Here are 7 Amazing Benefits of Vicks humidifier

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It’s growing phenomenally in popularity and sales are surging but what are the real benefits of Vicks humidifier?

Hint: Apparently, Vicks humidifiers are much more helpful than many think and deserve all the praises.

Below we tell you about the various benefits of Vicks humidifier to help you make an informed decision if you’re considering upgrading your humidifier this winter.


Benefits of Vicks humidifier

First, like other humidifiers, a Vicks humidifier helps to maintain the required humidity levels to keep your respiratory system moist and healthy.

This is hugely beneficial for you and your loved ones as you’ll learn next:


· Helps ease Sinus, colds, coughs, throat congestion, etc

A Vicks humidifier helps reduce the discomfort you experience because of sinus and throat congestion.

In fact, a Vicks humidifier may help temporarily relieve sinus issues by loosening up the mucus in your nasal passages.

Likewise, it will help your throat and nasal passages stay well hydrated helping soothe colds, allergies, and similar symptoms.

This is again because of the ramped up moisture in the air you breathe.

The other helpful feature is the medicine cup where you put the soothing essentials: Vicks VapoSteam (for cough suppression) and Vicks VapoPads (brings extra comfort).


· Benefits to your hair and skin

Due to dropping moisture levels, your hair may be very dry and fragile.

Your skin isn’t spared either and may also become itchy while your lips may dry up and start cracking.

Turning on your Vicks humidifier will add moisture to the air inside your house and can help reduce instances of dry hair and skin.


· It’s a snoring remedy

Almost everybody snores now and then, but for some, it can be loud enough to keep the neighbors awake.

Leaving your Vicks humidifier on as you sleep might decrease your snoring so your neighbors (and more importantly your partner) will be much happier.

You have the additional humidity brought in the air by your Vicks humidifier to thank for this.

That’s because they ensure that the two organs responsible for most vibrations when asleep- nose and throat- stay adequately moisturized meaning you’ll enjoy relaxed breathing.


· It’s good for your plants, paintings, and furniture

Another of the many benefits of Vicks humidifier is that it improves the condition of your house plants and furniture.

As I have repeatedly told you, Vicks humidifier adds moisture to the air.

Meanwhile, indoor flowers thrive when moisture is optimum making the humidifier a handy tool to have around your space.

In the same vein, your furniture and other wooden items are protected from dry rot thanks to the humidification effect.


· It cuts your heating costs

The biting winter cold means you have to keep your central heating system running almost throughout.

This, in turn, translates to higher utility bills at the end of the month.

Believe it or not, using a Vicks humidifier will lower your electricity costs.

You see, since it introduces supplementary warmth, you may not need to turn on your heating equipment when you have your humidifier on.

That way, you may make some significant savings in energy bills.


· Helps prevent flu infections

Still on the wonders of a Vicks humidifier, you’ll be happy to learn that it may minimize your chances of catching a nasty flu.

As a matter of fact, research has shown that proper use of humidifiers such as the vicks humidifier lowers the likelihood of flu infections as the increased humidity kills virus particles.

So, why risk a terrible flu condition while a vicks humidifier could save you?


· It keeps other germs at bay as well

As you likely know, breathing in germs, bacteria, fungi, and all those microorganisms that tend to thrive in stuffy conditions could be detrimental to your health.

You’ll be savoring germ-free air because a warm-mist Vicks humidifier first boils the water killing any disease-causing germs in the process.

Besides, some Vicks humidifiers have filters that help get rid of pollen, dust, smoke, and other contaminants.

Can you now see why we keep insisting that a Vicks humidifier could be worth it?

Types of Vicks humidifier

If you have been with me all along, you may have noticed that I have mentioned the term warm-mist Vicks humidifier severally.

Now, that’s just one of the most common types of Vicks humidifier.

The other is a cool-mist Vicks humidifier.

Here we tell you how the two differ:

1.     Warm mist Vicks humidifiers

This comes with a built-in heating element that boils water before dispersing it into your space as a soothing mist.

You can actually see the mist as well as feel the homely warmth when the unit is running.

Vicks warm mist humidifier benefits

Overall, the biggest advantage of warm mist Vicks humidifiers is that the warm mist breaks up congestion and aids in easing some cold/flu symptoms.

Side-Note: As hinted earlier, some warm mist models include filters and trap germs instead of releasing them into space.


2.     Cool mist Vicks Humidifiers

Vicks cool mist humidifiers add moisture in varied ways.

Take a look:

·  Evaporative models

These use a wicking filter to draw (soak up) the water from their base before an integrated fan blows over the soaked filter to disperse humidity into the air.

With this Vicks humidifier, the moisture won’t be visible.

The primary benefit of evaporative models is that you’ll never lose sleep because of over-humidifying for the simple reason that the air cannot absorb more moisture than it’s able to hold.

·  Ultrasonic units

A vibrating nebulizer emits water at an ultrasonic frequency breaking up the droplets into a super fine, cool mist that’s visible.

Vicks ultrasonic humidifiers are well-liked mainly because the technology is filter-free.

I must also add that a lot of people are thrilled at the sight of the mist.

Suffice to say that in both cases, the room remains cool as no heating is involved.

Vicks cool mist humidifier benefits (general)

  1. Safer- It won’t burn your children or pets (no heating element)
  2. More savings– heating elements drives up power usage. Here you have none meaning more savings.
  3. Quieter– the ultrasonic models make minimal sounds

Side-Note: Both warm-mist and cool mist Vicks humidifiers may come with medicine cups to hold Vicks VapoSteam and such medicine for temporary relief from coughs and congestions due to colds/allergies.

Final words

While there are many benefits of Vicks humidifier, it is important to keep in mind that Vicks humidifiers cannot replace medical treatment for those who suffer conditions such as chronic sinusitis.

Also, ensure that your children do not get too close to your Vicks humidifier to avoid burns if you’re using a warm-mist type.


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