Samsung ice maker not working but water does

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Previously, we discussed how to troubleshoot Samsung refrigerator ice makers.

As a follow-up, in this article, we shall look at how you can troubleshoot and fix your Samsung ice maker when it is not working yet the water dispenser does.

Let’s get started.

Samsung ice maker not working but water does

1.   Verify that you have turned your ice maker on

Normally, refrigerators have a button/icon that allows you to turn the ice maker on and off.

Now, if the ice maker is turned off, your fridge will not make any ice.

Oddly, turning this setting on and off will vary from model to model.

So does checking whether the ice maker is turned on/off.

But here is what you need to know:

Most models have an Ice Off icon.

And when this icon is illuminated, it means that the ice maker is off.

Nonetheless, there are models that have an Ice On icon.

For these models, if the icon is not illuminated, it means that the ice maker is turned off.

The  next obvious thing you need to know is how to turn the ice maker on and off in your Samsung refrigerator..

To begin with, if you have a Family Hub model, press the Ice Type option-If your ice maker is off, you should see the No Ice option selected.

Now, Cycle through the options and choose either Cubed Ice or Crushed Ice to turn the ice maker on.

Moving on, if you own a top freezer model, you will note that the Ice On icon is not illuminated meaning that the ice maker is turned off.

The good news is that To turn it on, you simply press this icon- it should light up indicating that you have turned the ice maker on.

Lastly, if your model has dual ice makers, it will have an Ice Off icon for each of the ice makers though only one button controls them both.

To turn on the ice maker here, repeatedly tap this button until neither icon is lit.

Similarly, if your model does not have an ice maker icon but instead it is written in words, all you will need to do is to tap on the words to toggle the ice maker on and off.

Proceed with the next fix if turning ice maker on has not helped…..


2.   Check the water pressure

It could also be that the water lacks enough pressure to fill the ice maker-recall that your water line should have enough pressure to fill ¾ cup (six ounces) in less than ten seconds.

Now, now check if this is the culprit, first confirm that the water outlet is fully opened – partially opening it could reduce the water pressure.

Finally, you will need to make sure that the water pressure is at 20 psi.

To do that, all you will need is a water pressure gauge.

And if the pressure is below this, you will need to increase it to recommended level-Samsung recommends a water pressure of 20 psi.


3.   Reset the ice maker

At other times, all that you need to do is simply reset the ice maker – it could be acting up due to a random hiccup.

Now, to reset it, you will need to first locate the Test Button

Keep in mind that the button is typically located on the ice maker itself.

Quick Tip: in some refrigerator models, you will need to remove the ice bucket so as to view the ice maker.

Once you have the test button in sight, press and hold it until you hear a chime.

Note that this may take up to ten seconds.

If you had removed your ice bucket, you can now return it after the chime.

Be sure to wait for some time as the ice maker resets.

To be clear, this can take about six minutes.

Don’t forget that during this time, you might hear ice being dropped into the ice bucket.

Also, you could hear the water valve as it energizes to fill the ice maker.

And once the reset is complete, you should hear another chime.

Now, let your fridge sit for around eight hours and then check if the ice maker works.

If it doesn’t, you can try the fix below…


4.   Check the freezer temperature

When the freezer temperature goes above 5⁰F, the ice maker will not be able(for the most part) to produce ice efficiently.

Indeed, when this temperature goes above 10⁰F, the ice maker may stop producing ice.

So you might want to put a thermometer inside the freezer to measure the temperature then(depending on your findings) lower the ice temperature to 0⁰F which is the optimal freezer temperature- be sure to again let the unit sit for around eight hours.

Quick Tip:

If still nothing changes, it could be that the condenser coils are dirty or the condenser fan is not working as it should.

Consequently, be sure to clean the condenser coils and also check to see if the condenser fan is working as it should.

If it is faulty, you may need to try replacing it.


5.   Check the ice dispenser opening

At times, bits of broken/crushed ice might form around the opening of the ice dispenser thereby blocking it.

In this case, there’s a chance your ice maker works but it will seem as if it is not working since your fridge won’t be dispensing any ice.

The solution is to melt the ice…

So run warm water through the ice bucket opening-This should melt any clogged ice that might be blocking it.

Once you’re done, be sure to let the ice bucket dry completely before you put it back in.


6.   Replace the ice maker

The final step is to replace the ice maker.

Yep, it could be the permanent fix that you need more so if your ice maker is running into problems frequently or it is having frequent defrost issues.

If you decide to take this route, we recommend an OEM Samsung ice maker refrigerator.

As regards the installation, you can easily get a simple-to-follow instructional video on YouTube.


Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working but water does – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Samsung refrigerator dispensing water instead of ice?

There are couple of reasons that might cause this.

These are:

  • The ice maker is turned off.
  • The water pressure is less than 20 psi.
  • The ice maker needs to be reset.
  • The freezer temperature is above 10⁰F.
  • The ice dispenser opening is blocked.
  • The ice maker is faulty.

Subsequently, to identify the exact problem and fix it, just follow the instructions we have just outlined above.


Samsung refrigerator ice maker not working but water does – final words

If you are unsure of how to go about a certain step, keep in mind that you can get simple-to-follow instructional videos on YouTube to guide you.

We hope that this article has helped you fix your Samsung refrigerator  icemaker issue.



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