Whirlpool dishwasher control board problems (troubleshooting steps)

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If you think the cause of your Whirlpool dishwasher problems is a faulty control board, below you will find some useful troubleshooting tips.

Let’s dive in:

Signs of Whirlpool dishwasher control board problems

Here are some of the signs of Whirlpool dishwasher control board problems:

  • Cycles not starting (or very delayed starting) when you press the start button or the dishwasher only accepting to run on some cycles (for example, heavy duty).
  • Error codes or flashing lights on your dishwasher.
  • The dishwasher failing to run completely.

In other words, your dishwasher is just very erratic (and you have different issues every time).


Testing for Whirlpool dishwasher control board problems

Now, while understanding the signs that point to a faulty control board can be helpful, the best way to be sure is to test your dishwasher’s electronic control board.

Before that, you should understand that the most common reason for misdiagnosing control board failure is bad connections.

That being so, first try to disconnect, inspect, and then reconnect the wires going to various slots on the control board.

To be clear, be sure to check all connections – you will be looking for broken/loose wires, wires not pressed far enough into connectors, pinched wires, and more.

You may be surprised that the unit works after reconnecting everything correctly and securely.

If that has not helped, it makes perfect sense to proceed with the testing.

Now, what you need to know is that perhaps the easiest way of testing is by first eliminating the possibility of the keypad being the culprit.


The symptoms of a bad touchpad and a troubled control board are, to some extent, very similar.

So you will be testing the part by running a test on the keypad operation.


Testing the keypad operation – Procedure

  1. Unplug the dishwasher or simply disconnect power.
  2. Open the door to the dishwasher.
  3. Open the console then proceed to disconnect the keypad’s ribbon connection from your control (locate the connection slot).
  4. Double check that all the other connections are correctly made.
  5. Re-assemble the console but the door to the dishwasher should not be closed.
  6. Plug in the dishwasher or just reconnect power.
  7. Wait about 5 seconds.
  8. Close the dishwasher door.
  9. Observe the control’s response

Now, if the control is fine, it will stop seeing shorts once the keypad is unplugged and it will turn on the drain motor (usually for 2 minutes).

That is the clearest sign that the problem is the keypad so you will probably need to change out the keypad to solve whatever issue you have been experiencing.

On the converse, if it is still detecting shorts even when the keypad is unplugged (and the drain motor does not turn on), then it is likely that control board is dead and it could be time to replace it.

To add, the most common reason for replacing the board is if the dishwasher won’t work at all.


Whirlpool dishwasher control board price

Forget performing a successful whirlpool dishwasher control board repair -the surest way to eliminate Whirlpool dishwasher control board problems is replacing the part.

So, how much will it cost you?

Now, in general, the average price of a Whirlpool Dishwasher control board is $120 to $150, depending on where you buy.

Needless to say, that makes more economic sense than spending over $600 on a new dishwasher.

If ordering from Amazon, be sure to reach out to the seller to find out if it is the correct part for your specific Whirlpool dishwasher model before ordering.


Whirlpool dishwasher control board replacement

To replace the electronic control board (and make your dishwasher work like new), follow the following steps:

  1. Turn off power to the dishwasher (unplug it).
  2. Remove the screws securing the control panel.
  3. Pull the panel off.
  4. Depress the tabs hold the control board cover to release it.
  5. Use a flathead screwdriver to release the tab through the bottom of the panel.
  6. Again use the small flathead screwdriver to pry up the tabs to free the thermal fuse.
  7. Detach the ribbon connector to depress the tabs to release the old control board.
  8. Next, install the new control board.
  9. Start by inserting the tabs in the slots in the control panel and snapping it into position.
  10. You then snap the ribbon connector into place on your new board.
  11. Proceed to transfer the wires from the old board to your new board.
  12. Next, snap the thermal fuse into place on the new board.
  13. Replace the control board cover.
  14. Position the control panel correctly and secure it once more with the screws.
  15. Restore power to the dishwasher and see if it will start operating again properly once again.

Please watch the Video below for the step by step instructions..


Whirlpool dishwasher control board reset

Now, sometimes your control panel board will stop acting up after performing a simple reset.

In fact, a reset should be the first thing that should come to your mind if the control board started malfunctioning after a sudden power interruption or power surge.

So, how do you reset a Whirlpool dishwasher control board?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Press “Off” button on your Whirlpool dishwasher.
  2. Unplug the power cord going to the dishwasher from the wall outlet.
  3. Wait 10 (ten) to 15 (fifteen) minutes.
  4. Restore power to the dishwasher (simply plug back the power cord into the wall outlet).
  5. Now press “High” (or “Pots & Pans“) from the dishwasher control panel. The buttons set to be pressed will vary from one Whirlpool dishwasher to the next but it is, in general, the highest available setting you can select for a washing cycle.
  6. Next, choose one of the provided “Heat” cycles for dishes drying on your dishwasher.
  7. Wait a minute.
  8. Select the two cycles once more- press “High” (or “Pots & Pans“) then one of the available “Heat” cycles (for drying dishes).


This resets the whirlpool dishwasher control board programming and it could make the dishwasher control board operational again.


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