Lawn rake for ride on mower – 3 best choices [reviews]

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Shopping for a lawn rake for ride on mower? We review the best 3 options in the market to help you make a cool choice..

A lawn rake picks up fallen leaves and other lawn debris without penetrating or damaging the grass/soil beneath and can be a great option for your yard cleanup jobs.

Keep reading to discover our top 3 recommended choices if you’re shopping for a lawn rake for ride on mower to give your mower a new purpose.

Bear in mind that it is best to go for a lawn rake with tines that are closer together as it is typically most effective at raking leaves, grass clippings,  pine needles, and more.

Lawn rake for ride on mower – 3 best choices

So let’s dig into the three coolest and top performing tow behind rakes that are compatible with most riding mowers.

Yard Tuff  Acreage Rake 48″ – rake and dethatch!

lawn rake for riding mower

The Yard Tuff riding mower tractor rake for leaves will help you keep your lawn professionally-groomed and is likely to become your new BFF.

Cleaning up fallen leaves, pine cones, grass clippings, and other unsightly debris is going to be a breeze with this wonderful riding lawn mower rake attachment.

The lawn rake for ride on mower features two 12” pneumatic tires to ensure smooth transportation, as well as 4  tine reels (12”) to rake debris  smoothly and efficiently.

Remember you can raise/lower the reel arms manually in this pull behind acreage rake.

Most importantly, you can lift the reel arms separately for windrowing!

The V-style design coupled with the 48” wide working swath makes it a fantastic choice if you have large areas you want to handle quickly.

And because the pull behind lawn rake is made of heavy duty, 1” tubular steel, it is going to last for many seasons.

The tine reels can even be reversed for extended use!

Plus, the special design conveniently allows for compact storage when not in use.

Attaching it to your tractor is easy-peasy too thanks to the included pin-style hitch.

And oh, it is pretty versatile and you can use it to even dethatch your lawn when necessary.


  • Works great whether raking/dethatching- it especially does a brilliant job forming the gathered grass into a single row that can be collected.
  • Holds up pretty well – it feels very well made and the tubing is of reasonable thickness.
  • Quite easy to assemble.


  • The “tines” can hurt pets and kids if not stored in a safe location when not being used.



Yard Tuff Pine Straw Rake 60″

tow-behind rake attachment for a lawn tractor

If you’re looking for a leaf and stick rake for ride on lawn mower that can swiftly and impressively rake pine needles/straw, grass, leaves, and more, look no further than this rake.

You simply attach it to your lawn tractor when you have a bigger job to tackle- it covers a 60″ working width so it takes less time than the aforementioned Yard Tuff  Acreage Rake 48″.

There’s a category of towable rakes that are quite a pain to use but this gem is definitely not- it will do an excellent job getting the unpleasant junk in a pile.

The optimal performance comes from the rake’s 24 (5/16”) spring steel tines.

It generally works excellently just pulling it with your lawn mower (weights about 100lbs.) though extra weights make it rake much better.

Besides, the lift handle will help you drop your raked up shenanigans so your job is even easier.

The reel arms can be adjusted too and the 12” wheels guarantee effortless riding.

When you first get it, you right away notice that it is super heavy duty – it is constructed of extra durable steel (with powder-coat paint to fight corrosion) so you’re assured of a long-lasting rake.

Winter storage should be easy too (it disassembles easily).

Work smarter; not harder with this pull behind rake for riding mower!


  • This towable rake is strong enough to be mounted on the back of even big riding mowers.
  • Heavy duty construction makes it much sturdy.
  • Rakes nearly all kinds of lawn debris without problems.


  • Though the instructions to assemble it looks fine, it takes a little bit more time to assemble (about an hour or so depending on your skills)



Leaf and Stick Rake for ride-on Mower

stick rake for riding lawn mower

This labor-saving tow-behind rake attachment for a lawn tractor will clean up leaves, grass, pine needles, and stick in a snap – note that it does well on sticks up to 40mm-diameter and 2-metres long.

The best thing is that it can be mounted to any size riding mower.

It is also easy to use and if you desire to release the load of debris you have collected, simply pull forward on its handle.

What’s more, it is easy to handle when off your ride-on lawn mower meaning you can rake with it without a friend helping you- The leaf rake for tractor just weighs under 44 lbs.

Regarding transport, you can move with ease around the property while in the UP(locked) position.

Consider it if you want your yard to finally look like grass, rather than a forest extension.


  • Attaches to any size riding mower.
  • Very good wheels for trouble-free maneuverability over different terrains.
  • Can be used even off a ride-on lawn mower by one person.


  • Best for sticks and leaves- may not work as well when it comes to raking grass clippings.

Wrapping it up

When choosing a lawn rake for riding mower, remember to check the specifications of the rake.

Keep in mind that the hitch category and horsepower limitations are typically included in towable rakes’ specifications.

Most of all, you should not forget that some rakes will need a sleeve hitch- and this might mean an additional purchase.

With that, you are sure to get the right so you can start spending more time with your loved ones and reduced time raking debris.


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