its indicator will turn off (on your display, you will see an icon indicating that the dispenser is disabled).

Similarly, pressing the Load & Go™ button again will re-enable the Load & Go™ dispenser- and this time the Load and Go™ indicator will turn on.


Method 2: For touch screen washers

Most modern-day washing machines do not come with buttons.

Instead, they have full LCD touch screens that you use to control them.

For these models, begin by pressing the  icon.

Next, select the Load & Go™ dispenser you want to disable – note that some models have two Load & Go™ dispensers.

After that, select the Load & Go™ Dispenser Status option.

You can now choose the disable or enable option and save to exit.

How to change detergent concentration level in Whirlpool Load & Go

Your washer typically comes with a default factory setting of 2x concentration.

However, there are times when you will need to alter this concentration level.

Now, there are, in general, two methods of doing this – depending on your model.


Method 1: For washers with the Load & Go™ button

On Whirlpool washer models including front loading units that have this button, all you will need to do is simply press and hold it for 3 seconds. 

That said, you will need to simultaneously press and hold the TEMP and SOIL buttons for 3 seconds on other models.

Doing the above should now change your display – it should indicate the current concentration level setting and you can now adjust it to your desired level.


Well, to adjust the level, press and hold the Load and Go™ button until the concentration level changes then release the button.

Repeat this until you reach your desired level.


Method 2: For washers with a touch screen

For these models, begin by pressing the  icon.

Next, select the Load & Go™ dispenser you want to change the concentration level to.

Afterward, you should see the Set detergent concentration option…..

Choose this option and in your next screen, simply select your desired level by dragging the selector dot. Don’t forget to press save to save your settings and exit.

Whirlpool load and go not dispensing detergent / Whirlpool Load and Go not working

If this is the fault you’re struggling with, begin by confirming that your Load & Go™ dispenser has detergent.

Next, check and confirm that you have not disabled your Load & Go™ dispenser (we have just seen how to enable and disable it).

Now, if your Load & Go dispenser is still not dispensing, it might be clogged – detergent residue left in the dispenser may accumulate over time to a point it clogs the dispenser opening.

If this is what is happening, you have to clean the dispenser.

Here’s how:

How to clean a Whirlpool Load & Go™ dispenser

Note that this dispenser is not dishwasher safe.

1.       Pull the dispenser drawer completely out.

2.       Open the dispenser lid.

3.       Check the dispensing hole for any clogs – if there are any, use a needle or anything that fits in there to dislodge the clogs.

4.       Rinse your dispenser with warm water

5.       You can either air dry it or dry it using a towel before placing it back in its slot.

Quick Tip: After you have cleaned and refilled your Load & Go™ dispenser, run a QUICK WASH cycle with no clothes – the dispenser must prime itself during the first use after running empty. If you fail to run this cycle, no detergent will be used in the first wash cycle you run after cleaning the dispenser.

Other than when the Load & Go™ dispenser is clogged, you will also want to wash it when you are changing your detergent.

Whirlpool Load & Go™ filling with water

Now, if your dispenser is filling with water every time you run a wash cycle, it is probably faulty and your best bet is replacing it.

Speaking of which, it is best to replace the whole unit – dispenser tray and pump.

Don’t worry about how to replace it – all you need is a torx screwdriver and around 3 to 5 minutes of your time.

Whirlpool Load and Go problems and solutions– final words

As we conclude, let me remind you that the Load and Go™ dispenser is not compatible with powder detergents or laundry balls.

So if you want to use these, you have to first disable the Load and Go™ dispenser and then manually add your powder detergent or laundry balls into your washer.


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